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Children Books for babies, toddlers and preschoolers | Books we moms love and recommend

Most of the times when buying books we are not sure which books to buy for kids. Here I would be consolidating all children books for babies, toddler and preschoolers which we moms love and recommend.  This is going to be a running list that I will keep on updating as we read more. Also as you ...

Various Clothing options and types of dresses for a Baby girl | Baby Shopping Guide by real moms

Check out a list of various clothing options for baby girls.  This is a must read guide for buying clothes and understanding different types of dresses for a baby girl. You will love it irrespective of whether you are a mom to little girl or planning to buy a dress for a baby girl as a gift.  ...

How to Prevent Dry Skin in Kids

What can I do about my child's dry skin ? If you have ever wondered that do not miss to read these tips to prevent dry skin in kids.  “It’s the season to by jolly”! Winter is around the corner which means lots of hot coffee, fresh and green vegetables, aaloo paranthas and DRY skin.  Yep, don’t you ...

List of Facebook page or groups to buy books  | Rise of Indian Mompreneurs

Here is a list of Facebook pages and groups to buy preloved books from Indian mompreneurs. Your helpful directory for buying new and preloved imported books in India from mompreneurs. A while ago I wrote a list of Facebook groups and websites from where you can buy toys from Indian mompreneurs ...

What is Child Development, what are the areas and skills associated? Complete guide for parents

What is Child Development ? Read about the main areas of Child Development. What are fine motor skills, gross motor skills and other types of skills associated with child development. How can you contribute in child development? Read these questions answered to help you make sense of these terms ...

Importance of car seats for infants and toddlers. Do you really need it?

Do you need a car seat for infants and toddlers ? In this article we will talk about importance of car seats for infants and toddlers and help you make a decision on whether you should invest on it. Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post, but the views are completely personal Most of the parents I ...

Is screen time for babies and toddlers – Good or Bad ?

Is screen time for babies and toddlers - Good or Bad ? We have all faced this dilemma at one or the other point after becoming a mom. In this article I will try answering questions like - Is it bad for babies and toddler to watch TV or watch videos on phone ? How does screen time affect babies ...

List of Best Books for one year olds

Looking for best books for one year olds ? Here is a list of carefully chosen popular baby books that your one year old will love being read aloud. These are classic baby books that kids love as they begin a lifetime of reading. Reading bed time stories is a practice every parent should follow. ...


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