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Is it safe to visit Kashmir now?

Is it safe to visit Kashmir now?

Embark on a 9-day family odyssey through the breathtaking beauty and warm hospitality of Kashmir. Discover a safe haven amidst majestic landscapes and vibrant cultures. Plan your own adventure with ...

Green Holiday Essentials

green-holiday essentials

Eco-friendly vacations are a bliss to unwind and explore new destinations keeping in mind the finances and the need to care for the environment by reducing the carbon footprint. After a thorough ...

Monaco ,The land of Affluence

Monaco ,The land of Affluence

Want to see the rich and famous? Do you dream about an 80 feet yacht and flash a Ferrari? Well, Monaco is the place for you. A city that lives up to its hype, a homeland of the rich and famous.

Taktsang Monastery Paro or The Tiger’s Nest

ang Monastery Paro or The Tiger’s Nest

Quick view of The Taktsang Monastery Paro or The Tiger’s Nest . The Taktsang Monastery Paro or The Tiger’s Nest is one of the most famous monastery in Bhutan - not only from religious but also ...

Paro valley in Bhutan

Paro valley in Bhutan

Visit to Paro, a beautiful valley in Bhutan - one of the most attractive tourist destination not only in Bhutan but also in the world.

Disney Store in London

Disney store in London

Disney store in London at Oxford street is the largest Disney store in Europe. Visit this store if you ever believed in magic and were enchanted by fairy tales :-) ..

Borough Market London

Borough market london

Visit to Borough Market London. Borough market is one of the largest, oldest and best known food markets in London. If you are a foodie then DO visit, even if you are not then too this place is worth ...

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