Colourful Fish using Hearts – Cut and Paste Activity For Kids

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Today I am going to talk about how we (My toddler and me) made a colorful fish using hearts (colored paper cut out in Heart shape).

This is a cut and paste craft, easy enough for toddlers. You can also involve older kids in this craft as they can cut and paste shapes on their own.


For those who are reading my blog for the first time. My toddler who is now two years old and me, we try to do something or the else together everyday. I am a believer in early learning and try to expose my little one to  different activities. We do DIY cut and paste crafts, sorting, stacking, transferring, reading, painting and most of the time even jumping and dancing .

My idea is to give him exposure, and there is no pressure involved as he is not expected to complete these activities. If he does not want to do then that’s fine with me. We pick up activities he shows interest in.

Also I use the time we spend together to get to know him, his interests and introduce him to colours, shapes , animals, rhymes based on what we are making.To know more please read why I think doing activities is good for our childs growth.

Usually our after dinner time starts with me asking a question what you want to do today. So yesterday he mentioned that he wants to make a fish.

So coming back to topic, this is a DIY cut and paste fish that we made.

colorful fish cut n paste activity

Materials Required to make a DIY Colorful Fish using Hearts (cut and paste Fish Craft)

  • Coloured papers (Yellow, Red, Blue, Purple)
  • Glue stick
  • Googly Eye
  • A pair of scissors

Process to make a DIY Colorful Fish using Hearts (cut and paste Fish Craft)

From the yellow paper cut out the shape of a fish. From the coloured papers cut out various small heart shapes.

Note – For toddlers and kids who have not yet learnt how to use scissors,  you will need to do the cut out and you can take their help in pasting. For older kids they can cut shapes on their own.

Sit with your toddler and let him stick these coloured hearts on the fish body. In the beginning you can help him out but soon he will turn into a professional and would like to do everything himself 🙂 ..

While you are sticking, talk about various colours for e.g. ask him what coloured heart do you want to stick now ? If he does not answer ask do you want this red heart ? Soon you will see he will start expressing his opinion.

Let him stick on his own even if the fish does not turn out perfect.

After the hearts are all there or your toddler loses interest. You can stick the googly eye on the fish.

Your fish is ready. 🙂 ..

You can add a popsicle stick to the base of the fish to turn it into a puppet or just sing rhymes or do free play.

Please remember it is not necessary to complete this activity in one go. You can even take more than one day to make your fish. Also you may not finish this activity at all. In some of our activities my toddler enjoys taking out the paper (after sticking them) or tearing them as well, which is again OK. As again they are exercising their little fingers and trying out different things 🙂 ..

Why this DIY cut and paste craft is good for your child’s development apart from keeping him engaged

These DIY cut and paste crafts  activities are good for :

  • Developing fine motor skills,
  • Improving eye hand co-ordination and
  • Introducing toddlers to colours and shapes.

Colourful Fish Craft - Cut and Paste activity for kids

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