Coorg: The Scotland of India

Hello friends, today I am going to share with you all, one of the wonderful travel experiences from my travel diary, my trip to Coorg.

The Scotland of India: Coorg

Fondly termed the ‘Scotland of India’, Coorg or as the locals call it, Madikeri is a hill station town located in the southern part of the state of Karnataka. Coorg is extremely famous for its spice and coffee plantations, which contribute to the lush greenery around. Driving around the exquisite town of Coorg can be quite relaxing.

Driving Around Coorg

There are many self drive car rental options to choose from in order to explore the town of Coorg. Bangalore self-drive car is the best mode of transport to enjoy complete freedom to change plans and make impromptu stops. Rent a car Bangalore to Coorg journey-wise, which is dotted with greenery on either side or passes through many quaint towns en route.

The first stop in Coorg needs to be in a coffee and spices plantation. There are many resorts scattered around the main road that offer stay on a coffee plantation as well. Wandering amidst the cool and intoxicating coffee plants is an exciting yet calming experience on its own.

Other attractions include the Abbey falls, located a short drive away from the city center it has a history as old as the British rule in India. With multiple cardamom and coffee shrubs growing on either side, the falls offer a picturesque view that can be accessed from a hanging bridge. The water level at the falls is at its peak during the monsoon.

In the evening, a walk to the Raja Seat to view the sunset is the best activity. The Raja seat is a beautiful valley and garden with a great view of all the surrounding hills. A visit to this location during dawn provides a breathtaking view of the sunrise.

Surrounding Attractions

A short drive away from the main city lies two other famous tourist points: Namdroling Monastery in Kushalnagar and the Talkaveri.

Namdroling Monastery is also known as the Golden Temple and has awe-inspiring gold work done on the huge Buddha statues. The monastery is in the center of a Tibetian establishment in Kushalnagar . There is also a school present where children are taught. The statues themselves are about 40ft high and are present in the main prayer hall.

Another main tourist spot is the Talakaveri, the origin of the River Kaveri. The river is not only an important water source for the people of Karnataka but also holds a sacred value for the natives of Coorg. Every year, a festival is held at the temple at Talakaveri to celebrate the origin of the river. At the edge of the temple lies a viewpoint, which overlooks the surrounding regions.

Coorg is a perfect vacation spot that will not only refresh the mind but also has an enthralling history. Travel to Coorg in a self-drive car hired from rental services such as Zoomcar. This service has introduced affordable rental plans, which can be changed in real-time according to driving requirements via an app-based system.

It’s time to rent a car and explore the Scotland of India.

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  1. Oh wow! Wat a beautiful blog across Coorg. I have visited the placectwice but somehow reading through ur blog, feel like I should go again.

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