Why Bamboo viscose Pajamas are best for Eczema sensitive skin in India?

Bamboo clothing is an innovative new line of baby clothing made from soft bamboo fabric. It has been designed specifically for eczema babies. Bamboo clothing is an excellent choice for eczema babies because it is hypoallergenic and soft against their skin. It also helps them sleep better.

Bamboo clothing is made from bamboo fibers, which makes it naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal. It is also hypoallergenic, so it won’t irritate sensitive skin.

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Say goodbye to skin irritation with Bamboo Viscose Pajamas! Perfect for Eczema-sensitive skin, these pajamas are soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic. Order now for your baby and enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep.

 Bamboo clothing is the perfect solution for Eczema sensitive skin in babies and toddlers Read on to learn more about this eco-friendly material! 

Due to their freshness, all newborn babies have somewhat fragile skin. Infants and young children are usually afflicted by atopic dermatitis, generally known as eczema. It may be more uncomfortable to have a red, raised rash, and bad weather conditions could make it worse. 

Furthermore, eczema flare-ups can be caused by dry skin, perspiration, and abrasive irritants. But don’t worry; fortunately, there are a number of superior natural alternatives. 

And one of the suitable solutions for babies with eczema is bamboo clothes. The appropriate fabric can significantly improve a child’s skin that has eczema. 

Selecting a fabric made of bamboo viscose is one of the simplest methods to prevent triggers. Avoid falling for beautiful designs that may be visually appealing but have weird fabrics that will scratch your baby’s skin horribly. 

We’ll discuss the benefits of bamboo viscose and why The Plush Club’s baby garments are the best for children with sensitive skin in this post. Continue to read!

Benefits of Bamboo Clothing for Eczema and Sensitive Skin

Bamboo clothing has been used by people suffering from eczema for years. It helps them feel better and look great too! Discover why bamboo clothing works so well for those who suffer from eczema.

Bamboo Clothing is Chemical Free Processing

Many different types of fabric contain toxins on their surface and these irritants often aggravate the symptoms of eczema and other skin diseases. 

However, bamboo clothing is chemical-free. Bamboo viscose pajamas are not typically treated with any chemical. For this precise reason, many parents have shifted from cotton to bamboo viscose pajamas for their young children. 

We recommend buying your bamboo viscose pajamas only from The Plush Club, which conspicuously displays eco-standards organization credentials, for the safety of your child. These eco-friendly certificates offer reassurance that the components in their goods are safe. Try this cute bamboo viscose pajama set for your toddler if you’re looking for comfortable and good-looking baby-friendly pajamas online.

Bamboo Fibers naturally reduce Bacteria Growth

Bamboo clothing is made from bamboo fibers that are naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal. This means that bamboo clothing will help prevent infections caused by bacteria and fungi.

There is some evidence that bamboo fibers naturally prevent the growth of microorganisms. In contrast to other materials that retain moisture and encourage the growth of bacteria, bamboo viscose pajamas drain moisture away from your skin, keeping your garments fresh and hygienic. Mildew, germs, and allergens are all known to dramatically worsen eczema symptoms. Research has shown that bamboo viscose pajamas greatly slow bacterial development and lack harsh spurs that could irritate the skin.

Bamboo Fabric has micro gaps that keep skin cool and dry

People with eczema frequently experience sensitivities from sweat. It can dry out the skin, and different components in perspiration may irritate eczema-prone areas and exacerbate symptoms. 

Natural bamboo viscose fibers have small holes in them. These invisible holes allow heat produced by the body to escape through the layers while also allowing cool air to go toward the body through the fabric. 

Areas of skin with eczema are prone to become more irritated and uncomfortable when they come into contact with damp materials. Therefore, by keeping your skin in contact with a dry cloth, bamboo viscose pajamas can aid in the prevention of inflammation. 

Moisture absorbing capabilities are another one of the incredible advantages of bamboo viscose pajamas. 

If you haven’t already, try out bamboo clothing for babies with sensitive skin. You will find amazing benefits on your baby’s delicate skin, much like many parents who discovered Bamboo viscose pajamas from The Plush Club are incredible for eczema-prone skin. Click the link to buy this cute Blackrose Long Sleeves Zippe from Amazon.

The microscopic structure of the bamboo fabric is smoother

Conventional cotton fibers appear to be brittle and thorny under a microscope. However, bamboo viscose fibers appear smooth, rounded, and tubular. 

