Buy second hand children’s books online

Looking to buy second hand children’s books online? Here is a list of Facebook pages and groups to buy preloved books from Indian mompreneurs. Your helpful directory for buying new and preloved imported books in India from mompreneurs.

A while ago I wrote a list of Facebook groups and websites from where you can buy toys from Indian mompreneurs and then I thought why not make a similar list for books. I personally love books and would love if some of this love for books rubs off on my kid.

I have bought preloved books from few of the mompreneurs below and my experience has been excellent.

Before becoming a mom I had no idea of this world that existed and I am glad to support mompreneurs in their journey of making their passion into a successful business and becoming self reliant. This post is my small effort to list and create a directory of book selling Facebook groups at one place.

If you have bought from any of these groups or mompreneurs, do scroll down and comment your feedback and let us together support Indian mompreneurs

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Where to Buy second hand children’s books online

Books for Kiddies
There are lot ways to enlarge children’s world.Love of books is the best way of all. This group offers children’s group at low price.HAPPY READING:-)

The BookMark
Buy n sell kids imported books/toys.

“Reading aloud with children is known to be the single most important activity for building the knowledge and skills they will eventually require for learning to read.”

Spread the joy of reading…
Read Read Read

The books club -  India
Not run by a single mompreneur but a place where anyone can sell their books. A books club for all book lovers who want to share, sell or buy books. For selling just add pics of a book you want to sell. Interested people can respond. For sharing create a sale entry and mention share along with book name. Interested members can say interested and can decide in case if they want to do a book swap or share at a price. This group can be used for any kind of books. Technical, children’s stories. Text books. Fiction books Etc. All mompreneurs and parents are invited to sell on this group.

Explore Kids world
Explore kids world is a decade old venture working towards rendering child care services.It’s a space for kids to Read | Learn | Enrich | grow. Rendering child care services and curricular and co-curricular activities.Montessori Inspired activities / DIY and a initiative to pass on the inspiration. We also are now contributing towards Parenting | Homeschooling | Nutrition (Infancy and child care) | Travel for kids | Kids library | & many more to add on.


This group deals with pre-owned imported books for kids which includes Board books, Hardcovers, Paperbacks, Flip-Flap books, Pop-up books, Activity books, Sound books, puppet books, touch and feel books, Magnetic books etc at affordable price…
These books will help to inculcate the passion of reading among young children.

Books for Tinytots
Gently used Pre-loved imported Books

Munchkinz Bookery

Munchkinz Bookery is an online book store for kids where you can find a huge variety of hygienic imported pre-owned books like Sound books, Touch & Feel books, Flip-Flap books, Puppet books, Story books, Board books with best quality and at an affordable price.

Book Bunnies

Book Bunnies is a group which sells pre-owned kids books. We are motivated by the book-loving kids and parents interested in involving kids with a valuable habit of reading.

The Bookshelf India
Children learn to read by being read to and reading. What better thing is there for children than the literature created just for them?

Books ‘N’ Tots
We have created this group to Sell Fabulous Collection of Imported Pre-Used/ New Books in Mint Condition at a very economical price.

Litle Fingers at Work

Link  –

Your one stop shop for toys and books for your loved little one.

Read N Explore
Imported preloved books for kids.Read n Explore is an FB group where u can get imported preloved kids books at reasonable prices. All types of books for kids like Board books, Hardcovers , Touch n Feel , Paperbacks, Jigsaw books etc are available in the group. Books will be posted with prior intimation and you can grab the books of your choice. Join our Facebook group to grab the books..
Free shipping above 750..

Changing Hands Bookshop India : Preloved & New Books
Your one stop shop for new and pre loved books for all ages.
Currently in stock we have books in English , Hindi , Kannada ,Tamil , Bengali, Malayalam , Marathi,Gujarati and Urdu . Customised theme based birthday return gifts can also be arranged.

My Little Bookshop
My Little Bookshop is an unique online book and learning store which celebrates being Indian.
It is the first to start Indian Publishers on facebook group… This group was also started with an intention to build awareness among parents to appreciate the beauty around us, to appreciate and value things made in India, to spread Organic parenting.
Anything which grows organically is slow and difficult, our intention is to preserve childhood and not rush children into early academics or skills they are not ready for. I hope we have achieved this and would seek more support going forward.

