10 ways how motherhood has changed me & my perspective for life

From someone who wondered why people have kids to someone who wonders why didn’t I have one before ? Motherhood has changed me a lot in the past three years after becoming a mom.

Motherhood is a life changing experience and believe me no book, no movie , no advice or no words can prepare you for what lies ahead. There are some things you understand only after you have experienced them. Motherhood is EXACTLY that ..

It as if your whole world changes and more importantly who you are, what you believe in, what you like, how you look like and everything else changes. No wonder people say that being a mom is like being reborn.

Its difficult to put into words how I have changed after becoming a mommy.

So here are few points I could collate to talk about How motherhood has changed me or my perspective towards life

I make a conscious effort to not judge people

Only the wearer know where the shoe pinches.

I had heard this many times. But this is something I have become much more conscious of after becoming a mom. I used to unknowingly judge other people specially moms before I was a parent.

But now I actually make an effort to not judge people. We can never know what are their situations, what is driving them to do things they do.

Of course every mom wants best for her kid. So there is no point judging.

Before I became a mom I had a very fixed view on how things should be done. But now I have come to accept that different people may make different choices based on their situation and there is no ONE right way of doing things. So to each its own.

I have come to realize that one of the most underrated virtue in today’s world is – Kindness. Wish to see more kindness in the world and want to be more kind to others.

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Have become very emotional.

Oh yes!  That is a big change in me. I have definitely developed some new tear glands.

Before becoming a mom, I used to wonder why moms cry so much in movies. But I am exactly in the same situation right now.

And I am accepting it here and saying this out loud for all moms who are reading it – You are not alone.

If you are reading this and have become much more emotional or feel like crying at small things, then don’t worry there are other moms just like you (including me) and in the same boat.

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Have gone from size small to size Large

There was a time when I could eat anything and still remain the same size. I could buy clothes without worrying how will they LOOK on ME. Gone are those days !

I had become huge during pregnancy, after that I have lost some weight but apart from tell tale signs on my body of an operation, I have changed physically in a lot more ways.

And to be honest I have accepted the new me.

It took me time to get used to being larger than I was. To understand what clothes to buy now (which by the way i am still figuring out). But I feel all this does not have as much meaning that it had then.

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My habits have changed dramatically

Earlier I used to eat to live. And I am not sure what exactly has changed and why ? But I have become a foodie.

Before becoming a mom, I used to sleep when given a chance, Now whenever I get few minutes, I think about what to write. I have actually cut down on my sleeping time so that I can do other things that I enjoy more.

Another thing that has changed is, I have started looking at food in terms of its healthiness quotient. Not that I don’t eat unhealthy. Of course at times I do! but  I am just mindful of the fact that I am eating unhealthy.

And another noticeable difference is that now you won’t find chips, biscuits and/or canned juices at our home. For someone who relied on these as quick snacks, now I make efforts to not introduce these food options to my toddler.

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I do not want to watch news

Nowadays, watching news reminds me what a grim world we are living in. There are crimes against kids – rape, sexual exploitation, murder, kidnapping and what not.

Before becoming a mom, these news did not impact me much. I used to be sad but not to an extent that I am now. Now every time I open a newspaper, I get scared for my kid.

I am scared when I send him to his playschool. I wonder where should I relocate to in order to give him an environment that is safe. Should I go outside India ? Even if I do that – we will still be outsiders on a foreign soil. What should I do to give him a pollution free environment? What can I do to feed him food that is unadulterated ?

These questions did not bother me till 3 years back. But nowadays, these questions are always lingering at the back of my mind.

Its as if my life and my heart is outside my body.

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Have learnt a lot and am still learning

I have read and learnt more in the last few years than I ever did. After becoming a mom you are a continuous learning curve. As your kid learns new things so do you.

