How to Develop Healthy Eating Habits for kids

Easy tips to help your kids develop healthy eating habits

Healthy eating is essential for your kid’s overall health, but in today’s life kids became too addictive to junk food that it has replaced healthy food. And it’s really worrisome for every parent.

But you can’t compromise your kid’s health by allowing them to eat junk food regularly. So how to avoid your kid to become junk food lover? How to encourage your child to develop healthy eating habit?

So, let’s see what you can do to help your kids develop and learn healthy eating habits .

Start Early

You should inculcate habit of eating healthy in your kid at very early stage of his or her age. If you practice this habit at early age, chances are very high that junk food doesn’t attract your kid that much in longer run.

Generally parents don’t bother too much about starting early because they think that he or she is just a small kid and once they grow up they will understand benefits of healthy food . But here parents make a mistake. If you don’t teach your child the importance of nutrition at an early stage then how can you expect him to change his eating habits and eat healthy foods at a later stage?

Healthy food for kids starts with breakfast

Teach you kids to never skip a breakfast. Studies have shown kids who start their day with healthy breakfast everyday have better memory, more energy and score higher on tests.

Develop healthy breakfast habit in your kid by adding healthy food like curd, milk, cheese, eggs, sprouts, fresh juices, fruits, vegetables, nuts etc in their diet.

Never ever skip breakfast as it’s very essential for your kids overall health.

Develop healthy snacking habits

Try to develop healthy snacking habits to satisfy your kid’s hunger pangs between meals. Choose snacks for your child wisely that not only fulfill your ward’s hunger but also nutritious.

And avoid packed juices, soft drinks, sodas etc. as they all contains high level of sugar which can cause many health related problems.

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Prepare Healthy Lunches

You should also be alert while it comes to prepare lunchbox for school. Try innovative and healthy lunchbox recipes to make your ward’s eating habit healthy.

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Get kids Involved

Involve your kid when you are going for grocery shopping as it can help your to child to understand different kind of food. Help him understand food labels. Try to buy more fresh food, anything on the shelf is bound to have higher number of preservatives.

You should also involve your kid in cooking, so that he or she can understand the nutrition value of healthy food. When your child helps you in cooking, he or she will show more excitement to eat the food that made by with his or her help.

Don’t engage your child in TV or any other activity when eating

Don’t allow your kid to watch TV while having food as it will distract your kid from eating and lead to over eating as your kid can’t sense feeling of fullness.

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Some other tips for developing healthy eating habits in kids

For young kids, teach them how to use spoon and inculcate the habit of eating on their own.

Teach your child to eat his or her food slowly and also teach them to chew food for more time. Such kind of habit at early stage keeps your kid’s bowel movement healthy and prevents indigestion or other related problem in long run.

You should also encourage your child to drink more water as it can help to boost your child’s overall health.

Allow your kids to eat his or her favorite food occasionally. Don’t be too strict on your kid by not allowing him or her to eat such kind of junk food, otherwise it will lead your kid to get attracted more and more for such food. You should treat your kid once in a while.

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  1. We always try to incorporate healthy eating in our house. Now that we have teens, not so easy!

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