Meet Sahiba Dhandhania – A digital marketer by Profession and the Co-founder of Walnut Folks

As part of our She Inspires series, in which we are featuring and interviewing leading women across industries. Let us meet Sahiba Dhandhania- A digital marketer by Profession and the Co-founder of Walnut Folks.

At a young age of 21, Sahiba set up her first startup, which was an EdTech enterprise. The same got awarded as the best startup on the campus by Economic Times in 2015 for the unique business model & unparalleled growth.
She has also worked in the capacity of Business & Marketing Head and Marketing Consultant for media giants in India & abroad.

Presently, She is the marketing wizard at Walnut Folks & seamlessly integrates thought-provoking designs with pertinent marketing strategies to create highly impactful campaigns for the brands they work with.

So let us welcome Sahiba and get to know her  🙂

How did the idea of becoming a Digital marketer come about

My exposure in the US and UK made me realize how digital marketing is not being done in the correct way in India. It’s a lot more data centric and research driven, and hence the effectiveness is great. I saw this as a challenge and started out.

Could you please tell us what is Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a wide term that includes multiple marketing channels and methods that can be used for promoting products or services on the Internet.

What do you like most about your work

The fact that I get to work on a diverse set of businesses and create a tangible impact on our economy.

What is your definition of Success

It’s a state of mind where you can be content with your own self.

What are the Top 2 regular practices that have helped you

Introspection, and Reading

What keeps you motivated

My country is still thought of as just an outsourcing partner for digital-related services.

Who has been your biggest support in this journey

My sister has been a constant support system in my journey from being a ‘bathroom entrepreneur’ to a serial entrepreneur.

What is the biggest misconception you think people have about you

That my father had any role in helping me in starting out or any of my ventures.

When you are not working, what are you doing

Reading, or Netflix.

What would you have been if not what you are doing currently

Public policy maker or an economist

What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur

  • An insight-driven sense of observation
  • Ability to respect and value people
  • Adaptive to changes

Any regrets as of now? And if yes would you like to share

Not being able to spend as much time with loved ones as I wished to.

If you had to give a advice to your younger self when you were starting out, what would it be?

I would tell my 16-year-old self to not make plans in life, to not worry about where I would be when I am 20 and all of that. I would tell her to chill and go out there. It will all fall in place, heaven’s got a plan for you.

What courses are available in India if one wants to pursue a course on Digital marketing

For anyone wishing to pursue this career, there are a number of online certificate courses available on sites like Udemy, Coursera, Digitalvidya, thinkwithgoogle, etc. You can easily pick courses of your choice from these sites. published here

Here is a list of Digital marketing courses you can check


Best Food – Dal Makhni

Best Book – Fountainhead by Ayn Rand (Losing my Virginity by Richard Branson and Fault lines by Raghuram Rajan)

Best TV series/movie – House M.D

Best song or music – Fix You by Coldplay

Best Destination – Boston

Any personality/Celebrity who inspires you – Richard Branson

Life motto – Nobody remembers who came second!

Few more Books from her reading list


The Fountainhead






Losing My Virginity: How I Survived, Had Fun, and Made a Fortune...






Fault Lines: How Hidden Fractures Still Threaten the World Economy






The Fountainhead

Rs. 267

Rs. 399




Losing My Virginity

Rs. 408

Rs. 599




Fault Lines – How Hidden Fractures Still Threaten the World Economy

Rs. 883

Rs. 1,472




The Art of Digital Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Creating Strategic, Targeted,...

Rs. 1,200

Rs. 2,500




Marketing Analytics: Data-Driven Techniques with Microsoft Excel

Rs. 1,999

Rs. 2,999



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Thanks Sahiba, for taking time out and doing this interview with us. 

So here I am wishing Sahiba a lot of luck in her future endeavors and hoping she continues to inspire many other women across. Hope you enjoyed this interview. If you have any other questions or have something to say please do so via comments below.

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