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'Parenting' is a term I had not given much attention to until I became a mom. Parenting is joyous and tough. It makes you happy and at times sad. ...

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  1. Thanks :-). Yes its a beautiful place. Would you believe – The first time I visited there I had not seen any of the Harry Potter movies. but now every time I see the movie I am reminded of this place

  2. Thanks a bunch Kushal :-), I am so glad you liked this post on alphabets activities

  3. Thanks a lot Surabhi. I am so glad you liked this list of beginning reader books. Having an easy link definitely make the task easier 🙂

  4. Thanks a lot Kapila :-).. For young kids ‘ No David’, ‘Brown Bear Brown Bear’ and hungry caterpillar are awesome ..

  5. Thanks a lot Anshu 🙂 Absolutely and so very well said .. For any gift on any occasion its the thought that matters rather than monetary value. I am so glad you liked this list of gifts moms want ..

  6. Thanks a lot Aachal, you made our day :-). Feel free to connect with us on anything we can help and support

  7. Thanks a lot Supriya. I am so glad you liked this article on what moms want on mothers day (Real wishes from moms captured in our facebook group) 🙂

  8. Thanks a bunch Afrin :). Don’t forget to share in facebook group or tag us whenever you do. I would love to check it out ..

  9. Thank you so much Neha :-). Thanks for reading and taking time out to comment. Really means a lot. Yes its such an important topic and sometimes we as parents are not sure exactly what to do. I am glad you liked it and hopeful other parents will find useful as well in order to contribute to their child’s growth and development

  10. Thanks a lot Priyanka 🙂 . I am glad you enjoyed this list of story books to read to kids. Cindrella is my favourite too

  11. Thanks a lot Jayanthy. Hope you have a great time playing these fun and interesting game with your baby 🙂

  12. Thanks a lot Preethi, I am so glad you enjoyed this DIY Rakhi tutorial 🙂

  13. Thanks Sejal. Sure do let us know how your Popsicle sticks shelf turns out to be 🙂

  14. Thanks a lot Nidhi. Hope you enjoy doing these activities for toddlers with your kiddo 🙂

  15. Thanks a lot Rashmi. I am sure you will enjoy these popular Children books with your kiddo. 🙂

  16. Thanks a lot Tamanna. I am so happy to hear that, Yes Cliffs of Moher is beautiful 🙂

  17. Thanks a lot and absolutely agree with you. I love the inexpensive part about this list 🙂

  18. Thanks a lot Darshana. Do let me know if you play any of these fun games with your kid 🙂

  19. Thanks a bunch Aparna I am glad and happy to see that you found this list of facebook groups useful 🙂

  20. Thanks Trisha for sharing :-). I am sure HEPA is a good choice..

  21. Thanks a lot Britanny :-). Yes that’s a lovely book

  22. Oh wow thats great Anupriya. If you have any other game suggestion that we can add to this list. Please do let us know would love to add 🙂

  23. Oh absolutely :-). I am so glad you found these fun games for 3 year olds useful

  24. Thanks a lot Amrita :-). Yes these fairy tales were an essential part of our growing up. I still love them. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  25. Thanks a lot Disha. Yes that would be great :-). I am glad you enjoyed this guide on Borough market London

  26. Thanks a lot Lavanya :-). Yes we personally love Julia Donaldson books

  27. Thanks a lot Anupriya 🙂

  28. Thanks a lot Nameesh. And thanks for stopping by..

  29. Thanks a lot Nameesh

  30. Thanks a lot Nameesh . Yes please do . Would love that. I personally really like these crafts from Sumathi..

  31. Thanks a lot Nameesh. Yes these gift portals are really good specially for personalising gifts.

  32. Thanks Nameesh. Yes I loved the place and would love to go again..

  33. Thanks a lot Nameesh for your kind words. Yes when we go to daycare we.dont know where to start or what questions to ask daycare center. This could be a useful list

  34. Thanks a lot. Yes I really liked these CVC word cars. Yes Skola learning toys are good..

  35. Thanks a lot Monika. I am so glad you liked our Skola review m Yes I like the skola brand and quality of stuff. Mainly love the way they have organised toys and made them easier to choose..

