16 Patriotic ideas and take away for Independence day crafts or Republic day crafts

Spark the patriotic spirit in kids with ingenious Independence Day crafts! Get ready for a mess-free, fun-filled celebration with brilliant takeaway keepsakes. Let’s create cherished memories together!

Feeling that mix of excitement and dread as Independence Day approaches, aren’t you? I know, it’s that time of the year again when you gear up to celebrate your country’s freedom with those adorable little beings we call kids. And let’s be real, while the thought of their smiling faces engrossed in crafts warms your heart, the chaos and constant cleanup might also be setting off some alarm bells in your head!

Picture this: you’ve meticulously planned a craft activity for the little ones, and the moment you pull out the paints and papers, it’s like a mini paint explosion in your living room. “Uh-oh,” you might think, “this is going to be a looong day.”

Believe me, I’ve been there too. We all want to foster that patriotic spirit in our children, but sometimes it feels like the mess is taking over the mission!

But guess what? You’re not alone in this rollercoaster of emotions. It’s completely natural to have mixed feelings about these crafty celebrations. The thrill of creating lasting memories with the kids is met with the reality of managing the aftermath. And let me tell you, it’s okay to feel that way!

Now, here’s the good news – I’ve got your back! This blog post is all about crafting ingenious Independence Day ideas that not only ignite the patriotic fire in their little hearts but also come with a brilliant takeaway twist. So, worry not, my friend! Together, we’ll navigate through the paint splatters and glitter storms to create cherished keepsakes that’ll make this Independence Day truly memorable.

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So, are you ready to unleash the crafts, make some magical memories, and dive into a world of creativity? Let’s begin our adventure right here, right now!

Stay tuned for ingenious ideas that will make this Independence Day a blast, minus the mess. Let’s craft our way to an unforgettable celebration!

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16 Patriotic Craft Ideas: Creative Takeaways for Independence Day and Republic Day

As India gears up to celebrate its 76th Independence Day on 15th August, it’s the perfect time to engage children in crafting activities that will foster a sense of patriotism and appreciation for their country’s history.

Let’s embark on a creative journey with kids and explore some fantastic “Takeaway” craft ideas that not only provide entertainment but also serve as memorable keepsakes of this special occasion.

Tricolored Paper Flags:

Materials needed: Craft paper in saffron, white, and green, craft sticks, glue, scissors.


  • Cut the craft paper into rectangular strips of the same size in the three colors of the Indian flag (saffron, white, and green).
  • Help the kids glue each strip onto a craft stick, creating their very own tricolored paper flags.
  • Wave the flags with pride during Independence Day celebrations, and kids can take them home as keepsakes.

India’s Map Collage:

Materials needed: India’s map printout, colored paper, child-safe scissors, glue stick.


  • Print out a simple outline map of India.
  • Provide kids with colored paper and let them cut out various shapes representing different states.
  • Help them glue these shapes onto the map, creating a colorful collage of India’s diverse states.
  • Encourage kids to learn about each state’s unique culture and heritage as they create their masterpieces.

Independence Day Bracelets:

Materials needed: Tri-colored beads (saffron, white, and green), elastic string.


  • Give each child a length of elastic string and a bowl of tri-colored beads.
  • Guide them to string the beads onto the elastic in the order of the Indian flag’s colors.
  • Tie the ends securely to create bracelets that kids can proudly wear as a symbol of unity and freedom.

Patriotic Handprint Flag:

Materials needed: White paper, watercolors, paintbrush, pencil.


  • Help the kids trace their handprints on a sheet of white paper using a pencil.
  • Once the handprints are drawn, provide them with watercolors to fill in the Indian flag’s colors.
  • Let the artwork dry, and kids can take home their personalized patriotic handprint flags.

Independence Day Memory Booklet:

Materials needed: Colored construction paper, stapler, markers, photographs of significant Indian landmarks.


  • Help kids cut the colored construction paper into smaller squares and stack them together.
  • Create a booklet by stapling the squares along one edge.
  • Assist kids in drawing and writing about their favorite Indian landmarks or historical figures.
  • Include photographs of iconic Indian places to make the booklet more visually appealing.
  • Each child will have a unique memory booklet to cherish the Independence Day celebrations.

Freedom Fighter Paper Puppets:

Materials needed: Colored paper, craft sticks, markers, scissors, glue.


  • Provide kids with various colored papers and ask them to draw and cut out shapes representing famous Indian freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Subhash Chandra Bose, etc.
  • Help them attach the paper cutouts to craft sticks using glue to create puppet figures.
  • Encourage the children to use these puppets to enact short skits or retell stories of India’s struggle for independence.

