14 Fun and Easy Easter crafts for kids

Check out these fun and easy Easter crafts for kids.  These simple craft ideas for Easter will not only keep your kids engaged but also is a great way of making memories and creating family traditions.

Doing crafts with kids is a great way to spend time together, and while doing these Easter egg craft or making an Easter bunny you could talk about why we celebrate Easter.

This list covers some crafts for making Easter baskets, some crafts for making Easter bunny and some for Easter chick. Some of these  are easy while some are good for older kids. Some of these are done with simple paper and some with old socks. So you can choose any craft idea based on what you have available or what your kids want to do for Easter.

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Fun and easy Easter crafts for kids

So here are some very easy Easter craft ideas that you can plan to do with kids.

Easter Wreath

The first thing that we decorate on any festival is our front door. So let us start with an Easter wreath.

This is a very simple Easter wreath made using colorful papers cut in the shape of an egg. This Easter egg wreath is an easy craft for kids young as toddlers. You can take their help in pasting the egg shaped cut outs to each other and then later use as satin ribbon for hanging it or making a bow.

Read full step by step tutorial on how to make Easter wreath.

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Easter Bunny using Socks

Who doesn’t like a cute Easter bunny ? You can make one using socks. All you need is a sock, handful of rice and big ball of cotton.

Red full tutorial on how to make Easter bunny with socks 

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Easter Chick for toddlers

This is the cutest Easter chick! And all you need for making same is construction papers and a googly eye. This could be an easy Easter craft for toddlers. You can involve your little one in sticking the eyes, wings and beak of the chick.

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Easter Egg and Chick for older kids

You can also make an Easter egg from colored papers and attach a small chick to it as shown. I loved this idea and this can be easily made with a clothespin and colored papers.

This is a cool Easter craft for older kids and can be used later as well to explain the life cycle of a chicken

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Easter chick craft with construction papers

You can also make Easter chick crafts with construction paper by folding papers and paper strips in any of the ways below

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Easter chick craft with Popsicle sticks

Popsicle sticks are the most used material when making crafts for kids. Here is an easy idea on how you can use Popsicle sticks for making Easter chick craft.

Easter Chick using Popsicle sticks

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Easter eggs with paper and Pop Pom painting

This is the easiest Easter egg craft idea perfect for toddlers. Just cut a white construction paper in egg shape and paint it with pom poms.

Easter egg pom pom painting

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Easter Egg with Straws

Another easy Easter egg craft idea for kids. A pasting activity for kids in which they can paste straws on Egg shaped paper or cardboard

Easter egg with straws

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Three dimensional Easter egg with Colored papers

For slightly older kids, you can make these 3D Easter eggs with colored patterned papers

3 dimensional Easter eggs with colored papers

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Easter Basket using straws

You can also make a Easter Basket with straws and a bottle and fill it with Goodies. It teaches kids how to re-use existing material lying around in the house.

Read full tutorial on how to make Easter basket with straws

Easter Basket with Straws

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Easter Basket using Popsicle sticks

You can also make a Easter Basket with Popsicle sticks and fill it with Goodies. These handmade Easter baskets can be decorated with material easily available at home – laces or stickers or ribbons.

Read full tutorial on how to make Easter basket with Popsicle sticks

Easter Basket with popsicle stick 5

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Easter egg card

You can also make Easter egg cards using colored papers and weaving them. This is a great way to develop hand eye coordination and develop fine motor skills in kids

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Easter bunny wall hanging using straws

You can also make a wall hanging in the shape of Easter bunny, Al you need is cardboard shape and straws. You can involve younger kids as well as in pasting the straws. Later we can use a ribbon for hanging this Easter bunny and decorate your kid’s room.

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Easter egg card using buttons

You can cut card board in shape of egg and ask your kids to paste buttons on it. For younger kids do this craft along with them, you don’t want toddlers eating the buttons. So do this only when you are around.

Hope you enjoyed this list of Easter craft projects for kids. In case if your kids make anything else do share with us, we would love to hear from you.

These Easter crafts can also be used for exchanging gifts or home decoration.

  • Easter eggs can be used for organizing Easter hunts
  • Cards can be exchanged with friends.
  • Easter baskets can be used later to exchange gifts and chocolates.
  • Bunny socks and Easter Bunny wall hanging can be used to decorate the living room or kid’s study room.
  •  Easter chickens can be later used as puppets.

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