Check out how to make these easy firework crafts for kids. I am sure this would help you to spend some fun time together. Check out the free step by step pictures tutorials

Paper fire rocket tutorial with tissue rolls

This craft will make a beautiful dangler. You can make multiple rockets and hang it on a cardboard cake base with help of a string or simply stick it on a wall with two-sided tape will also work

Supplies needed to make Rocket craft

  • Tissue roll
  • Different coloured craft papers
  • Glue and scissors

How to make Rocket craft

Take a tissue roll cut it from the mid section

How to make easy firework rocket craft with papers

Cover it with a craft paper of your choice

On another craft paper cut a circle with 4cm radius and make a cone out of it as shown in picture

Stick it on one end of tissue roll

fire cracker
fire cracker

Stick it at base as shown in picture. Decorate it as you wish

fire cracker

2D Cupcake liner fire crackers

Your kid is definitely going to love this one, because there is painting, cutting and sticking. This would make a great wall poster for your kids room

Supplies needed to make cup cake liner craft

  • Cupcake liners
  • Poster Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Black color paper

How to make cup cake liner craft ( step by step picture tutorials)

1. Take a cupcake liner, let your child paint it randomly from inside.

2. Repeat the same for two more cupcake liners.

3. Let it dry.

4. Cut it as shown in picture

5. Paste it on the black colour paper. Use silver color pen or sparkle to make a trail of sky rocket and buildings outline

6. Your smoke free sky rockets are ready

Note : Use blunt end scissors for kids (Child friendly scissors)

fire cracker craft with cup cake liners
fire cracker craft with cup cake liners
fire cracker craft with cup cake liners
fire cracker craft with cup cake liners

Paint sky rocket craft for kids

Material needed to make sky rocket paint craft for kids

1. Light color or plane A4 size paper
2. A straw
3. Poster paints
4. A plastic tub with wide mouth
5. Stickers or sparkle to decorate

fire cracker craft via painting with straws

How to make sky rocket paint craft for kids

1.  Cut the straw as shown in the picture.

2. Take a tub and add different color paints.

3. Dip the straw in paint and press it on the  paper as shown in the picture

4. Dip and press 4-5 times until you get a skyrocket kind of pattern.

5. Let it dry…and your environmentally friendly rockets are ready. You can decorate it with stars and sparkle as you wish…it looks pretty without it also

Note : Don’t worry if there is paint splashing in the paper, because this will give it a better result.

Step by Step picture tutorial for fire cracker paint craft

fire cracker

Crackling paper fire stick craft

With the new year all most here, let’s make some smoke free firecrackers. My kids love this especially my 1-year-old son and I am sure your kids will love making it too.

Materials needed to make Crackling paper fire stick craft

1. Neon color craft paper
2. Two Straws
3. Glue and tape to stick
4. Blunt end scissors for kids

How to make Crackling paper fire stick craft

1. Cut 10×18 cm 3 craft paper

fire cracker
fire cracker

2. Fold it

fire cracker

3. Cut strips midway as shown in picture

pom poms

4. Cut it into half as shown in picture

pom poms

5. Wrap it around a straw as shown in picture.

pom poms
pom poms
pom poms
pom poms
pom poms

6 . Open the frills and and your crackling hand fire stick is ready

pom poms
pom poms

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