Kids bookistan (buy pre-owned/new books)
Pre-Owned Imported Children’s Books. We sell a wide range of children’s books – Board Books / Paper Back Pop-Ups / Flip – Flap Books /Touch & Feel Books/ Alphabets / Numbers/ Opposites / Shapes / Colors Story Books Atlas etc. at an affordable price.

Sillyputty – buy preloved/new/used childrens books
Welcome to Sillyputty – the one stop for shopping for children’s books.
We deal in preloved, new, imported and Indian origin books. 
Sillyputty is a crazy compound that bounces,moulds, stretches and transforms. Let’s get our kids off screen-time and make them fall in love with books!! Just like sillyputty, we can mould them, shape them and stretch their imagination with lovely stories and illustrations.

Bookland – For  Little Bookworms
This group is for buying used imported and Indian kids books. which are in very good condition as new and at very reasonable price.

Booktoonz is a group which sells imported pre-owned / Pre loved kids books and some interesting new Indian books as well.
This group is created with the intention of promoting reading at a very young age at an affordable price range of Rs.60 to Rs.500 .

Wings for BusyBees
I am happy to welcome you to our group.I am sure you will be excited and ready to make your kids grow with wonderful books.Its very simple grab a book & own it.

The Book Street (Marketplace for Preloved/ New Childrens Books)
“We all can dance”, he said. “If we find the music that we love”. – Giraffes can’t Dance.

This is the beauty of Children books. They are fascinating blend of simplicity and life lessons. They are like security blanket – all warm and fizzy on the outside, but deeply symbolic on the inside. They can be funny, touching, deep, dark, poignant, or charming, but in the end, they’re just the books we love.

Book Elves is the place where you can purchase preloved (gently used) books for your little ones and loved ones. You can customize your orders according to the occasion as we also provide services like gift wraps, inclusions of texts, verses, bookmarks, etc. Get in touch with us to know more! Happy booking! 🙂

The Booktique
The Booktique – The Books Boutique offers a wide range of gently used children’s books at lower prices without compromising the quality.Encouraging kids to read is very important for the development of their young minds and it will promote a life long thirst for knowledge.We offer various varieties of books for age group between 0-10 including board books, touch n feel, sound, puppet, flip flap, teen fiction and so on..

The Rabbit Hole Childrens Bookstore
READiscover – the book fair by The Rabbit Hole children’s travelling bookstore !!! Here, you will find new and pre-loved imported children’s books at affordable rates in a wide variety of genres – both Indian and International – from board books and open-the-flap books to award winning picture books and classics. Revel in the high quality, carefully selected exciting titles that your children will want to read. Let your children discover the magic of books!

Books Treasure
This group is created to benefit all the moms who need to introduce their kids to the world of knowledge.. and books play a very essential role in here we offer all those books for kids of all age groups in affordable prices,as they are preowned/used…but in excellent condition.F

Kiddiwinks (Gently Used & Pre-Owned Imported Kids Books)
Kiddiwinks is an online book store for babies & kids selling gently used & pre owned imported books from UK & US. We pick choose and sell unique books which is rare to find in India at unbelievable prices .The main objective is to create the passion for reading in young minds through fun, informative, interactive and an engaging way. We sell all sort of kids books including Board Books, Puppet Books, Sound Books, Flap Books, Touch & Feel Books, Pop up Books, Activity Books, Bedtime Story Books, Hardcover, Paperback, etc of various international brands and authors.

Kids Pre-Owned Books for Sale
Pre-Owned Imported Children’s Books. We sell a wide range of children’s books – Board Books / Paper Back Pop-Ups / Flip – Flap Books /Touch & Feel Books/ Alphabets / Numbers/ Opposites / Shapes / Colors Story Books Atlas /Picture Dictionary Scholastic/ Disney / Lady Bird to name a few brands.

Hungry Mind
Do u know that toddlers can learn as many as 6 languages?
Feed their thirst by adorable books from us…
We sell all kinds of kids pre owned imported books..

Mad about books
The one place where you’ll get used/new books for your kiddos and yourself.

