Free Printable Missing Number Worksheets 1-20 Clip Cards for What Comes Next – Perfect for Curious Nursery Kids!

Ignite your nursery kid’s love for numbers with our Free Printable Missing Number Worksheets 1-20 Clip Cards! Dive into a world of interactive learning, where each mystery number sparks curiosity and builds a strong foundation for counting. Download now for a delightful blend of fun and education!

Looking for missing numbers 1 to 20 worksheets for kids? You will enjoy these Christmas themed free printable clip cards to practice Number ordering and teaching what comes after to nursery and Kindergarten kids. Instant Download, Print and play.

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In the enchanting world of early childhood education, nurturing curiosity and building foundational skills go hand in hand. Our latest resource, the Free Printable Missing Number Worksheets 1-20 Clip Cards, is designed to unlock the mystery of numbers for your nursery kids. Dive into this magical journey that blends learning and fun seamlessly.

These clip cards are great replacement for missing number worksheets for kids as it teaches what comes after in a fun way. And Christmas is our favorite time of the year thus these are my kids favorite set.

You can use these clip cards to make busy bags or plan indoor activities :-). Do let us know if you used them in any other way.

Nowadays my kiddo wants to see these on the laptop and solve directly there without taking printouts ..

Supplies needed for this Missing numbers 1 to 20 worksheet pdf printable

– Downloadable Missing number clip cards printables (You can download from here)

– Cardstock or thick paper for printing (Click here to see on Amazon)

– Or you can use Laminating machine and Laminating sheets. I personally have this laminator purchased in 2018 and it is still going strong. And I have these sheets

– Clothespin. These are cute ones that you can consider

– For younger kids who can not handle Clothespin you can use Colour counters or pom poms. Usually Colour counters in India are expensive you can get this game it comes with colour counter

Benefits of Free Printable Missing Number Worksheets 1-20 Clip Cards

1. Cognitive Development: Working with missing numbers stimulates cognitive development by challenging nursery kids to think critically and logically. The engaging format ensures that learning becomes a pleasurable cognitive exercise.

2. Fine Motor Skills Enhancement: The clip card format contributes to the development of fine motor skills as nursery kids use clips or clothespins to mark their answers. This tactile engagement adds an extra layer of skill development to the learning process.

3. Seamless Integration into Daily Learning: The resource is designed for easy integration into daily learning routines, whether at home or in the classroom. The printable nature of the digital worksheets allows for flexibility in usage, making it a versatile tool for educators and parents alike.

Instant download of Christmas theme missing numbers 1 to 20 clip cards worksheet

Missing number worksheets 1 -20 free printable pdf. What comes after. Christmas themed clip cards

Learning What comes next via these Missing number 1-20 clip cards printables

1. A Gateway to Numerical Proficiency: These worksheets focus on numbers 1 to 20, providing a comprehensive approach to numerical proficiency for nursery kids. The missing number concept acts as a bridge, enhancing their understanding of numerical sequences.

2. Engaging Clip Card Format: Our resource employs a dynamic clip card format, turning learning into an interactive adventure. Each card poses a mystery – what comes next? As kids solve the missing number puzzles, they reinforce their counting skills and develop a strong number sense.

3. Tailored for Nursery Kids: Recognizing the unique needs of nursery kids, the resource is crafted with simplicity and visual appeal. Colorful graphics and playful designs make learning enjoyable, ensuring that each worksheet becomes a delightful exploration of numbers.

4. Foster Independence and Confidence: The process of identifying missing numbers encourages independent thinking. As nursery kids successfully determine what comes next in each sequence, they build confidence in their ability to grasp and manipulate numbers.

Download the clip cards pdf, Print and then cut them. Ask your child to find the Missing number and then clip the peg on correct numbers.

For kids who can handle Clothespin can use them to point to correct answer and for younger toddlers you can ask them to place a pom pom or colour counter or anything that you have available on the correct answer.

You can also use them as reusable cards with these white board marker pen if you have a laminating machine and lamination sheets at home.

To make them self correcting – You can put stickers on the back on the right number to help kids self correct their answers.

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What comes after worksheets for nursery kids. Covers numbers 1-20. Free pdf printable download

As educators, parents, and caretakers, we understand the importance of making learning a joyous adventure. The Free Printable Missing Number Worksheets 1-20 Clip Cards embody this philosophy, offering a pathway for nursery kids to explore numbers in a fun and engaging way.

Download the resource, dive into the mystery of missing numbers, and witness the joy of numerical discovery light up the faces of your little learners. Education meets excitement in this enchanting journey – embark on it today!

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