Monaco ,The land of Affluence

Want to see the rich and famous? Do you dream about an 80 feet yacht and flash a Ferrari? Well, Monaco is the place for you.

Monte Carlo (capital of Monaco), a city that lives up to its hype, a homeland of the rich and famous, has a plentiful of luxury yachts docked at the port. The fact that it is close to Nice and Cannes, adds more attraction to the privileged lot of tourists.

We drove from Nice (about 20 km) and took a day trip to Monaco. The city greeted us with the captivating view of the coast side and mesmerizing skyscrapers, adding more luxury to the “city of riches”. With multiple stores of Prada, Hermes, L.V. etc., it is considered as the most expensive shopping locations in the world.

Welcoming view of Monaco

Welcoming view of Monaco

Set atop overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the Prince Palace of Monaco is the current official residence of the Prince of Monaco. Since we reached at 11.55 a.m., we were privileged to witness the guard changing ceremony. Within the vicinity, is a stunning collection of cars from the antique vintage to the Formula 1’s, which is worth visiting.

Known for gambling and glamour, Casino de Monte Carlo attracts gamblers from across the world. I visited the casino to view the old style opulent interiors decorated with wall sized fresco’s, showcasing its luxury quotient. the whole area around the casino together with Café de Paris and Hotel de Paris can be considered as the center of activity in Monte Carlo. To experience the lavishness, we had our meal in Hotel de Paris.

Casino De Monte Carlo

Casino De Monte Carlo

Being a hub for the super cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porches etc., the streets are known to conduct the prestigious annual F1 grand prix race event. I too grabbed the experience of an exhilarating drive with thrilling speed style and power along the Grand Prix circuit marking the highlight of my trip.

A drive in the Lambhorgini

A drive in the Lamborghini

To be in the lap of luxury and home to the most millionaires in the world, it was the most memorable 6 hours of my life.
1. Look out for the dress code, before opting for fine dining.
2. Requirement for the international license if going for a self drive.
3. No separate visa required, Schengen visa works.
4. Any basic purchase is exorbitant (e.g. 250 ml coke can cost around €7 [INR 500])

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