Valentines Day Heart shaped Dog craft

Today I am going to talk about how I made a heart shaped dog craft with my toddler. This is a very easy dog craft idea for Valentines day.

My toddler loves dogs. He calls them boo-boo because of their barking. To think of it, it was probably one of the first words he started speaking apart from mama papa of course.

So when I asked him do you want to make a boo-boo today ? He was more than happy.

For those who are reading my blog for the first time. My toddler and me, we try to do one activity everyday. Nowadays its winters time so we stick to DIY cut and paste crafts as they are good for improving fine motor skills and eye hand co-ordination. Also I use the time we spend together to introduce him to colours, shapes , animals, rhymes based on what we are making.

So coming back to topic, this is the heart shaped dog craft that we made.

Dog using hearts

Materials Required to make a DIY cut and paste Dog Craft

  • Coloured papers (Brown, Black and Red)
  • Glue stick\Fevicol
  • A pair of scissors

Process to make a heart shaped Dog Craft

First make Dog’s head and Body

Cut out a heart and an oval from brown paper. This will serve as Doggies head and body.

Then make Dog’s ears

Cut out 2 narrow hearts of same size from black paper . This will serve as Doggies ears.

Make Dog’s hands

Cut out 2 broad hearts of same size using Black paper. This will be used as Doggies hands.

Finally make the heart and Dog’s tongue

Using Red colored paper, cut out a heart and shape of Tongue.

Paste all the above to make an easy dog craft

Stick all the above cut outs as shown below. Then make eyes using white and black paper. Finally use a black marker pen for final touches.

That’s it actually, your heart shaped Dog craft is ready.

Dog using hearts

You can make this easy paper craft around Valentine’s day or any other day when its too cold, rainy or hot to go outside. Its an excellent indoor craft.

My son is in love with this and I am so happy.

Moreover I am planning to use it a dog finger puppet or a prop when singing “Old McDonald had a farm”

Note - For toddlers and kids who have not yet learnt how to use scissors,  you will need to do the cut out and you can take their help in pasting.

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