Best Diwali Crafts for Preschoolers: Sparking Creativity and Culture

Discover Simple & Engaging Diwali Crafts for Preschoolers! Ignite Creativity & Cultural Learning. Get Inspired Now!

In the whirlwind of parenthood and teaching, the pursuit of meaningful, educational, and above all, captivating activities for preschoolers is a constant challenge.

The approach of Diwali, a festival that resonates with vibrant traditions and resplendent celebrations, beckons the need for engaging crafts that encompass cultural learning and creative expression. The quest for age-appropriate Diwali crafts, often laden with concern about complexity and mess, can leave parents and teachers feeling overwhelmed.

That’s where we come in to alleviate your worries, offering a treasure trove of immersive, simple, and inspiring Diwali craft ideas tailor-made for preschoolers.

We understand the need for age-appropriate, engaging activities that both celebrate the festival and spark the little one’s creativity.

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Let’s embark on a journey that ignites joy, fosters cultural understanding, and ensures that this Diwali is a memorable and enlightening experience for both educators and parents.

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Best Diwali Crafts for Preschoolers

Diwali, the festival of lights, is a time of joy, celebration, and togetherness. For parents and teachers, it’s an opportunity to introduce the rich traditions and vibrant colors of Diwali to preschoolers. Crafting is a wonderful way to do this, as it engages young minds while also fostering an appreciation for the festival’s significance.

Here’s a list of detailed Diwali crafts tailored for preschoolers, making it an enjoyable and educational experience:


Handprint Diyas:

  • Materials: Non-toxic paint, paper, markers, stickers.
  • How to make: Apply non-toxic paint on your child’s hand and have them make a handprint on paper, creating a Diya shape. Enhance it with markers and stickers to add a personal touch.
Decorate diwali diya with kids

Rangoli with Colored Salt:

  • Materials: Glue, colored salt, paper or cardstock.
  • How to make: Encourage kids to use glue to craft beautiful rangoli patterns on paper and sprinkle colored salt over the glue lines to add a touch of color and sparkle.
Rangoli designs Dussehra Diwali Indian festivals

Diwali Greeting Cards:

  • Materials: Pre-cut Diya or firework shapes, construction paper, glue, markers, stickers.
  • How to make: Let your little ones glue the pre-cut shapes onto folded construction paper to design their own unique Diwali greeting cards. Add a heartfelt message to complete the craft.

Paper Plate Diyas:

  • Materials: Paper plates, paint, glitter, sequins, stickers.
  • How to make: Begin by painting paper plates with vibrant colors. After drying, decorate them with glitter, sequins, and stickers. Don’t forget to add a flame-shaped piece of construction paper on top.

Diwali Sparkler Art:

  • Materials: Straws, liquid paint.
  • How to make: Hand kids straws and let them blow liquid paint onto paper to create a beautiful display of Diwali fireworks. The unique patterns they create will be a joy to behold.

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Firework crafts for kids

Diwali Candle Stamping:

  • Materials: Toilet paper rolls, paint, paper.
  • How to make: Dip the bottom of a toilet paper roll into paint and stamp candle shapes on paper. Afterward, use markers and stickers to embellish the candles.

Diwali Sweets Craft:

  • Materials: Playdough or clay, beads, buttons.
  • How to make: Shape playdough into traditional Indian sweets like laddoos and barfis. Enhance their appearance by adding beads or buttons, turning them into delightful treats.

Paper Lanterns:

  • Materials: Pre-cut paper lantern templates, markers, yarn.
  • How to make: Provide children with pre-cut paper lantern templates and let them use markers to add color and design. Once they’ve finished, assist them in folding and assembling the lanterns. Attach a yarn handle for an authentic lantern feel.

Diyas with Playdough:

  • Materials: Playdough, beads, buttons.
  • How to make: Encourage preschoolers to create small Diya shapes using playdough. After shaping, they can decorate the Diyas with colorful beads and buttons, giving them a delightful, personalized touch.

Diwali Storytelling Craft:

Materials: Diwali storybooks, paper, coloring materials. – How to make: Engage the children in a Diwali story session. Following the storytelling, encourage them to draw or color pictures inspired by the narrative. This creative exercise helps them visualize the tales and learn about the festival.

Henna Hands with Markers:

Materials: Washable markers. – How to make: Emulate the intricate designs of traditional henna tattoos by using washable markers on children’s hands or paper cutouts. They can create beautiful patterns and experiment with different colors.

Rice Rangoli:

Materials: Glue, colored rice, paper plates. – How to make: Guide children in using glue to create simple rangoli patterns on paper plates, then sprinkle colored rice over the glue lines. This tactile activity introduces them to a traditional art form.

Bubble Wrap Fireworks:

Materials: Bubble wrap, paint, paper. – How to make: Cut bubble wrap into small circles, dip them in paint, and press them onto paper to create a stunning fireworks display. This sensory craft is both fun and visually appealing.