  36. Thanks a lot. And yes Skola does have some great stuff for one year olds. Hope you find something that you both love

  37. Great surbhi . Thanks a lot. Hope your nephews enjoy it.. glad you stopped by

  38. Thanks a lot Manisha. Yes we have used them and truly like them..

  39. Great thank a lot for your kind words. Would love to check out your article

  40. Thanks a lot Ananta I am glad you liked these craft kits ..

  41. Thanks surbhi I personally love these craft kits so hope you enjoy these too. They are great for keeping kids engaged..

  42. My pleasure Sarah . Glad you liked these and thanks for suggesting to your loved ones. I am sure they would not be disappointed..

  43. Thanks a lot Rashmi. I am glad you stopped by and liked this article.. do try these you won’t be disappointed

  44. Thanks charu. Do try them I am sure you and your kiddo will love these ..

  45. Thanks a lot Pranita. I am in love with these craft kits. Can’t wait to try more

  46. Thanks a lot pranita. Even I am thankful to Neha khanna for introducing me to sudo cream

  47. Thanks a lot Ananta. Wow that’s amazing. Yes at times I feel there is a reason why done brands are expensive. The security and quality of those brands is worth spending money on ..

  48. Thanks a lot Sonam. I am so glad you found this information on Spatial intelligence useful. Yes spending time together is very important..

  49. Thanks a lot Upasana. I am glad you liked this article from Renuka. I too was not aware of teaching methods and approaches..

  50. Thanks a lot Bushra. Completely agree. Knowing about these approaches help us parents make decisions and choose a method that works best for our kids. Learning should be fun

  51. Same here prisha. But the decision is not easy. So have started reading about homeschooling it’s methods and approaches. In today environment where we hear so maybe around school it’s looking like an option

  52. Wow Deepa. Oh yes anything handmade has so many memories associated with it and is always cherished. Glad you liked this quilling clock

  53. Thanks a lot amrita. Completely agree. There are other reasons why people choose homeschooling for eg safety concerns, at times kids not well enough for going to school..

  54. Thanks a lot shaily. Very well said. These approaches are also used in preschools and playschool. Knowing about these helps in our selection and also helps in applying these technique at home

  55. Thanks a lot disha. These methods you will also find in preschools and can be used at home .. I am glad you liked these

  56. Thanks a lot. That would be great yes the person craft is very cute and would look great on any class room board. That gives me another idea we can also write name of kids on it

  57. Thanks a lot Alexis. I an glad. Most of the books I have bought are online either via Amazon or via these Facebook groups

  58. Thanks a lot . That’s really nice these small efforts actually make pregnancy easier and you are absolutely correct. Mental health is very very important

  59. Thanks a lot I am glad you have a local library that’s good. Here there are no such library available. Have actually bought hundreds of books and started a library so that we can read books

  60. Thanks a lot christa.was not aware of these groups until recently and great to have this support available..

  61. Thank you so much Alpana. I also loved the spatial intelligence activities ideas from shweta. Planning to do it with my son soon

  62. Thanks a lot Maria. Yes these craft kits are great. I personally love some of these.

  63. Thanks a lot floby. Yes it’s definitely not easy but I think in today’s world becoming a preferred option

  64. Thanks a lot Bushra. Hoping these ideas will be useful for kids, teachers and parents

  65. Thanks a lot rohini. Yeah I absolutely loved those days. We also had SUPW Classes in our school where we did crafts and embroidery. it was fun.

  66. Thanks a lot shaily. I am sure tricolor sandwich would have turned out good

  67. Oh wow tricolor cake. Would love to try it with my kid. Thanks amrita

  68. Thanks a lot Neha. Oh yes please do. I love buying from mompreneurs.

  69. Thank you so much Salma. Hoping this article on spatial intelligence helps parents.

  70. Thanks a lot priyadarshini. Completely agree. I personally loved this quilling clock craft from lavanya.. wow that’s so sweet of you

  71. Absolutely. Very true. These home remedies are safe enough for kids and very useful for adults as well.. that’s really nice. though I hope you don’t have to use them much as I wish no one should fall sick ..