Indian Flag Sun Catcher:

Materials needed: Transparent plastic sheet, tricolored tissue paper (saffron, white, and green), glue, string.


  • Cut the transparent plastic sheet into the shape of the Indian flag (rectangular).
  • Provide kids with small pieces of tricolored tissue paper and let them glue these pieces onto the plastic sheet.
  • Once the flag is complete, punch a hole at the top and attach a string to hang it by the window.
  • The colorful sun catcher will brighten up the room and remind kids of the significance of Independence Day.

National Emblem Stamping:

Materials needed: Potato, knife, craft paper, acrylic paint, shallow dish.


  • Cut a potato in half and carve the Ashoka Chakra (India’s national emblem) onto the flat surface using a knife.
  • Pour some acrylic paint into a shallow dish and dip the carved potato in it.
  • Show the kids how to use the potato stamp to print the Ashoka Chakra onto craft paper.
  • Let them create their unique patterns and designs using the stamp.

Patriotic Wind Chimes:

Materials needed: Metal or paper plates, paint, bells, string, hole puncher.


  • Paint the metal or paper plates with the colors of the Indian flag (saffron, white, and green).
  • Once the paint dries, punch holes around the edges of the plates.
  • Attach bells to strings and thread them through the holes in the plates to create a wind chime.
  • Hang the wind chime near a window or outdoors, and let the soothing chime sounds remind kids of India’s freedom.

Independence Day Collage:

Materials needed: Magazines, newspapers, scissors, glue, large paper or cardboard.


  • Provide kids with old magazines and newspapers and ask them to search for pictures and headlines related to Indian history, culture, and freedom.
  • Help them cut out these images and arrange them on a large paper or cardboard to create an Independence Day collage.
  • Encourage the kids to share what each image represents and how it connects to the theme of Independence Day.

Independence Day Crown:

Materials needed: Colored craft paper (saffron, white, and green), scissors, glue, stapler, decorations (sequins, stickers, etc.).


  • Cut long strips of colored craft paper and help kids staple them together to form a crown that fits their head.
  • Let them decorate the crown with sequins, stickers, or any other craft supplies they like.
  • The crown can have the colors of the Indian flag, and you can add a small paper flag in the center.

Unity in Diversity Collage:

Materials needed: Magazines, newspapers, colored paper, scissors, glue, large paper or cardboard.


  • Guide kids to find images that represent the diversity of India’s culture, traditions, and people from old magazines and newspapers.
  • Help them cut out these images and arrange them on a large paper or cardboard to create a “Unity in Diversity” collage.
  • Encourage discussions about the importance of unity and respecting diversity in the country.

Patriotic Tambourine:

Materials needed: Paper plates, small bells, paint, paintbrush, stapler.


  • Provide kids with paper plates and let them paint the plates with patriotic colors.
  • Once the paint dries, help them staple small bells around the edges of two plates, keeping the bells on the inside.
  • Staple the two plates together to create a patriotic tambourine that kids can shake during celebrations.

Tricolor Friendship Bands:

Materials needed: Thread or yarn in saffron, white, and green colors.


  • Cut three equal-length pieces of thread or yarn in saffron, white, and green colors.
  • Show kids how to braid the three threads together to create a tricolor friendship band.
  • They can gift these bands to their friends and family as a symbol of unity and friendship.

These craft ideas will add a creative touch to the Independence Day celebrations, and kids will enjoy engaging in these activities while learning about the importance of this historic occasion. Have a wonderful Independence Day filled with joy, pride, and creativity!

As we wrap up our colorful and creative journey through Independence Day crafts for kids, it’s time to gear up for a truly unforgettable celebration. With these ingenious ideas and mess-free takeaway keepsakes, you’ll have the perfect blend of fun and learning for the young ones. So, let’s paint, glue, and craft our way to a memorable Independence Day!

Don’t forget to share the joy of crafting with fellow parents and teachers, and let them in on the secret to a mess-free celebration. Together, we can inspire the next generation with a deep appreciation for our country’s history and the spirit of freedom.

Get your craft supplies ready, set up the creative station, and watch the magic unfold. And hey, if you come up with your unique twists to these craft ideas, don’t hesitate to share them with others too!

Now, it’s time to embark on your crafty adventure. Let the kids’ imagination soar as they create their own patriotic masterpieces. So what are you waiting for? Let the crafting begin!

Share your fun creations with us by tagging us on instagram at @sharingourexperiences. We can’t wait to see your artistic talents in action! Happy Independence Day!

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