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We are what we eat so Eat Right Live Light.

Humble mother of kiddos don’t fail to realize that you are being watched at every action deed of yours – right from eating …thinking..till sleeping.

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We are what we eat so Eat Right Live Light.

Humble mother of kiddos don’t fail to realize that you are being watched at every action deed of ySo set a right example for your kids to follow. Don’t let the laziness creep into you dragging your self to a lazy morning  – stuffing the child with white bread and milk. Think and replace it with brown bread, yummy upma or Oats mini idly.

“Mom you will hit the gym after packing me off to school with a wholesome packet of chips and junkies. You are burning the calories mom, but you fail to realize that I am running short of energy to do my daily chores at school. The teacher’s lectures vanish above my head because my tummy chirps – it is short of the carbohydrates proteins fats.

You hit the coffee shops, hog at the kitties. End of the day you turn home too tired enough to make a presumptuous meal. You hit the kitchen make an immediate packed processed pasta and noodles. You stuff it so lovingly failing to realize that childhood is the root cause for disease like diabetes, heart disorders, obesity and anemia to erupt.

Dear mother you pack my bag with the time table. But have you realised that if you prepare prepare a timetable for my food meals, portion my plate with proper divisions of proteins, carbohydrates, fruits etc my brain and body will be super packed with all the essential nutrients !”

Small issues ignored often turn to be major disaster at the later stage.

Let us both together promise that you will be reflection and I shall copy you at every step of yours. I will eat the wholesome nutrient needed for my growth and you also follow the same. Mom let’s hold hands and deeply analyze our food plan and then prepare them with a tinge of love. Let us together work to drive away the monster of my dreams – the so called obesity from our lives.”ours – right from eating …thinking..till sleeping.

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