  72. Thank you so much amrita. Yes I personally have started using home remedies specially for common cold and cough. Thanks again..

  73. Thank you so much Salma. I too love these crafts from lavanya. I am sure you can, Do try it once I am sure you will love it

  74. Thanks a lot manveen. You can get it from a local clock shop..

  75. Thanks a lot Papri. I am glad you found these home remedies for cold and cough useful.. would love if these are useful for all

  76. Thanks a lot Sapna. Glad you liked it and thanks for stopping by..

  77. Thanks a lot. Yes nowadays the frequency of cold and cough has increased due to changing weather. And even we avoid medicines for the same. Am glad these remedies can be useful

  78. Same here I love quilling. And loved this quilling clock craft from lavanya. Hoping you make one soon

  79. Same here I love quilling. And loved this quilling clock craft from lavanya. Hoping you make one soon

  80. Thanks bushra. Hoping it’s useful to all and helps them. Yes even we use mustard oil specially during winters

  81. Thanks Ruchi. Yes cinnamon does wonders. I personally think all indian herbs we use even during cooking are added for a purpose and are beneficial

  82. Thank you so much Sarah. Could not have said it better. I personally use some of these tips when I am sick

  83. Thank you so much dear deevyanka. I personally love this post from kalyani and find it very useful

  84. Thanks Nameesh and so true 🙂 I could not have put it better. These activities are great way to inculcate a sense of patriotism and talk about our country and are great not only for Independence Day or Republic day but we can do them anytime 🙂

  85. Thanks a lot Preet. I am glad you like these Republic day crafts Ideas. 🙂

  86. Thank you so much Kritika . That would be really helpful

  87. Thanks a lot Ishieta 🙂 .. Yes am hoping that this will keep my kid happily engaged and busy 🙂

  88. Thank you so much Preet. Glad to know that because truly that means a lot to me

  89. Thanks a lot Shruti. Hope its useful for parents as I personally was finding it difficult to decide or search from where can I buy toys for my kid

  90. Same here dear. I can totally relate ..And thank you so much 🙂

  91. Thank you so much Noorain. I am sure he will enjoy them. If I find more for five year olds will definitely tell you..

  92. Thank you so much. I am glad you liked these craft kit ideas for toddler and preschoolers

  93. Thanks a lot Amrita 🙂 .. So true .. Parenting is anything but easy

  94. Thank you so much Amrita, I personally find that maintaining that balance is very difficult

  95. You are most welcome Disha :-). That would be great and wish you all the very best in creating your own DIY decorations

  96. Thank you so much Anubhuti 🙂 . I am glad your son likes these puzzles. Even mine enjoyed solving them

  97. Thank you so much Brinda. Hope your kid enjoys making these paper flowers

  98. You are most welcome and we are glad that you liked this article on too many toys. Thanks for stopping by

  99. Completely agree, Could not have summarized better

  100. Thanks a lot Sushmita 🙂 Yes this post from Neha khanna did bring things into perspective. Beacuse in this era of marketing, there are multiple toys and apps being sold with label ‘must have’

  101. Thank you so much 🙂 We too loved these riddles from Shweta, perfect for keeping my toddler entertained 🙂

  102. Thank you so much Pooja 🙂 Means a lot to me . Glad you stopped by 🙂

  103. Thank you so much Sushmita. Glad you stopped by 🙂

  104. Thank you so much Shweta 🙂 .. You made my day . I am so glad that you stopped by 🙂

  105. Thank you so much Jamie and yes it so true :-). I wonder what I did with my time before becoming a mom. I had lots of time but nothing to show for it. Where as now I have limited time and I love the way I spend it 🙂

  106. Thank you so much Sharvi 🙂 .. Means a lot to me, And yes I wish there was more kindness in this world.

  107. Thank you so much Akanksha. I am glad you stopped by

  108. Thank you so much Alpana. Yes I love that. Rather when I am doing something with my so I focus on giving him an exposure to something rather than aim for teaching him.

