How to make Paper Heart Bird Craft for kids – Easy and so cute!

This paper heart Bird craft for kids is so cute and easy! Its a great Valentine day, Easter or spring craft for kids. All you need is papers, glue and a scissor so can be made with materials easily available at home. 

Today I am going to talk about how we (my toddler who is a little over two years old and me) made these colorful birds using circle and hearts (colored paper cut out in Heart and circle shape).

This is a cut and paste craft, easy enough for toddlers. You can also involve preschoolers and older kids in this craft as they can cut and paste shapes on their own.

If you believe its too early to introduce crafts to your kid, do read why I feel doing activities with our kids at an early stage is important for their growth development.

We have a balcony at the front of my house where we keep food and water for birds. So everyday you can see some birds sitting there – eating, drinking and chirping.  Somehow the sound of a bird chirping is a very happy sound and we love it .

So this time we decided to make cute smiling birds and tried some different shapes to make this easy bird craft. It was really a fun craft for me and my toddler.

So let us get back to the main topic, how to make a DIY Cute bird craft for toddlers and preschoolers.

Craft supplies required to make Easy Paper Heart Bird Craft for kids

  • Material required to make easy birds craft
    • Coloured construction or chart papers (Yellow, Purple, Blue, Red)
    • Glue stick/Fevicol
    • Black and white construction or chart paper for eye, you can also use a Googly Eye
    • Red construction paper for beaks
    • A pair of scissors

How to make Paper Heart Bird Craft for kids

Make body of birds

Cut four circle or oval shapes (two small and two big) from the yellow and purple construction paper, this will serve as the body of the birds.

Make wings of bird

Cut two pair of heart shapes of equal size from the purple paper and blue paper for wings of birds.

Make Nose

Cut two small diamond shapes from red paper and fold it into half for making bird’s nose.

Make eyes of birds

Cut small round shape from black paper for eyes of birds, if you want you can use googly eyes as well.

Note – For toddlers and kids who have not yet learnt how to use scissors,  you will need to do the cut out and you can take their help in pasting. For older kids they can cut shapes on their own.

Make Paper Birds by pasting

Sit with your toddler and take his help in applying glue stick and stick these coloured shapes (circle and heart) to make the bird’s body. In the beginning you can help him out but soon he will turn into a professional and would like to do everything himself.

While pasting keep discussing the shapes, body parts of bird and colors with your toddler. You can talk to him and ask him questions like – where are bird’s hands  or wings?  Shall we stick bird’s eyes ? You can sing a rhyme.

Two little dickie birds sitting on a wallOne named Peter, one named Paul.Fly away Peter! Fly away Paul!Come back Peter! Come back Paul!


I saw a little bird go hop, hop, hop, I told the little bird to stop, stop, stop.
I went to the window to say ‘How do you do?’
He wagged his little tail and far away he flew!

For popular rhymes you may want to look at Ten Favourite Rhymes for kids.

Your DIY cute birds craft using circle and hearts constructional paper cut outs is ready .. 

Paper Heart bird crafts for kids

Its a very cheap and easy to make craft so I think we will more of these birds soon. Do make this Paper heart bird craft with your toddler or preschooler and let us know how it turned out

You can stick a popsicle stick to it and use it as a puppet or just weave a story around these cute birds and use it as prop. You can paste it on wall of your kid’s room or just use it for free play.

Bird Puppet for kids

Why this cut and paste bird craft is good for your child’s development

Do you know apart from keeping your kid engaged, these crafts and activities help your child in his growth and development and give you learning moments to introduce various concepts?

The bird craft above helps your child in

  • Improving Fine motor skills
  • Improving hand eye coordination
  • Increasing Concentration and the ability to sit for some time to finish a task

Doing this bird craft together gives you moments to

  • Teach colors to your child
  • Teach shapes to you child
  • Introduce rhymes to kids
  • Introduce him to what are birds

If you are looking for more ideas on how to keep your child engaged do check out more of the kids crafts and activities.

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  1. What cute little birds! And this is such an easy tutorial! Thank you so much for sharing <3

  2. Love the colors and the charming, yet simple craft items.

  3. What a wonderful and easy DIY for kids to engage creatively. I am definitely trying this out with my toddler.

    • Thank you so much Kavita, Please do try and let us know how the bird craft turned out and did you have fun in the process 🙂

  4. Very simple and creative Paper heart bird craft..

  5. This is such a cute birdie.. Nice activity for motor development in toddlers.

    • Thank you so much Aesha. Thanks to these activities my son’s preschool teacher said that his fine motor skills are quite developed for his age. Nothing could have made me happier than that comment 🙂

  6. Very interesting and useful blog in Kids craft. Craft was never a great hobby for me. Yet i guess you have made it look so easy there. thanks for this interesting blog.

    • Thanks Sudha 🙂 .. Somehow I have loved crafts and now after becoming a mom have started enjoying doing Kid’s crafts with my toddler. I am glad you liked this bird craft idea. Thanks for stopping by and would love to stay connected ..

  7. this a great DIY bird craft and easy to do too. sadly meera is slightly small for this. but ill definitely try it when she grows up a little.

    • Thanks a lot Danisha :-).. Waiting for Meera to grow up and would love to see what she makes . Meanwhile you can enjoy doing other kids activities with her like finger printing, hand painting :-). Its fun to see those little hand prints after your kid grow up.

  8. I always love your DIYs with your kiddo. Though the tasks are easy but important is to have an idea of what to do..and you are great at it…

    • Thank you so much Anubhuti. could not have said it any better :-). I too love doing these easy DIYs because most of them are child led. For e.g. if my son shows interest in bird we make a bird, if he likes dogs we make a dog and so on :-). It a great way to spend some time together 🙂

  9. Too cute, and yes – you can most certainly start doing crafts with very young toddlers. Enjoy the challenge!

    • Thank you so much Shirley 🙂 .. Yes we started with crafts very early and these easy DIYs helped me introduce many objects and many concepts to my little one 🙂

  10. Wow, that’s a nice and easy idea for a craft project. My daughter is 5 years old and will definitely try this with her. Following your blog!

  11. I liked how you incorporatedteachable learning and conversation in a craft project. Kids learn fast when we teach them in a playful manner.

    • Thank you so much Alpana. Yes I love that. Rather when I am doing something with my so I focus on giving him an exposure to something rather than aim for teaching him.

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