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DIY cut and paste activity for toddlers


Searching for how to keep your toddler engaged in a fun and learning indoor activity. Check out this very easy DIY cut and paste activity for toddlers which will keep him engaged and happy. This can be done with materials easily available at home. Excellent for developing fine motor skills for preschoolers and toddlers. 

This is the first DIY cut and paste crafts activity that me and my little one have done together. It was so simple and yet so much fun that I have decided to share my experiences by writing this blog.

Usually its difficult to keep him engaged in an activity for some time but his one kept him busy for over half an hour. Believe me that’s a reward in itself. So I thought why not share this happiness with other fellow mommies looking for how to keep a toddler engaged.  🙂 ..

Materials that you will needs for Cut and Paste activity for toddlers\Preschoolers

  • Coloured Paper
  • Black Sketch pen
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors

That’s it actually

Steps to make a cut and Paste Fish

Step 1 – Cut out the shape of fish using coloured paper. I have used a yellow chart paper for the same. If your kid id old enough to do use scissors you can let the him to the cutting. For young children this is an activity for mommies

diy cut and paste fish 2

Step 2 – Using black sketch pen. Draw an outline and eyes

diy cut and paste fish 1

Step 3 – Cut out small triangles of another colored paper using a scissor. If you have post it notes lying around you can use that as there will no need of applying glue stick every time.

Step 4 – Let your toddler stick the triangles on the fish cut out. In the beginning I used to apply glue and give it to my little one but by the end of activity (Much to my surprise) he was doing both the activities himself.

Well that’s it actually. We loved this activity so much that we are making a Lion next. Check out the pic of our Lion in progress ..

diy cut and paste Lion


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