  109. Thank you so much Ashlyn. So true and beautifully said

  110. You are right Shalu. Wish I am able to prepare my kid for the times to come and the way world is turning out. But when I hear of certain incidents, I wonder what could have a kid done to protect himself or avoid it and I have no answer. Thank you so much for stopping by

  111. Thank you so much Prasanna. Loved to hear this. Do try and let us know if your daughter enjoyed this 🙂

  112. Thank you so much Preet, Yes completely agree. I hope to prepare my little one to face the challenges well 🙂

  113. Thank you so much Shirley 🙂 .. Yes we started with crafts very early and these easy DIYs helped me introduce many objects and many concepts to my little one 🙂

  114. Thank you so much Vasantha. I am glad to have come across you . And yes after becoming a mommy I have started doing what I loved which makes me wonder what was I doing for all these years

  115. Thank you so much Udita 🙂 Absolutely dear. In motherhood there are absolutely no rules. we all try to do and be the best we can be

  116. Thank you so much Anubhuti. could not have said it any better :-). I too love doing these easy DIYs because most of them are child led. For e.g. if my son shows interest in bird we make a bird, if he likes dogs we make a dog and so on :-). It a great way to spend some time together 🙂

  117. Thanks a lot Alpana 🙂 Yes I loved the topic because I have actually seen myself change. I feel bad for all the people I had judged before becoming a mom and want to remember and capture each and every moment of this beautiful journey

  118. Thanks Menaka 🙂 and could not have summarized it better. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  119. Thank you so much Alpana :-). Means a lot to me .. Yes I really like there collection. Hope they start international shipping soon

  120. You are most welcome Anchal :-). Yes I too love such toys. Perfect combination of learning and play

  121. Thank you so much Tina 🙂 Do let me know if you try the brand

  122. Dearest Danisha . Thanks for saying this but to be honest at time I feel I am far from perfect. Just managing to do my bits like all other moms out there 🙂 .. I try what I can.. and I so agree with you I have not mentioned it here but after becoming a mom even I have learnt cooking and believe me that;s a big change for me as well. Its like our entire life changes overnight after we have a baby

  123. Thank you so much Shirley. Yes the supply of things definitely help when we are tired and need some rest 🙂

  124. Thank you so much Alpana. Yes I too love popsicle sticks idea from shweta specially the variety of things that we can do with it.

  125. Thank you so much Kavita, Please do try and let us know how the bird craft turned out and did you have fun in the process 🙂

  126. Thank you so much Danisha 🙂 We loved that you loved this article. Yes most of the times the best way to spend time with a kid is talking. There is nothing better than that, The other things we carry I believe our mainly conversation starters or to help s when we are tired and need little bit of rest 🙂

  127. Thank you so much Nimi. Yes we are in love with these simple yet colorful birds 🙂

  128. Thank you so much Anubhuti. Have a great journey 🙂

  129. Thank you so much Dhanya. Your comments made our day 🙂 .. I am glad that you liked the review. Do let us know your experience with them

  130. Thanks a lot Udita. Oh that is a classic case at times I wonder why does that happen. So much of efforts and finally moms have to go through an operation.

  131. Thank you so much Priyadarshini. I hope expecting moms get benefited by these easy tips

  132. Thanks a lot Mamatha for stopping by and yes I too like Skola’s toy range. Its not eay to find open ended good quality toys. Very few other brands in India offer this

  133. Thanks you so much Neha. yes its a good brand and the best think I like about them is the thought process they have behind each toy

  134. Good to hear Deevyanka. I think you are one of the few ones we know who have had normal delivery. You are most welcome and thanks for stopping by

  135. Thank you so much Anupriya, yes its a different concept by Neha and I loved it, I never knew until then that buying too many toys could be bad for kids

  136. Thank you so Dixita. We too love all crafts ideas from Lavanya 🙂

  137. Thank you so much Nimi. That is wonderful to hear. We too love this travel games list from Shweta 🙂

  138. You are most welcome dear Nikita :-). I am glad you enjoyed the tutorial. Do let us know if you try any Kids crafts at home.

