No Sew Easter BUNNY from socks | Easy Handmade gifts

Read on full tutorial on how to make a Easter bunny without sewing . This can be an easy Easter craft for kids or it could be a wonder handmade gift idea for kids. Just grab the required material and try this simple and easy homemade and handmade Easter bunny.

Let’s get crafty and make this cute little bunny with Socks for this Easter.

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Materials needed to make super easy Easter bunny with socks and rice

  • Socks (preferably white)
  • A handful of rice
  • Marker
  • Googly eyes
  • Thread
  • Cotton

Step by Step Tutorial on how to make Easter bunny with socks and rice

So here is a step by step instructions on how to make a super easy, super cute Easter bunny with socks and rice.

Step 1: Take handful of rice, Socks and Cotton.

No Sew Easter BUNNY from socks | Easy Handmade gifts

Step 2 : Now you need to stuff the socks, first with the rice and then cotton.Make sure the stuffing is not too much. Stop before the body becomes too elongated.

No Sew Easter BUNNY from socks | Easy Handmade gifts

Step 3 :Now tie a thread where cotton layer starts and ends as shown in the below image. So you have made bunny’s body and face.

No Sew Easter BUNNY from socks | Easy Handmade gifts

Step 4 : Now cut the socks (from top ) to get perfect bunny ears shape as shown in the below picture.

No Sew Easter BUNNY from socks | Easy Handmade gifts

Step 5: Now stick googly eyes and draw a nose and mouth. Draw circles on bunny’s face with a  pink marker to give your bunny a cute look.

No Sew Easter BUNNY from socks | Easy Handmade gifts

Your easy and no sew Bunny with socks and rice is ready. 

No Sew Easter BUNNY from socks | Easy Handmade gifts

Isn’t you find it easy and fun craft idea?  I am in love with this cute no-sew handmade bunny. Give it a try, it can be a perfect gift for your kids .

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Bunny with socks

Hope you enjoyed this easy craft idea to make Easter bunny. Do let us know what you did using comments below.

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No Sew Easter BUNNY from socks | Easy Handmade gifts

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