Scratching makes a baby’s rash worse and may possibly cause an infection. 

Because of the smooth texture, bamboo viscose pajamas are soft and comfy to wear. On sensitive skin, the silkier texture of the bamboo cloth will feel more soothing.


People often have several questions when it comes to eczema, or other skin issues in babies. Here we have identified and tried to answer all relevant questions.

What is Eczema?

Eczema is an inflammatory skin condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It causes redness, itching, and even blisters on the surface of the skin. There are many ways to treat eczema, but one of the most effective is by wearing clothes made from natural fibers.

Is Bamboo good for Eczema?

Yes, Bamboo is naturally ideal for Eczema and babies’ sensitive skin. Some people even say Bamboo clothing is an effective treatment for eczema.

Bamboo is four times more absorbent than other fabric and maintains the body temperature by hastily wicking away moisture from the skin, which then evaporates leaving the baby dry and comfortable. Plus, it also has natural elements to help kill and prevent the spread of bacteria.  All of these factors work together to heal eczema skin.

Is bamboo good for sensitive skin?

Yes. Bamboo clothing is hypoallergenic, which means it won’t cause allergic reactions in sensitive skin. Bamboo viscose pajamas from The Plush Club are considered a good option for sensitive skin as they are both breathable and absorbent.

What should you wear if you have eczema?

One of the best ways to mitigate eczema symptoms with your clothing is to wear breathable fabrics. Bamboo fabric is the most recommended fabric for people with eczema and other dry skin rashes. It is soft, cool, great at absorbing sweat, easily washable, and allows the skin to ‘breathe’.

If you’ve got a baby with eczema, choose bamboo clothing instead of cotton or other synthetic fabrics, which can irritate the skin. Cotton is one of the top allergens for people with eczema, so choosing bamboo will help keep your baby’s skin healthy.

Is bamboo good for baby skin?

Yes. Bamboo viscose is safe for babies since the fabric is made out of bamboo, which is naturally antibacterial, antifungal, hypoallergenic, and UV protection.

Is bamboo fiber good for babies?

Bamboo fiber is a great option for clothes because microfiber has a smooth surface, and it wicks away moisture so that your baby’s skin stays dry.

Is bamboo better than cotton for babies?

Yes, bamboo viscose is much better than cotton fabric. Bamboo is soft, cool, great at absorbing sweat, easily washable, and allows the skin to ‘breathe’.

Bamboo clothing is an eco-friendly alternative to cotton clothing. It has many benefits for people suffering from eczema.

Bamboo fiber clothing is also sustainable and better for the environment because it uses less water than any other material. It takes much less energy to produce and process natural fibers. And when you wash your clothes, you use less water and less detergent.

Is bamboo toxic to babies?

If you have pets or small children in the house, a potential issue with houseplants is toxicity. Though, bamboo is a reasonably safe option, having little to no toxicity for humans and only mild to moderate toxicity for dogs and cats.

How should I dress my baby with eczema?

The easiest way to prevent clothes-based eczema flare-ups is to dress your baby in natural fabrics only. You should choose a smooth, pliable, and pleasant touch fabric. Bamboo fabric tends to be the most commonly recommended textile for babies with eczema.

Bamboo Clothing – Eczema friendly clothing for children

There are many ways to treat eczema naturally, but one of the most effective methods is to wear clothes made from natural fibers.

Bamboo clothing is made from natural fibers like bamboo, hemp, or flax. These materials are soft and breathable, making them ideal for people who suffer from eczema.

  • Bamboo clothing is hypoallergenic.
  • Bamboo clothing is naturally antibacterial.
  • Bamboo clothing is anti-fungal.
  • Bamboo clothing is soft against the skin.
  • Bamboo clothing is breathable.

If you have children with eczema, washing their clothes regularly will help prevent flare ups. You should wash them at least once every other day. This helps keep the skin moisturized and reduces itching.

It’s also important to avoid dry cleaning when possible. While dry cleaning does remove allergens and bacteria, it can cause damage to fabrics and leave behind harmful chemicals. Instead, hand wash your clothing as often as necessary.

Here we have covered the advantages of bamboo viscose pajamas for babies with eczema 

Additionally,  we have tried the brand Plush Club which is the top manufacturer of bamboo viscose pajamas. 

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