Read & Play – Books
There are many ways to enlarge your child’s world,love of books and toys are the best of all.
We have wide range of educational toys and new n preloved books at reasonable rates.
we will mention new or preloved books in our individual posts.

Wee Bookworms
This group is created for buy/sell/trade of books for little readers.
How are we unique from other groups who sell books?
We sell books by KG ( in kilogram). You can pick up any number of books you like and once your books reach 1 Kg you would pay and get it shipped. Yes Pay by weight 🙂 Only paperbacks are priced by weight & the price mentioned under each book is the final.
Boards, hardcovers & other special books are priced individually. We sell board, paperback, hardcover and special type of books.

Little Bookworms
Welcome to ‘Little Bookworms! This group has been solely created to encourage members to spread the love of the written word, especially among kids. Here, you will find an exciting range of gently-used or pre-owned children’s books that promise to take kids on a magical journey into the wonderful world of imagination and limitless possibilities. There are used books as well as new books and all of them are nominally priced to enable a larger section of readers to benefit.

Eat Play Read
Buy,sell and swap new and used kids books and educational toys/CD

We are in to educational busy activity boards, busy books, preloved imported books, Flash cards, wooden toys and many more for age group 0-8 years.

Fun with Books
Fun with Books is an online bookstore for kids of board books / sound / touch & feel / paperbacks / educational / shapes / colours / numbers / novels.

Great Beginnings
Learning to read is one of life’s great milestones.Studies prove that kids learning to read benefit from exposure to books that blend well-written narratives with eye-catching visuals.

Kids stop
KidsStop is an online toy store on facebook, where you will get learning/educational toys. This is our small initiative in order to make “Early Learning” as a cheerful experience for Toddlers and Preschoolers.

KU – Kids – Toys Books and More
Re-sell / Sell – Books, childcare stuff and most other second hand stuff, upcycled stuff on this page….

Young readers
Imported books for sale

Book stop
Imported Pre- Used/New book for Kids

Todworld , is all about babies/toddlers . we have allnkinds of toddlers/babies books that includes board books , touch and feel , sound books , paper back , hardcovers, activity and much more .
We also deal Tulika , Tara , pratham books that focus on regional languages.

My Little Bookshop
As a Waldorf early childhood educator, I have learnt the deeper understanding of how important it is to provide a young child with materials and playthings that will nourish a child’s senses. Most of the early childhood educators understand the importance of sensory play for young children.
A child as being ‘wholly sense organ’, That is, she learns about the world and takes it in through all her senses.

Books for kids
Kids indian and imported second hand / pre owned books for sale at extremely affordable prices.

Secret Garden Bookstore
A unique experience that will delight the senses of children through the magical world of books… Help your child fall in love with books 🙂

Books Treasure
It’s an online Bookshop for kids in the age group of 0-5 yrs.

Bookosaurus has started an online bookshop for kids. He dreams of raising a generation of readers. He believes he needs to induce love for reading and books in young kids before they fall in love with animation on TV and YouTube. He plans to do this by bringing to you a curated collection of kids books ( age 0-5 yrs) from the best of Indian and Foreign Authors.

Hakuna Matata is a online store for imported, beloved children books.
Premium quality books at affordable prices.

The main aspect of this group is to nurture the creative and bonding in you & your little ones. To start the creative journey and to reduce stress lets start to grab our favourite books 🙂

Little Munchkins
Little Munchkins is an online bookstore for kids. We sell new as well as gently used imported books.A complete store with a wide genre of imported books for all age groups starting ranging from Rs. 20.

Buggy for Books
These children books are presorted, quality controlled, curated for reselling purposes. I am ensuring that the books are with working pop ups/ working music/ lights / lift a flap/ no tears / no damage.

Little’s Books World
Let’s give the wings to our little’s imagination.Books are said to be the best friend of a person. Give them an early start and introduce them to their friend for life.

Little’s Reader Treasury
At Little Readers’ Treasury we offer you a wide selection of new and pre-loved quality books at reasonable price.

Little stars-new/ preloved books
We have wide range of books ( new/ preloved).We will mention it in post. Books are best for healthy child growth.

