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Earn passive income by joining our affiliate program today

Hi and Thanks for checking our SOE (Sharing our Experiences) Store kids affiliate program. Here I am going to share how you can earn 20% commissions on sale of our physical and digital products via our website

The benefits of being an affiliate

Affiliate Marketing is when you earn money by recommending other’s products and get commissions on the same

How it works

Register as an affiliate

You have to do a one time registration process. Once you have applied and approved you can move to the next step. Do not worry this approval process is very easy and we would love to have you as our partner

Get your affiliate links

Once you are approved you will need to login to the dashboard here and get your unique affiliate links. Affiliate links are special links that are unique to you. This link allows you to send prospective customers to our store and get paid if they buy any product.

Share your unique links

Once you have generated your special links (affiliate links) you can share them on social media or on your blog or WhatsApp groups or Facebook groups. For every referred person who buys –  your earnings are sent to you automatically.

To get started sign up here. So go ahead and apply for the program and we will guide you. 

If you are ourside india - you can promote ourdigital worksheets in USD and get paid 40% everytime someone buys

How does Affiliate dashboard look like

Once you are approved you can log in here and it will show you your dashboard. Where you can see – 

How to generate links

Once you are approved you can log in and go to ‘Affiliate links’ in your affiliate dashboard and generate your unique affiliate links


For eg website link  –

Your unique link is



So remember – Your link would contain a unique id at the end. In this example  – ?wpam_id=16


The number at the end would be different for everyone. Some would have 16 others 17 and so on.

What can I link to

You can link to anything on our website. Remember, if a person visits our website and buys ANY product from our shop – you still get paid. 

So even if you share free worksheets and then a person buys any product – you will get paid.



We have created links to some of most popular pages and placed on the dashboard – so you can start to use them directly. 


Also,  based on questions you see let us say on Quora or Facebook groups you can create and share links to anything on the website – we have multiple helpful articles. 



So you can generate your affiliate links for

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to help you make money and grow successful via our online business so that you can work on your own terms and without investments. In our affiliate program you earn money by recommending our products 

You come across our products and use them for your kid. You like them so you want to spread the word and thus you sign up as an affiliate.

Once you are accepted, you grab your special link and share with your friends. Let us say your friend bought our products worth Rs 1000. You get paid 20% of Rs 1000 i.e.  Rs 200 for recommending 

You can share theses links anywhere – on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Whatsapp groups and Facebook groups. If you have an email list – you can even share these to your subscribers.

No. there is no investment needed

You will be paid monthly via paytm/bank account/upi id you share with us

If you’re already an affiliate, click here to access your affiliate portal.

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