Dive into Creativity at Axis Bank Splash 2023-24: Unleash Your Talents in Drawing and Craft!

Dive into a world of artistic brilliance at Axis Bank Splash 2023-24! Unleash your creativity in drawing, craft, and literature. Join us for a vibrant celebration of talent where winners earn cash rewards, exclusive campus tours, and virtual workshops. Register now and make a splash with your artistic prowess!

Welcome back to the vibrant canvas of Axis Bank Splash 2023-24! We are thrilled to invite you to dive into a world of imagination, where colors, words, and creativity come to life. This year promises to be even more exciting as we encourage you to showcase your talents in drawing, craft, and literature.

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Are you ready to embark on a creative journey like never before

Axis Splash

Registration Details:

To participate in this artistic extravaganza, simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit the Registration Link: https://bit.ly/3RTd5wc
  2. Enter Your Phone Number: Click on ‘Register,’ add your phone number, and fill in the OTP received.
  3. Submission Process: Choose your “Submission Type” and attach your creative masterpiece.

Themes for Different Age Groups:

Ages 7-10: Explore ‘Helping One Another’ Depict the beauty of collaboration and kindness through your art. Whether it’s a heartwarming scene of friends working together or a community coming together, let your creativity shine a light on the power of helping one another.

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Ages 11-14: Delve into ‘Making The World A Kinder Place’ Envision a world filled with compassion and kindness. Your art can inspire positive change and showcase a vision of a world where empathy and understanding prevail.

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Exciting Prizes Await:

The thrill doesn’t end with just showcasing your creativity. Winners and runners-up in each age group have the chance to win fabulous prizes, including:

  • Cash Rewards: A generous reward awaits those whose creativity stands out.
  • Exclusive Campus Tours: Immerse yourself in the creative environment with an exclusive tour of renowned art and design campuses.
  • Virtual Workshops from NID: Learn from the best! Winners will have the opportunity to attend virtual workshops conducted by the National Institute of Design, a prestigious institution in the world of design education.

How To Register?

  1. Click on ‘Register,’ add your phone number, and fill in the OTP.
  2. Fill in the “Submission Type” and attach your creative file.
  3. Need guidance? Check out the sample submission here.

Let Your Creativity Shine!

Axis Bank Splash 2023-24 is not just an event; it’s a celebration of creativity and imagination. We encourage you to let your artistic expressions flow freely and be a part of this inspiring journey.

Don’t miss the chance to make a splash with your creativity! Register now and be a part of a community that celebrates the beauty of art, kindness, and imagination.

We can’t wait to see your masterpieces!

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