I have analysed, researched, googled and experimented with almost everything you could think of after becoming a mom,From my son – Of yes! I have learnt a lot from my toddler. How to quickly forget things that don’t mater. How to find magic in little things  for e.g. the wonder in his eyes when he first saw that water comes from tap in case if you turn it around. How to love unconditionally. How the price of things don’t matter and so much more.

And with whatever I learnt, I continued trying to help people by sharing my experiences either via by writing blogs or answering their queries. So I can definitely say I have become much more helpful than I ever was.

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Honed multiple new skills

After becoming a mom I have started multi-tasking in ways that I never knew existed. With a toddler, a job and a passion of blogging I need to manage my time very well to be able to do multiple things.

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Another skill that I have learnt recently is negotiation. 

Babies and toddlers are the best managers I have seen in my life. I have done much more work than I ever did in office that too in exchange of a smile and a hug 🙂 ..

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I have reconnected with myself

I have reconnected with myself after becoming a mom.

I have started doing things that I loved, started taking pleasure in little moments in life and have been reintroduced to wonder and magic in my life (via the eyes of my toddler).

I had forgotten how much I liked writing while I was in school, had forgotten my love for plants and flowers and did not have time for painting and crafting.

Now I have started a blog where I write about whatever I learn during this journey of life, have my own space of green and flowers in my balcony, have a shelf full of crafts and activities that we (me and my toddler) do at home, and have a great family where we are creating memories everyday.

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I have made multiple new friends who actually are my support group for anything and everything.

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Have learned to live and experience life

Before becoming a mom I was going to the office, delivering multiple projects for my company, at times working on the weekends or after office hours. Of course, I was traveling and doing other things but I actually believed that going to the office and working was my life.

Even when I was expecting, my main worry was how will I spend time while I am on maternity leave ? And as a result had thought of starting a business or doing something different. I had actually told my manager that I will be back in 3 months.

And Do you know when did I rejoin office? AFTER 11 MONTHS and that too part time.

After becoming a mom, I realized that there is so much more to life than just going to office. I have experienced love, fear, and joy in the form which I never knew existed.

I love seeing my son grow and take pride in each and every milestone or accomplishments 🙂 ..

After becoming a mom I realized that going to office is a part of my life and I have a life and a world beyond that.

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I have become a better version of myself

I have become much calmer, more peaceful, accepting and much happier than I ever was. I have discovered a ‘new me’ who has loads of patience (as my husband reminds me – please note this patience is reserved only for my son).

I don’t get too much bothered by messy home, plans being changed and am able to take toddler tantrums and exhaustion in my stride.

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Being a mom has definitely made me a better version of myself. I am a happy mom who will not have my life in any other way.

That was my little piece on How I think I have changed after being a mother. There are many more moms who are sharing their stories.

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Do let me know in comments how Life has changed for you.

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  1. Beautifully written I must say, I have also gone very very emotional. It’s like I have become a weeper I can weep on every small thing.

  2. You nailed it dear. So many moms out there can actually connect with so many points. Yes, after becoming a mom a woman changes a lot, and we moms do our best to nurture our kids. Wonderful read.

    • Thank you so much Shweta. It means a lot to me 🙂 .. It seems all moms are on this wonderful journey in which they come across similar situations and still none of our journeys are same.

  3. Not watching news and getting scared with news is something which has happened to me after becoming mother I relate to every child and every mom now so true

    • Thanks Priyadarshini for stopping by. I think the world nowadays has become very scary. And it affects me a lot specially after becoming a mommy.

  4. I can connect to everything that you wrote Neha… and now a days I too don’t watch news and have unsubscribed from the websites that talk about unwanted news!

    • Thank you so much Harshala 🙂 and thank you so much for stopping by .. Good idea . I think even I should unsubscribe from few things. But to be honest I would rather like that everyone becomes kinder, the world becomes a better and safer place

  5. Too cute! You don’t want to read news anymore! But besides that, I am glad motherhood has gave you so many avenues to rediscover yourself.

    I am on the blog train as well and will be publishing my post on 25th of October!

