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Dive into the world of gifting excellence with our in-depth IGP review! Uncover the magic behind IGP’s thoughtful selections, personalized options, and seamless delivery. From heartwarming moments to unparalleled customer service, discover why IGP is the go-to destination for those seeking the perfect gift. Join us on a journey of joy, surprises, and meaningful connections. Your ultimate guide to gifting brilliance awaits!

Looking for gifts for your loved ones ? Read on for Indian Gifts Portal – IGP review . A good option I discovered to order gifts online.  Browse till the end to see exclusive Deals and offers

Do you like to shop online? I love it, specially after becoming a mom.

It gives me freedom to shop after my little one has slept without stepping out of my home. And I can try things and return them at my convenience. No more running around a toddler in malls, engaging him while I wait in long ques in billing counter and handling toddler tantrums when he sees something that he wants or is tired.  Moreover  I don’t have to spend my precious time in traffic jams.

I have been ordering almost everything online now for quite some time. But had not yet found a place from where I could order gifts.

And then one day I came across a site called IGP on social media.

I am not sure about you but I personally am wary when ordering products from any site other than the established ones.

So before I tell you about what I bought and my experience, Let me talk a little about what is

About IGP (Indian Gifts Portal)

So this is what I found on their site.

IGP (Indian Gifts Portal) was established in year 2001 and is one of the oldest, largest online gifting company in India. Its an online gifts store specializing in gifts for all ages and occasions. It specializes in flowers, cakes, chocolates, personalized products, festival merchandise, kids, home & living and fashion categories.

It ships orders to 150+ countries (including USA, UK, Australia, Canada etc) and 7,000+ pin codes in India.  Also in 300 Indian cities, it also has a same day delivery network.

The above gave me some confidence. Then I googled “IGP reviews” and the reviews everywhere were good. So I decided to give it a try.

My experience with IGP

I am going to talk about my experience with IGP (Indian Gifts Portal) from two perspectives –

  • Review of products ordered from IGP and experience with customer support
  • Review of IGP website. How easy it is to find products, order and send gifts online

What I Ordered

As I was looking for gifts for two little girls, thus I wanted something they can use daily and they feel special while using it.

I found a set of 6 juice bottles that can be personalized i.e. names of your choice can be printed on bottles. The bottles are for 200 ml capacity (suitable for kids) and there are fruit prints on bottles and below that name can be printed. While ordering we can ask them to print three names (So you get one name on two bottles).

I ordered the product in afternoon and to my surprise I received the order next afternoon (with-in 24 hours of placing an order), which is simply amazing :-)..

One thing unique about their delivery is that they offer three types of delivery:

  • Same Day Delivery
  • Fixed Date and time delivery
  • Midnight Delivery

This is another thing I loved. For working people Fixed date and time delivery is a very good option because you do not have to be worried about courier people calling you while you are in a meeting in office. Midnight Delivery is perfect for special occasions like Birthday and Anniversary to plan a surprise.

The bottles I received are good and cute.

My kid has already started using it, and he is very happy with the bottle bearing his name. Hope his sisters like these too.

IGP Review: Customer support

For any online site another parameter is how good or bad the support is. Luckily I also got a chance to test that aspect.

I wanted some changes in my product so I contacted their support team. I received prompt replies from them and my query was resolved within a day.

One thing I can say about IGP is that they are working good and working on most important aspect of successful business and that is satisfied and happy customer.

Review of Indian Gifts Portal Website

I liked the site very much.

For me the most difficult at is choosing a gift. They have tried to make that easier by categorizing gifts and they have a variety of gifts.

So with Indian Gifts Portal (IGP) you can:

Explore gifts by category

You can explore, buy and send gifts online by category for e.g. Cakes, Flowers, Personalized gifts, Home and Living, Fashion and Lifestyle, Toys and Games.

IGP Review Browse by Categories
Click on image to explore more

Explore Gifts by relationships

You can explore and buy gifts also be relationships.  For e.g. Brother, Sister, Friend, Husband, Wife, Girlfriend,  Mother, Father and so on. And with in each relationship you will find more options like do you wan to buy a modest or premium product. This is something that I really liked about IGP website as it makes my life easier.

Explore Gifts by Occasion

You can explore gifts and buy gifts by occasion. For e.g. Raksha bandhan, Birthday gifts, Anniversary gifts, Friendship Day, Diwali, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day and so on).

