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As it is TRULY Loved by kids. Each activity is fun, age appropriate and at the RIGHT level.

You as parent would know if an activity is too easy – kids lose interest and if it is too tough – Kids again lose interest as they get frustrated.

These activity books focuses on skill development without getting boring and repetitive. 

What Parents say about our activity books


I ordered this Early learning activity book for my 2.5 year old. Was slightly skeptical because we do not do worksheets yet. But after using this for the last 2 weeks, we love it and recommend it for all 2-4 year olds.

We loved
– The range of concepts covered- shapes, fruits, animals, numbers, alphabets, birds, etc.
– The range of activities- pre writing, shadow match, pattern matching, odd one out, coloring, etc. Each page is a wonderful surprise.
-Can be used with guidance for younger ones and independently for beginner readers as well.
– Decently priced.

- Amma Today

I always love SOE store’s books. Very well researched and age appropriate.

This one has all pre math skills pages and worksheets .

This preschool math book covers counting, matching, circling, colouring, seek and circle. Helped me really well.

It is for ages 3-6 so it has something for everyone simple problems for toddlers and high number counting for bigger children. Page and print quality is good too.

- shubhra

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What Parents say about us and our kids products

Great Interactive flashcards for hours of fun. Total value for money. Perfect for 3+ years. My kiddo asks for them and is totally engaged and they are great to carry when I m traveling.. as they can easily come in my handbag. Covers full nursery concepts. So kids learning preschool concepts in a fun way.
– Amazon Customer

Thank You would be a small word for all the amazing worksheets you make for kids.

I am sorted when it comes to activities. All thanks to You 🙂

– Rumi
SOE Store kids VIP member

Thank You would be a small word for all the amazing worksheets you make for kids. I am sorted when it comes to activities. All thanks to You 🙂
– Rumi
SOE Store kids VIP member
Just ordered my first book of learning.. the workbook Is superb. Highly engaging and an amazing blend of various activities. Apt for nursery and pre-nursery kids
– Anisha Tulsian Bajaj

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