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How to make a quick easy paper kite for kids

Today I am going to talk about how to make an easy paper kite for kids. have you ever tried to make a kite at home? If no, then please check it below. You can make this  super cool kite with your kids, and it can be a good decoration idea too. (Disclaimer: This kite doesn’t fly..)

This kite craft is so easy that you can also involve your toddler and preschooler in making this paper kite.

The season of kite flying has started and my little one has observed a lot of kites being flown around our place. I can not buy the flying one for her since she is too small and can get hurt by the string. And she wasn’t really interested in flying one. She just wanted to own one.

So I decided to make a good homemade kite for her instead.. And the best part was that the procedure was so easy. She was all ready to get started and start making her own simple kite..

So here goes a simple tutorial on how to make a simple colourful kite from paper and Popsicle sticks

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Materials needed to make a easy paper kite for kids

  • 4 Popsicle sticks ( I used the colored one)
  • Colored paper..( I have used a printed craft sheet )
  • Some strips of colorful paper. .you can use old magazines for this.
  • And a glue stick.

Step by Step Process to make a creative kite with Paper and Popsicle Sticks

Stick together the popsicles in diamond shape (as shown) to make a kite shape..

DIY kite frame

Make Paper Kite’s Body

Stick the square craft paper as shown to form the body of the kite.

body of the DIY kite

Make Paper Kite’s Tail

Cut a paper triangle and stick it at the bottom of kite body (from above) to make the tail of kite.
Also Cut out two strips ( I have used a green paper for it) – one slightly curved and one straight to form the kite holder ( which is usually made out of sticks).

DIY kite

Use the paper strips to decorate your kite as shown.

Your easy paper kite for kids is ready.

DIY kite

This is a really easy and fun Kite making craft for toddlers, preschoolers and younger kids. You can make this easy paper kite along with your kids on Makar Sankranti, Independence day or Republic day.

Hope you have liked this DIY paper kite and will make one soon for your kid or with your kid.

Stay tuned to author’s page for more such updates.

Where to buy Popsicle sticks and other materials to make Paper kite for kids

Many people ask me where do I buy material for doing crafts, I usually get them from local market or Amazon. So here is a carefully curated list of craft materials that you can use for this Popsicle sticks craft from various stores. Choose the best deal

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How to make a quick easy paper kite for kids

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