    • Thank you so much dear 🙂 Yes its truly been a rediscovering myself experience for me so far. I have changed in ways I could have never imagined before. Look forward to reading how you have changed after becoming a mom.

  6. i know you and i know what a perfect parent you are. not only loving caring but also cautious and well informed. i dont watch the news too n like you said learn new skill. i cook! which is a big deal for me. we change for good that i m sure off but the changes happen too fast.

    • Dearest Danisha . Thanks for saying this but to be honest at time I feel I am far from perfect. Just managing to do my bits like all other moms out there 🙂 .. I try what I can.. and I so agree with you I have not mentioned it here but after becoming a mom even I have learnt cooking and believe me that;s a big change for me as well. Its like our entire life changes overnight after we have a baby

  7. Very true Neha, Motherhood is an experience you can never know until you become one. Then we become superwomen and then we come to know we really are great beings who are always in a zen mode around kid. It sure does change you totally

  8. This is so beautiful Neha. You have written everything with so honesty that shows how much you wanted to write on this topic. I loved #9. Motherhood is all about experiencing each day with the best gift that God has given us.

    • Thanks a lot Alpana 🙂 Yes I loved the topic because I have actually seen myself change. I feel bad for all the people I had judged before becoming a mom and want to remember and capture each and every moment of this beautiful journey

  9. Beautiful post Neha! I on the hand have become less emotional after attaining motherhood! I guess there is no set of rules here also -Right? 🙂

    • Thank you so much Udita 🙂 Absolutely dear. In motherhood there are absolutely no rules. we all try to do and be the best we can be

  10. What an insightful post on motherhood. Having reconnected with yourself is the awesome part of your motherhood journey. Stay blessed always. happy to join with you on this blog train.

    • Thank you so much Vasantha. I am glad to have come across you . And yes after becoming a mommy I have started doing what I loved which makes me wonder what was I doing for all these years

  11. It was wonderful reading about your Journey Neha. I too dread reading the news however at the same time I believe in empowering our kids to be ready to face the challenges that the world might throw at them.

  12. I totally understand the point where you say that you do not want to watch the news because of all the gruesome reports & heinous crimes. But I think stop watching is not an answer to that. We as parents need to prepare our kids to be careful & be able to protect themselves. Lovely article.

    • You are right Shalu. Wish I am able to prepare my kid for the times to come and the way world is turning out. But when I hear of certain incidents, I wonder what could have a kid done to protect himself or avoid it and I have no answer. Thank you so much for stopping by

  13. How amazing motherhood is! I agree it mould us to be a better version of ourselves and there are so much learning!

  14. Reply
    Akanksha Arora Sharma 2nd October 2017 at 10:27 am

    Could Connect the every word here Lovely. Very well written and very beautifully expressed♥️

  15. I love how you put in point form at the outset to get a quick glimpse of your learning through this journey… Very well put and one important wish made by you – more kindness in this world

  16. It’s just so ironic that after becoming moms, we have more time to do stuff… Shouldn’t it be the other way round? Lols… Love the way you add to your points by having the “read more” section.

    Jamie chaw

    • Thank you so much Jamie and yes it so true :-). I wonder what I did with my time before becoming a mom. I had lots of time but nothing to show for it. Where as now I have limited time and I love the way I spend it 🙂

  17. I loved how you have put so much thought into your Motherhood article. Not only was this post, well-written but I also appreciate how well organized your blog is. ❤️

  18. Oh yes !!! I could relate to so many things and feelings in your post Neha. I dread to read news too. It’s such a scary world out there, need to prepare our children so they have tie vigour to face the challenges of the new world that is emerging.

    It was lovely reading about your journey.

    • Thanks Aesha. I feel motherhood has changed mothers across the world in a similar manner.

      I feel all of us are facing this problem as the world is getting unkinder day by day. Hope the new generation turns out to be kinder and world safer.

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