100+ Spanish names for boys with meanings

Discover the perfect Spanish names for boys with deep meanings. Explore our list of over 100 captivating names to make the name selection process an enjoyable and meaningful journey for your family.

Choosing the perfect name for your little one is a joyous journey, but it can also be quite a challenge. As parents, you want a name that not only sounds beautiful but also holds a profound meaning, one that resonates with your child’s identity for a lifetime.

If you’re searching for that ideal name for your baby boy and you want it to carry the rich, meaningful essence of the Spanish language, then you’ve just hit the jackpot. Say goodbye to the dilemma of selecting a name that’s both significant and sonorous, as we’ve compiled an extensive list of over 100 captivating Spanish names for boys, each with its unique and heartfelt meaning.

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We understand the struggles and concerns of parents looking for that perfect name, so let us help you embark on this delightful journey, ensuring your child’s name becomes a cherished part of their story, representing the legacy of a lifetime.

Discover Spanish names for boys

  1. Alejandro – Defender of mankind
  2. Adán – Adam
  3. Adrián – Dark one
  4. Agustín – Majestic
  5. Alberto – Noble and bright
  6. Alejandro – Defender of mankind
  7. Alfonso – Noble and ready
  8. Andr̩s РManly
  9. Ángel – Angel
  10. Antonio – Priceless
  11. Armando – Soldier
  12. Arturo – Noble and bear-like
  13. Aurelio – Golden
  14. Benjamín – Son of the right hand
  15. Bernardo – Brave as a bear
  16. Carlos – Strong and manly
  17. Cristian – Follower of Christ
  18. Daniel – God is my judge
  19. David – Beloved
  20. Diego – Supplanter
  21. Eduardo – Wealthy guardian
  22. Emilio – Rival
  23. Enrique – Ruler of the household
  24. Esteban – Crown
  25. Fabián – Bean grower
  26. Felipe – Lover of horses
  27. Fernando – Brave traveler
  28. Francisco – Free man
  29. Gabriel – God is my strength
  30. Gaspar – Treasurer
  31. Gerardo – Brave spearman
  32. Guillermo – Resolute protector
  33. Gustavo – Staff of the gods
  34. Hernán – Adventurous
  35. Hugo – Intelligent
  36. Ignacio – Fiery
  37. Iker – Visitation of God
  38. Isidro – Gifted with many ideas
  39. Iván – God is gracious
  40. Jaime – Supplanter
  41. Javier – Bright
  42. Jes̼s РGod is salvation
  43. Joaquín – God will judge
  44. Jorge – Farmer
  45. Jos̩ РGod will increase
  46. Juan – God is gracious
  47. Julián – Youthful
  48. Julio – Youthful
  49. Leandro – Lion man
  50. Leonardo – Brave lion
  51. Lorenzo – Laurel-crowned
  52. Luis – Famous warrior
  53. Manuel – God is with us
  54. Marco – Warlike
  55. Mario – Manly
  56. Martín – Warrior
  57. Mateo – Gift of God
  58. Miguel – Who is like God?
  59. N̩stor РHomecoming
  60. Nicolás – Victory of the people
  61. Pablo – Small
  62. Patricio – Noble
  63. Pedro – Rock
  64. Rafael – God has healed
  65. Ramón – Wise protector
  66. Ra̼l РWolf counselor
  67. Ricardo – Powerful ruler
  68. Roberto – Bright fame
  69. Rodrigo – Famous ruler
  70. Rub̩n РBehold, a son
  71. Salvador – Savior
  72. Samuel – Heard by God
  73. Santiago – Saint James
  74. Sebastián – Revered
  75. Sergio – Attendant
  76. Simón – Hearkening
  77. Teodoro – Gift from God
  78. Tomás – Twin
  79. Valentín – Strong, healthy
  80. Víctor – Conqueror
  81. Vicente – Conqueror
  82. Xavier – Bright, splendid
  83. Abel – Breath
  84. Abián – My father is God
  85. Aldo – Old and wise
  86. Amado – Loved
  87. Anselmo – God’s helmet
  88. Arsenio – Virile
  89. Aureliano – Golden
  90. Benicio – Blessed
  91. Benjamín – Son of the right hand
  92. Bernab̩ РSon of prophecy
  93. Bonifacio – Beneficent
  94. Carmelo – Fruit garden
  95. Casimiro – Peacemaker
  96. C̩sar РLong-haired
  97. Claudio – Lame
  98. Conrado – Brave counsel
  99. Damián – To tame
  100. Dario – Upholder of the good
  101. Delfino – Dolphin
  102. Demetrio – Devotee of Demeter
  103. Domingo – Lord’s day
  104. Edmundo – Prosperous protector
  105. Eleazar – God helps
  106. Elías – My God is Yahweh
  107. Emiliano – Eager
  108. Evaristo – Well-pleasing
  109. Fausto – Fortunate
  110. Feliciano – Lucky
  111. Fermín – Firm, steadfast
  112. Flavio – Blonde
  113. Fulgencio – Shining, brilliant
  114. Genaro – January
  115. Germán – Brother
  116. Gervasio – Honorable, well-born
  117. Gil – Bright pledge
  118. Godofredo – God’s peace
  119. Gregorio – Watchful
  120. H̩ctor РHolding fast
  121. Hermenegildo – Sacred fighter
  122. Horacio – Timekeeper
  123. Humberto – Bright support
  124. Ignacio – Fiery
  125. Inocencio – Innocent
  126. Isaac – Laughter
  127. Ismael – God hears
  128. Israel – God perseveres
  129. Jacinto – Hyacinth
  130. Jeremías – God will uplift
  131. Joel – Yahweh is God
  132. Jonás – Dove
  133. Juan Pablo – Combination of Juan and Pablo
  134. Justino – Just
  135. Laureano – Crowned with laurel
  136. Leopoldo – Bold people
  137. Lorenzo – Laurel-crowned
  138. Lucas – Light-giving
  139. Macario – Blessed
  140. Máximo – Greatest
  141. Melchor – King of light
  142. Mois̩s РDrawn out of the water
  143. Narciso – Sleep
  144. N̩stor РHomecoming
  145. Octavio – Eighth
  146. Onofre – Profitable, useful
  147. Osmar – Divine grace
  148. Ovidio – Sheep
  149. Pancho – Free man
  150. Pastor – Shepherd
  151. Pelayo – Healer
  152. Próspero – Prosperous
  153. Quirino – Manly
  154. Renato – Born again
  155. Ricardo – Powerful ruler
  156. Román – Roman
  157. Rub̩n РBehold, a son
  158. Rufino – Red-haired
  159. Salomón – Peaceful
  160. Santiago – Saint James
  161. Serafín – Seraphim, angelic
  162. Silverio – Silver
  163. Sócrates – Wisdom
  164. Teodosio – Gift from God
  165. Teófilo – Loved by God
  166. Timoteo – Honoring God
  167. Ubaldo – Bold, intelligent
  168. Uriel – God is my light
  169. Valentino – Strong, healthy
  170. Vidal – Vital
  171. Wilfredo – Peaceful
  172. Xavier – Bright, splendid
  173. Yago – Supplanter
  174. Zacarías – God has remembered
  175. Zenón – Zeus, living

