Choosing the Right School for Your Child: A 2023 Guide

Choosing the right school is a very crucial decision for parents, it is an exercise involving a lot of time, thoughts, and research.

Want to know how to choose the best school for your child? Read on, you have come to the right place!

A few years ago when I was searching for the best and most suitable school for my son, I realized how daunting the whole process was. Thankfully, after a lot of research, parent interaction, and running around, I was able to choose the right school for my son. I would still consider myself lucky, because a lot of the time, parents do all the research but still make the wrong choice and end up at the wrong place, in this case, a wrong school.

I recently came to know about UniApply; I wish we had Uniapply a few years ago, it makes the whole process of selecting a school so smooth, easy, and hassle-free.

What is UniApply?

UniApply is a School Admission Platform, that bridges the gap between the parents and the schools that they want to apply for. This is a common Application Platform made to make your school search easy and hassle-free. Through UniApply you can search, apply and check the enrollment process at different schools by filling out just one form.

How Do Parents Search for Schools for Their Child?

Without UniApply most parents would follow the regular path like- Exploring the schools on the internet, shortlisting the schools, visiting the shortlisted schools, maintaining an excel sheet with fees structure, admission fee, other pros, and cons, etc. Seek recommendations and reviews from other parents and then finally choose the one that suits them. The process does not end here, they need to follow up with the school for admission forms and final selection.

How Does UniApply help the Parents?

UniApply helps parents by simplifying the whole process of finding out the best school and getting admission. The process of visiting the schools, taking form, filling the forms manually, visiting the schools again to submit the form, and then following up is so daunting, to say the least. UniApply makes it all simple and convenient for parents, saving them all the hassle of follow-up visits and date tracking.

Unique Features- UniApply

UniApply app and the website give you complete solutions as you explore different options, by providing you insights into the schools including board, fees structure, facilities, etc.

Below are some of the most unique features that can enable you to seamlessly go through the school selection process-

  • Compare different schools– If you are confused between two schools, UniApply makes it easy for you to make an apple to apple comparison.
  • Shortlisting and saving the information– UniApply allows you to put in a bucket all the shortlisted schools, which you can refer to later. Often, we make lists of schools, only to lose or forget those lists. With UniApply you can rest assured.
  • Real-Time Admission Tracker– This is one of the coolest features of the app, you can track which school is still taking admission and which one is full.
  • Notification, “Notify- Me” – This is another helpful feature, It helps you by notifying you that a particular school you shortlisted has started taking admissions.
  • One Common Form– Can you imagine how convenient it would be to not fill those many forms for different schools? Yes, UniApply makes it super simple and convenient for you by having you fill out the form just once.

Download the UniApply App


What do Parents get at UniApply

  1. They can explore all the schools on a single platform
  2. Shortlist the desired schools in one bucket
  3. Compare school on different parameters
  4. Check the admission timeline on the admission tracker
  5. Fill in one single form.
  6. Apply for multiple schools you want.

What we liked most about UniApply is that it makes the whole process seamless. You can explore schools, discover the localities, track admissions and compare different schools. The app also lets you take a virtual tour of the schools of your interest.

What are the Important Factors for Selecting the school for your child?

There are several factors that must be considered before selecting the school. Below is the list of some of the prime factors that you must consider-

  • School Education Board
  • Conducive environment
  • School Management
  • Student-Teacher Ratio
  • Location of the school
  • Infrastructure
  • Past results and records
  • Focus on Sports and extracurricular activities

What is an Ideal Student-Teacher Ratio?

According to the Right to education act (RTI) an optimal student-teacher ratio of 30:1 is a mandate for all Indian Schools for primary classes. However, in reality, it vastly varies across all the states in India.

You must see what the average class size is to get a clear picture, the smaller the number, the better it is.

What are the top 5 schools in Delhi?

Being the National capital, Delhi has some very good schools to choose from. Some of the best schools are Sardar Patel Vidyalaya School (SPVS), DPS RK, Puram, and Springdales school, there are many other good schools in Delhi, NCR, to see the complete list check UniApply

Which is the best board for education in Delhi?

Most schools in Delhi are affiliated to the Delhi-based CBSE or ICSE boards which are the prominent boards for education in India. There are some schools affiliated with various international boards like IB.

At UniApply you can search the schools on the basis of different criteria, like Board, Location, etc.

We hope you found this article helpful. We wish you the best for your school search.

Rashmi Chand
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