  139. Thank you so much Ghazala. Glad you stopped by 🙂

  140. Thank you so much Priyadarshini :-). You made our day :-). We know your rose buds will turn out beautiful, if you need any help with them at any point of time, feel free to ping us.

  141. Thank you so much Surbhi. That would be wonderful. We Would love to know how the rose buds turned out.

  142. Thank you so much dear 🙂 Yes its truly been a rediscovering myself experience for me so far. I have changed in ways I could have never imagined before. Look forward to reading how you have changed after becoming a mom.

  143. Thank you so much Shirley. I am glad you liked these resources on home schooling, Wishing all the best to your daughter in law in his journey .. Thanks for sharing ..

  144. Thank you so much Neha. yes personally I think giving toys, books and craft sets a s gifts is really useful as it introduces our kids to new areas. may help him/her explore new talents. I like Skola as a brand and would love to try out a range of toys from them

  145. Thank you so much Danisha 🙂 .. Yes same her I have come across this term recently. For me personally doing activities is a way of spending time with my son. To get to know each other, to explore new things and have fun in the process. I would love for him to go to school and make friends, get involved i some mischief now and then. But the problem is whats happening in school nowadays scares me. I guess, I am pretty shaken by murders happening in schools. When I hear such news the thought of homeschooling crosses my mind

  146. Thank you so much Jayshree, Same here. Diya and candles 🙂 For me thats what makes Diwali fun. Thanks a lot for stopping by

  147. Thank you so much Harshala 🙂 and thank you so much for stopping by .. Good idea . I think even I should unsubscribe from few things. But to be honest I would rather like that everyone becomes kinder, the world becomes a better and safer place

  148. Thanks Priyadarshini for stopping by. I think the world nowadays has become very scary. And it affects me a lot specially after becoming a mommy.

  149. Thank you so much Amitoj. We are glad that you liked this article on STEM learning. Do let us know your inputs on Skola toys if you try them

  150. Thank you so much Charu 🙂 . And completely agree with you . STEM lays the foundation in early years so that our kids can grow to be thinkers and doers 🙂

  151. Thank you so much Surbhi. We are so glad that you likes our article. Its comments like yours that keep us going 🙂 Its our pleasure

  152. Same here Priyadarshini. Its only when we read about it we realized that these concepts could be applied starting from babies. And to be honest for babies and toddlers life is about science (read experimentation) its only when we grow up and start giving these experiments hefty names that the fun is lost. what we loved about this concept is that we lay the basics of years to come

  153. You are most welcome Anubhuti. We are glad that we could talk about STEM in early childhood learning on our blog. Yes we loved skola because of the same reason. It helps us in approaching learning via STEM concepts

  154. Thank you so much Ravinder 🙂 .. Oh yes travelling with kids can be achallenge at times as there are situations to be planned for :-). I can so agree with you on that. We are glad you like travel games and ideas in shweta’s blog 🙂

  155. Thank you so much Swetha. We are so glad that you found this article useful. Your comments have made our day. Glad to know that you too are following it. We are also learning and trying to compile a list of STEM activities that we can do with kids

  156. Thank you so much Ghazala. We are so glad to hear that you found these travelling games useful. Playing games during traveling not only keeps everyone happy and engaged but also builds bonds

  157. Absolutely agree Amrita. the rate at which brain grows in initial years is amazing. The more exposure we can give our kids as this age the stronger their foundation will be.

  158. Thank you so much dear Sulbha :-). I love all your crafts and activities. Your twins are truly talented and gifted 🙂 .. Yes I love displaying crafts at home. it gives so much pleasure in displaying hand made items 🙂

  159. Thank you so much Angel. We are so glad to hear that 🙂

  160. Thank you so much Neha. Hoping these easy tips on normal delivery help someone 🙂

  161. Thank you so much Shweta. It means a lot to me 🙂 .. It seems all moms are on this wonderful journey in which they come across similar situations and still none of our journeys are same.