I hope you find the perfect Spanish name from this list!

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions from parents searching for Spanish names for boys with meanings:

What are some unique Spanish names for boys?

Spanish names are incredibly diverse and offer a wide range of unique options. Some distinctive choices include Evaristo, Jacinto, or Macario.

Can you suggest a strong and traditional Spanish name for my son?

Traditional and strong Spanish names often include names like Alejandro, Antonio, or José. These names have stood the test of time and carry a sense of tradition.

What are some Spanish names with beautiful meanings?

If you’re looking for names with beautiful meanings, consider names like Gabriel (meaning “God is my strength”), Mateo (meaning “Gift of God”), or Rafael (meaning “God has healed”).

I want a name that is easy to pronounce in English. Any suggestions?

Names like Carlos, Daniel, and Samuel are not only popular in Spanish-speaking countries but also easy to pronounce in English, making them great choices for bilingual families.

Can you recommend a short and sweet Spanish name for a boy?

Short and sweet names include Juan, Luis, and Leo. These names are easy to remember and carry a certain charm.

What are some modern Spanish names for boys?

Modern Spanish names often take inspiration from popular culture or are variations of traditional names. Names like Enzo, Thiago, and Luca have gained popularity in recent years.

I want a name that honors my Spanish heritage. Any suggestions for a culturally significant name?

Names like Diego (honoring Diego Rivera or Diego Velázquez), Salvador (as a nod to Salvador Dalí), or Mateo (celebrating Spanish explorer Mateo Ricci) can pay tribute to your heritage.

Can you suggest a name that is easy to spell and has a beautiful meaning?

A name like Emilio (meaning “rival”) is easy to spell, has a pleasant sound, and carries a unique meaning.

Do you have any advice for choosing a name that will suit my son as he grows up?

It’s important to choose a name that you genuinely love and that resonates with you. Consider how the name may sound in both childhood and adulthood, and ensure it has positive connotations for your child.

How can I ensure my son’s name is meaningful to our family?

You can choose a name with a connection to your family’s history or values. Alternatively, you can create a unique meaning or story around the name, making it special and personal to your family.

Remember that the most important thing is to choose a name that you and your family love, and one that holds special meaning to you. Your son’s name will be a significant part of his identity, so take your time and enjoy the process of selecting the perfect name for your little one.

In your quest to find the ideal name for your baby boy, we hope this extensive list of over 100 meaningful Spanish names has made your decision-making process a little easier and a lot more enjoyable.

Each name carries its own unique story, ready to become a part of your child’s journey. Remember, the name you choose is more than just a label; it’s a legacy, a piece of their identity, and a gift that will last a lifetime.

So, take your time, savor the choices, and may you find the perfect name that resonates with your heart and reflects the aspirations you hold for your precious little one.

Wishing you all the joy and love in the world as you embark on this beautiful journey of parenthood!

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