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Welcome to Sharing Our Experiences. Thanks for stopping by and I am so glad to have you here.

Parenting is overwhelming. And no one ever prepared us for being a parent.

I personally have never learnt so much in my life – compared to what I have learnt in a short span of being a parent.

And after becoming a mom/dad we have so many questions – How to take care of my baby, which products to buy, what activities to do with my kid to engage him, how to help him in achieving his milestones and so on.

I was in a similar situation when I started our Facebook group and this blog where I started sharing about what was working for me and more importantly what was not working.

And with time many more moms have joined me in sharing their experiences.

Yes here at Sharing our experiences we are a group of moms who run it (you can call it a mommy blog run my moms). Also we have experts from various backgrounds sharing their learning as well.

What you will easily find on Sharing our experiences

Hi. Neha here 🙂

Neha founder of sharing our experiences

I am a mom to 5 year old, love reading, travelling and designing educational products for my kid. I am an early learning enthusiast who believes in making learning fun for kids.

I am a parent like you struggling with every day challenges and enjoying the fun moments that parenting brings us.

So I am here to share what I have learnt and help you with what I know.

Check out toys that I have personally bought and Parenting books that have helped me in this journey of parenting

If you are interested to know more about me – Check out how motherhood has changed me or what is my Parenting mantra or How we can contribute in our child’s development.

Click here to download your Free pdf Colouring printables and you can let your kid colour them, or do finger painting or paste pom poms in them or paint with brushes.

You can start reading more about what you are interested in based on your kids age or what is troubling you right way. 

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