Glittery Diya Decorations:

Materials: Pre-made Diya shapes, glue, glitter. – How to make: Let preschoolers apply glue and sprinkle glitter on pre-made Diya shapes, making them glisten like real oil lamps. This craft emphasizes the essence of light in Diwali.

Diwali Pom-Pom Art

Materials: Pom-poms, glue. – How to make: Encourage children to express their creativity by sticking colorful pom-poms onto paper to create vibrant and textured Diwali-themed art.

Diwali Mask Making:

Materials: Plain masks, stickers, feathers, markers, sequins. – How to make: Provide children with plain masks and a variety of craft materials to decorate them in Diwali themes. This activity allows them to embrace the festival’s spirit and express themselves artistically.

Diwali Fruit Kabobs:

Materials: Assorted colorful fruit, wooden skewers. – How to make: Create edible “fruit kabobs” by threading colorful fruit pieces onto wooden skewers, mimicking the vibrant hues of Diwali. This craft introduces children to the concept of sweets and treats during the festival.

Diwali Playdough Creations:

Materials: Homemade playdough (in various colors), cookie cutters. – How to make: Offer children different colors of playdough and cookie cutters in Diya and firework shapes. They can sculpt and decorate their own festival-themed creations.

Ribbon Dancing Sticks:

Materials: Wooden sticks, colorful ribbons. – How to make: Attach colorful ribbons to the end of wooden sticks, creating “firework” sticks that children can twirl and dance with to celebrate Diwali.

Diwali Colorful Lanterns:

Materials: Colored paper, scissors, glue, and markers. – How to make: Help children create simple lanterns by folding and cutting colored paper. They can then decorate the lanterns with markers and add a small flame cutout at the center.

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Diwali Crafts Lantern/Lamp/Light

Diwali Paper Plate Rangoli:

Materials: Paper plates, markers, and colored paper. – How to make: Have kids draw rangoli patterns on paper plates using markers. They can also cut out colorful paper shapes and glue them onto the plate to complete the rangoli design.

Diwali Collage Art:

Materials: Old magazines, scissors, glue, and construction paper. – How to make: Encourage children to cut out pictures of Diwali-related items from old magazines and create a collage on construction paper. This activity combines art with fine motor skills.

Diwali Tissue Paper Lamps:

Materials: Tissue paper, glue, and construction paper. – How to make: Show kids how to create small tissue paper lanterns by folding and gluing layers of tissue paper. Add a construction paper handle to complete the look.

Diwali Firework Wands:

Materials: Wooden dowels, colored ribbons, and glitter glue. – How to make: Attach colorful ribbons to the top of wooden dowels to create firework wands. Kids can use glitter glue to add sparkling designs to the ribbons.

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Diwali Scented Playdough:

Materials: Scented playdough (store-bought or homemade) and cookie cutters. – How to make: Offer children scented playdough, which can evoke the aroma of traditional Diwali treats. They can use cookie cutters to create Diya and firework shapes.

Diwali Paper Diya Garland:

Materials: Paper, markers, string, and glue. – How to make: Have children draw and cut out Diya shapes from colored paper. Attach these Diyas to a string to create a festive paper Diya garland.

Diwali Sand Art:

Materials: Colored sand, glue, and cardboard. – How to make: Let kids create colorful Diwali designs on cardboard using glue and colored sand. This tactile craft allows them to explore texture and patterns.

Diwali Cereal Art:

Materials: Cheerios or other round cereal, glue, and construction paper. – How to make: Have children use cereal pieces to create Diya and rangoli designs on construction paper with glue. This is a fun and edible craft!

Diwali Sun Catchers:

Materials: Transparent plastic sheets, markers, and ribbon. – How to make: Encourage children to draw Diwali designs on transparent plastic sheets with markers. Once complete, attach ribbons for hanging, and these sun catchers will beautifully capture the light.

Diwali Clay Sculptures:

Materials: Air-dry clay and simple sculpting tools. – How to make: Allow children to sculpt small Diya, rangoli, or firework shapes from air-dry clay. Once dry, they can paint and decorate their creations.

Crafting Diwali Memories!

As we reach the end of this creative journey, we hope you’ve found these engaging Diwali crafts for preschoolers both illuminating and inspiring. Diwali, the festival of lights, is an opportunity to not only explore the beauty of cultural traditions but also to nurture the imaginative minds of the little ones.

So, let’s get crafty and create cherished Diwali memories together! Whether you’re a parent or teacher, take the time to dive into these joyful activities with your preschoolers. Encourage them to embrace the colors, patterns, and symbolism of this incredible festival.

The art of crafting is a gateway to learning, sharing, and bonding. This Diwali, make it memorable for your little ones. Give them the gift of creativity and cultural awareness.

Now, it’s your turn to embark on this creative journey. Explore these crafts, celebrate Diwali with your preschoolers, and let the joy and knowledge flourish.

Happy Diwali! 🪔✨ Share your Diwali crafting experiences and creations with us!

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