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Welcome and thanks for stopping by on Sharing our experiences 🙂

You can contact me with your queries on Parenting, Kids crafts, Early learning, activities, SOE store kids products on [email protected]

I am also available on below social media channels.


Do we write Product Reviews

Yes we do write product reviews. But we write honest reviews based on products we have used. You can send us a mail and any reviews will be confirmed only after our discussion. Any review we write would be an honest opinion (and not only highlighting positive elements) based on our usage of products. Yo can send us a mail on [email protected] for discussion

Do we rent out advertising space on our blog ?

Yes we can do that if your ads are in line with theme we write on. Please get in touch by email with price and requirements

Do we sell SOE store products in bulk for return gifts or bulk buying?

Yes we do that. You can reach out to us for discounted rates as per your requirement via mail.

Do you accept Promotional, Sponsored or Guest posts ?

Yes we do that if they are in line with our niche. We do not give ‘Do follow’ links as it is against Google policy so please do not mail us regarding that. Any other requirements we can have a discussion via mail.

Also we can help you reach other bloggers and run a bloggers collaboration program as per your requirements, as we have multiple authors on our site.

Anything Else

Email me your queries on [email protected] I would love to hear from you

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