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Alphabet bundle pack hands on activities for learning letters of the alphabet

Transform Preschool into a World of Fun and Knowledge! Introducing our Exclusive Alphabet Bundle Your Passport to Reading, Writing, and Letter Sounds!

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Why This Irresistible Alphabet Bundle?

1. 🏡 Effortless Homeschooling

Download, print, and watch your little one thrive! 

Keep them engaged and excited about learning throughout the day.

2. 🕒 Time-Saving Solution

No more endless searches! Download all you need in one click, giving you quality family time.

3. 📈 Ever-Growing Bundle

A ONE TIME purchase ensures LIFETIME access to fresh, engaging content. Stay ahead on the learning adventure!

4. 🌟 Engaging and High-Quality:

Vibrant clip cards, flashcards, worksheets, and games that turn learning into playtime! Kids adore it, and so will you.

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$9 $35 or Rs 150 Rs 2000

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We got these worksheets from SOE store kids and we are simply in love with them. I am yet to see Nitara  so excited about worksheets!

We discussed letter sounds and she had to fill in the blanks.

We also had fun as she imitated some of the actions in the pictures. We loved these worksheets because

💜Pictures and colours were vibrant

💜Clear concepts

💜 Interesting pictures

💜 Multiple choice answer structure

Thank you so much for this

- Anjuri

These printable are so wonderfully designed, topics covered are amazing and so colourful to attract kids 😄


I couldn’t wait to try these worksheets with Krish 🙂


And honestly my son loved solving these.


I had been trying to get my kid to learn alphabet and tried multiple activity books but by far this is the best investment I have made. Thank you for this bundle

- Nisha


Looking to introduce alphabet and phonics to your preschooler? Check out this pdf bundle with 1000+ pages of alphabet and sounds fun activities for preschoolers and toddlers

Ultimate alphabet activities and literacy bundle for toddlers preschoolers mock up

for ALL types of learner, even those who are reluctant to sit and do activities enjoy activities in this bundle

$9 $35 or Rs 150 Rs 2000

Price Goes Up In…

does this sound like you?

You wish you could have a product that helps your child learn Alphabet , letters and sounds. Multiple ways to practice with fun colorful pictures without you spending too much time looking for worksheets and activities online.

Fun worksheets for kids animal themed activities for toddlers preschoolers

It can be difficult to find resources specially when you are trying to manage so much in very limited time . This set is designed with loads of resources – flashcards, clip cards, worksheets, coloring sheets, playdough mats, posters and much more in one place.  Parents have told us that their kid actually ASK for our resources. 



This bundle is verified by teachers and tried and tested by parents. Just print from your home or work, and you’re set to go in minutes!

What's Inside?

📚 Comprehensive Worksheets:

  • 50+ engaging prewriting and pattern writing worksheets to enhance fine motor skills. Lay the foundation for impeccable handwriting early on!

🖍️ Alphabet Coloring Pages:

  • 50+ whimsical coloring pages for both uppercase and lowercase letters – making alphabet recognition a colorful experience!

🤲 Play Dough Mats:

  • 26 interactive play dough mats with dotted tracing lines for hands-on learning. Transform learning into playtime with playdough or stickers!

🔠 Flashcards & Posters:

  • 5 types of flashcards featuring letters and pictures, along with 35+ pages of charts and posters for introducing alphabet sounds. A versatile resource for countless engaging activities!

🧩 Puzzles & Matching Cards:

  • 75+ captivating letter puzzles and matching clip cards for uppercase to lowercase exploration. Boost visual discrimination skills while having a blast!

🎨 Interactive Cards:

  • 100+ interactive cards for reusable fun – flashcards, letter tracing, sound association, matching, and more! Keep the excitement alive with diverse learning activities.

🏠 Perfect for Home and School:

  • Tailored for ages 2-4, ideal for preschool and nursery. Aligned with pre-K literacy skills, it seamlessly supports school curricula and makes homeschooling a breeze!

🌈 Verified by Teachers, Loved by Parents:

  • Our bundle is teacher-approved and parent-tested, ensuring a reliable and effective learning experience. Just print from the comfort of your home or office, and let the educational fun begin!

Rave Reviews From Our Community

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Vibrant pictures, clear concepts, interesting choices. Nitara is thrilled about worksheets! Thank you!” 


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “My son loved solving these. The best investment I have made. Thank you for this bundle!” 


Oh wow! I am so glad I came across this bundle it covers phonics for nursery kids completely. Amazing activities for letter recognition, prewriting, tracing and my favorite part of the bundle are interactive activities flashcards, I have laminated them and my kid loves those reusable cards. 

- Sweta

Thank you so much SOE Store kids for making life easy. I was tired of browsing online and finding same activities again and again. Believe me it was a nightmare. Now I have everything I need on my laptop. I just need to print them and I am ready to go. I can actually spent the time saved in reading book with my child. Amazing pdf of great quality. 

- Tara

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$9 $35 or Rs 150 Rs 2000

Price Goes Up In…

Frequently asked questions

No this is a digital product, You can download and print as many times you want for personal use

since this is a digital product you can not get a refund. You are most welcome to try our FREE worksheets to get an idea of quality before you buy

No. This product is for personal use. Commercial use of this is not allowed

Kids of age 2 to 5 years would enjoy these activities. This is mainly for toddlers and preschoolers

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Ready to cover Alphabet letters and sounds via fun activities with your kid?

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$9 $35 or Rs 150 Rs 2000

Price Goes Up In…

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