Five Reasons why you should read to your baby

Importance of reading to babies can not be denied. Here are five reason why you should read to your baby and effects of reading to newborns/infants on their brain development

Many a times I have heard – “Why do you want to burden your baby with books at such an early stage. He will have enough books when he goes to school”. At times people tell me – “Why do you want to read to your baby he will not understand a word of it”.

Well. so this blog is to challenge this mindset.

My belief is Books are not introduced in schools because they are a burden. Books are introduced in schools because they are a way of learning new things. They are a window to a world of unknown. It is not possible for us to visit all places, see everything and  experience new things all at once. Thus we rely on books to read about places, see new things and learn from other’s experiences.

We can never be sure if babies do or do not understand us. My belief is that they can understand our tone and the fact that we are communicating with them. The only thing babies can not do is express themselves in our language. The reason for that is because they have not yet learnt our language. And that’s precisely the reason we should read books to babies and talk to them. So that they get an opportunity to learn about communication and language.

Five reasons why you should read to your baby reading to babies

Well apart from what I have said above and what I believe, here are five reasons why experts say that you should read to your baby

Five reasons why you should read to your baby

Bonding Time

Reading to newborns or babies builds a bond between you and your baby as it is a special time that you spend together with no other distraction.

Teaches baby about communication

Experts say that your baby may not understand what you saying but he can still begin to pick up the rhythm, tone and inflections in your voice. This understanding is crucial for learning any language. Mainly by reading to infants you are helping him lay ground work for times to come.

Builds Listening skills and Vocabulary

Reading gives your baby more information about the world around him. The more words he will hear, the better he will be able to talk and express himself. There is a direct link between how many words a baby hears each day and his language skills. As he will grow he will improve his language skills by imitating sound and learning new words.

Boosts Brain Power

Reading introduces your baby to the concepts of stories, numbers, letters, colour and shapes. It invites your baby to look, point, touch and answer questions – all of which promote social development and thinking skills.

These activities help him builds his memory and stimulates his imagination. Studies have also shown that children who were read to as newborns have a larger vocabulary, as well as more advanced mathematical skills. than other kids their age. Thus importance of reading to infants/newborns can not be ignored, it helps a baby in his growth and development.

Inculcates a love of reading and learning

Last but not the least, if you introduce reading as part of your regular routine. This will teach your child that reading is something to be enjoyed and not a chore that needs to be done for school. This attitude will help him through out his life as he will inculcate a love of reading and thus learning new things.

So next time you are not sure what to do just pick up a book, take your little one in your lap and read a book together. Do check out our next article in the series How to choose books for babies and toddlers

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