  162. Thank you so much Charu 🙂 . We too are hoping that these tips help someone.

  163. Thanks you so much Gracy. Even if one of the expecting mom is benefited by our article, it would mean a lot to us.

  164. Absolutely Jinal. so such toys involve learning while playing which in my opinion should be the way to teach :-).

  165. Thank you so much Gracy 🙂 .. Absolutely. I loved this toy for that particular reason because it is an open ended toys that can be used as per the child’s imagination, Thanks again. Such comments keep me going and encourage me to write toy reviews. 🙂

  166. Thanks a lot Shuchi. Could not have agreed more. This fear of pain stops multiple moms to go for vaginal birth. What most people do not realize is that even C section involves pain. Csection is a major operation so it takes time for the stitches and the body to heal completely.

  167. Thanks a lot Smita. Absolutely. you summed it so well 🙂 Taking care, eating right, exercising and staying positive helps us in a longer run as well ..

  168. Thanks a lot Priyanka 🙂 Do tell us if she liked it ..

  169. Thanks a lot Danisha :-).. Waiting for Meera to grow up and would love to see what she makes . Meanwhile you can enjoy doing other kids activities with her like finger printing, hand painting :-). Its fun to see those little hand prints after your kid grow up.

  170. Thanks Sudha 🙂 .. Somehow I have loved crafts and now after becoming a mom have started enjoying doing Kid’s crafts with my toddler. I am glad you liked this bird craft idea. Thanks for stopping by and would love to stay connected ..

  171. Thank you so much Aesha. Thanks to these activities my son’s preschool teacher said that his fine motor skills are quite developed for his age. Nothing could have made me happier than that comment 🙂

  172. Thanks Mahak. Hope you enjoy making one 🙂

  173. Thanks Olivia for stopping by. I too visited your blog and loved what you have written. Its amazing how different moms have the same concern – Will too many toys spoil a child ?

    Rather than multiple toys of similar kinds, fewer toys that work on different skills can be great for a child development.

    By the way this blog is written by Neha Khanna one of my favorite authors on our site

  174. Thanks you so much Danisha. Deciding whether my kid has too many toys is the most difficult part. What I do is look at what a toy can be used for and if I have a similar toy that serves the purpose I do not buy it. I will also ask Neha Khanna to help us with more details on this aspect.
    To be on the safer side, I keep toys in a box and take out few at a time. So this toy rotation helps us avoid these downsides of too many toys

  175. Thank you so much Annu. Thanks for stopping by. Hope this article will help you in buying fewer toys for your kid.

  176. Thanks Aesha. I feel motherhood has changed mothers across the world in a similar manner.

    I feel all of us are facing this problem as the world is getting unkinder day by day. Hope the new generation turns out to be kinder and world safer.

  177. Thank you so much Mansi. Yes the main problem we parents face is to answer the question – Do my kids have too many toys. Hope this article from Neha will be useful in answering that as well

  178. Thank you so much Tina . I am so glad that you liked this article from Neha Khanna. Hope these tips will help parents in taming toy overload in this era of marketing.

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  180. This view and the trek to taktsang monastery was actually beautiful.. Hope to visit again sometime. You must visit paro in Bhutan. I am sure you will love it. Thanks for stopping by

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  182. Scotland is beautiful though I somehow am in love with Ireland ☺️ if you have not visit Ireland as well ☺️

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  185. Thank you so much.. Am hoping your child enjoys these too ☺️ thanks for book marking and visiting this article ☺️

  186. Thank you so much for saving it. It means a lot to us. ☺️. Talking to kids, conversations, crafts, activities and open ended toys. These are all simple things that can make a lot if difference in child growth and development.. Thanks for stopping by

  187. You are most welcome dear and am so happy that you liked it. Please do share snaps whenever you do make one ☺️

  188. Absolutely agree dear. I could not have thought of going back to work without having such a support system..

  189. That would be great dear. Do let us know if she was able to guess the answers 🙂 ..

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