Pink N Blue
We sell “gently handled/new” books, brand new dresses n much more for babies !

Book World(Free shipping)
BOOKS give ,A soul to the universe,Wings to the mind,Flight to imagination and Life to everything

Kiddo Karnival
One stop destination for all kinds of books for your kiddo. Happy Shopping, Happy Reading..!!

Mom and Kids Books
Mom and Kids books is a home library and we sell imported and Indian pre loved books and new books at a very less price.The Mom & Kids Books home library is a convenient way to access an exciting collection of books and educational toys. Become a member and borrow from over 10000 titles take away or get them delivered to your home.

Baby’s first book
We sell GENTLY USED and NEW books for babies

Munchkins World
Munchkins world is a small initiative for all book lovers.Created for children of age groups 0 to 10yrs All kinds of pre-owned imported books like touch and feel,lift the flaps,musical boards,hard covers, paperbacks,board books,puppet ,pop up ,activity books and many others.. Happy parenting with the world’s most precious jewels – Books

Little Bookworms

We are committed to providing access to quality pre-loved children’s books and while we continue to run the ‘Little Bookworms’ group, it is solely for the purpose of providing updates. Books are sold through our online bookstore

Little Books World

Welcome to Little’s Books World!!! Let’s give the wings to our little’s imagination. Books are said to be the best friend of a person. Give them an early start and introduce them to their friend for life. While nowadays kids stay glued to TV and mobiles through out their free time. Books can help mommies to keep kids away from gadgets. Story books introduces kids to new world and characters, improves their creativity. It gives the wings to their imagination. Book reading leads them to the world of new words hence improves their vocabulary. Reading is learning. So Kiddos, Learn and Grow while you Read.

Booky Wooky  – New Imported Kid’s books

As an avid reader, I was keen to inculcate the habit in my children as well. But I was unable to find a good source of quality imported books for children. And that’s how Booky Wooky was born. We bring to you some of the best names in kid’s books, at very reasonable prices. All the books we sell are absolutely new! We hope to help you bring up young bookworms 🙂

Advi’s Books Train

We sell preloved books next to new ones, new books imported from UK and US.. At very affordable costs. We sell touch and feel, sound books, paperbacks, hardcovers, board book, pop up books, encyclopedia and almost every thing that is in a book format.. Give ur child an experience of global reading cos at Advi’s we belive every child deserves to have the best..

STEP UP – To Nurture The Creative In You

The main aspect of this group is to nurture the creative and bonding in you & your little ones. To start the creative journey and to reduce stress lets start to grab our favourite books

Hope you found this list or directory of Books selling Facebook pages and groups by Indian mompreneurs useful. If you have bought from them do comment below your experience with them as I am sure its going to help.

In case if you are the owner of the above businesses and want us to edit any details or If you want your business to be added to your list.  Contact us at You can also let us know if you need any support via our facebook group for mompreneurs. 

You may also want to check our other popular articles and activities for child development. Hope you enjoy reading it and find it useful.

Don’t you find this directory of facebook groups selling preloved imported books in India useful ? Do let us know using comments below. Would love to hear from you.

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  1. This list is a godsend! Thank you Neha. Great work. I have bought from Changing Hands previously…highly recommend to everyone. Don’t know any of the others though. So I just joined every single group you have listed here!

  2. Wow !!! What an information. You closed up all the best books Ona single platform.

  3. That’s such a lovely idea. My son loves reading books and I’m always looking for a new book. I will check these out.

    IG : @ms_tantrum

  4. Wao,you don’t know what great job you have done,making a list like this ,you have made things so simpler and accessible for mompreneurs.its amazing, loved it.

  5. This is an awesome idea. Love that there is this kind of support out there. It gets me thinking. Im excited to diversify my reading as well.

  6. This is such a dangerous list for a book lover like me!!!! I’m glad though that our local library is filled with amazing books, so that we can keep clutter minimal and only cycle through a handful of books at a time. Thank you for this list!

    • Thanks a lot I am glad you have a local library that’s good. Here there are no such library available. Have actually bought hundreds of books and started a library so that we can read books

  7. Wow, super insightful post. I have never bought books online, but I might now that I know where to go!

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