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Fish Making Through Leaf Etching

My kid loves painting. When I first introduced him finger painting he got so excited. After all painting gives him chance to explore and play with colours and he gets ready to spread the wings of his imagination skills.

We have tried so many painting methods and this time I decided to introduce him Leaf etching painting.  This painting helps in building the fine motor skills and sensory skills of kids. As my kid loves fish, we decide to make fish through leaf etching.

As it is an indoor activity thus can be easily done at any time during the day.

So this is a DIY Leaf Etching Painting.

Materials required to make a DIY Leaf Etching Painting

  • One White Paper
  • Colours ( Water Colours )
  • Paint Brush
  • Leaves

Process to make a DIY Leaf Etching Painting

Take one leaf and with the help of paint brush apply colour on one side of leaf.

Then leave a print of a leaf on the paper, tap it gently and remove it from paper.

Keep doing the same. You can choose any design of your choice.

For better results it is good to use one leaf for one colour. Let the colours dry for some time and then with the help of fine paint brush draw the outline to give it a perfect shape.

Your leaf etching painting is ready.

Don’t you find the activity interesting? Through this wonderful activity you can play and spend some quality time with your kid.

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