Another good thing is that IGP shows upcoming occasions like Friendship day which is great for someone like me as I am very forgetfu

So if you are looking for ways to send Rakhi online or buying friendship day gifts. You know where to go.

Explore gifts by Personalities

You can also explore gifts and buy them by personality for e.g. Gifts for the Fashionable, Gifts for Home makers, Gifts for the Classy. Well this is one feature that I truly loved.

The navigation and speed of website is quite good and it is very easy to find the product of your choice. The categorization of products is very good and within a small time you can find a perfect gift of your choice.

There are so many options available on the site. You just think, on what occasion you want to give gift to whom and you will find the perfect gift for your dear ones.

Another USP is the site is offering no. of products that can be personalized like jars, bottles, mugs, pens, photo frames, clocks etc.

IGP Review: Summary

If you are looking for something that is customized for your loved ones which makes them feel special then IGP can be the answer for this.

Moreover, IGP’s site offers lots of products with good customer service and super fast delivery i.e. one day delivery options. So when you do not have time to get gifts yourselves, or are not able to go for some reason. This is a good option to send flowers, chocolates, cakes and gifts right from your home.

I also found it useful as it delivers to multiple countries outside India.

One thing that I could not find on the site was the option of giving gift cards.

IGP Deals, Coupons and Giveaway

This festive season surprise your loved ones with personalized and special gifts, shop online. Go for sending gifts online and in no time ship your gifts to your dear ones.

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Sharing Our Experiences IGP Giveaway

Below are frequently asked questions for IGP.

What makes IGP unique for gift shopping?

A: At IGP, prides itself on offering a curated selection of thoughtful gifts for every occasion. Their unique range is designed to cater to diverse tastes and preferences, ensuring everyone find’s the perfect gift that reflects their sentiments.

Why choose IGP for gift shopping?

A: IGP stands out for its diverse and thoughtful gift selection, catering to various tastes and occasions. It’s a one-stop destination for those seeking curated and meaningful gifts.

Are there personalized gift options available on IGP?

A: Absolutely! IGP specializes in personalized gifts, allowing users to add a unique touch with engravings, monograms, and personal messages.

How does IGP ensure timely delivery of gifts?

A: IGP offers flexible delivery options, including express and same-day delivery, ensuring your gifts reach the intended recipients on time.

Can I find gifts for specific relationships on IGP?

A: Yes, IGP provides tailored gift suggestions for different relationships, making it easy to find the perfect gift for parents, spouses, friends, and more.

What sets IGP apart in terms of customer service?

A: IGP is known for its exceptional customer service. The dedicated support team is available to assist users throughout their gifting experience.

Do they offer international gift delivery services?

A: Yes, IGP facilitates international gift delivery, allowing users to send heartfelt wishes and surprises to loved ones across borders.

Are there budget-friendly gift options on IGP?

A: Yes, IGP offers a wide range of gifts at various price points, ensuring there’s something special for everyone, regardless of the budget.

Do they have a return policy in case the recipient doesn’t like the gift?

A: Yes, IGP has a hassle-free return policy to ensure customer satisfaction. Users can return gifts within the specified period.

How does IGP cater to diverse interests and hobbies?

A: IGP boasts a diverse range of gifts that cater to various interests and hobbies, ensuring there’s a perfect gift for everyone.

As we wrap up this journey through the world of IGP, it’s clear that this platform isn’t just a gift store; it’s a curator of moments, a messenger of emotions, and a facilitator of connections. From the joyous smiles prompted by carefully chosen gifts to the warm embrace of personalized tokens of affection, IGP has consistently elevated the art of gifting.

What sets IGP apart is not just the vast array of thoughtful gifts but the seamless experience it provides. The commitment to quality, the dedication to customer satisfaction, and the innovation in catering to diverse preferences make IGP a standout player in the gifting arena.

Whether you’re celebrating milestones, expressing love, or simply bringing a smile to someone’s face, IGP is your ally in creating moments that linger in hearts. The ability to find the perfect gift, add that personal touch, and have it delivered with precision reflects the essence of what makes IGP the go-to destination for meaningful gifting.

So, here’s to more joy, more shared laughter, and to the countless moments waiting to be celebrated. As you navigate the world of gifting with IGP, may each gift be a chapter in a story of connections, love, and cherished memories. Happy gifting, and may every package from IGP be a bundle of joy and warmth!

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