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Read Honest and unbiased review of Popular Children’s book A Squash and a Squeeze by Julia Donaldson from a mom. Frequently asked questions like What is the story about, what does it teach, will we recommend it to other answered in A Squash and a Squeeze book review below.

Julia Donaldson’s books are known for interesting characters, rhyming sentences, lovely story lines and beautiful illustrations.These all things make her book a complete pack which can develop a reading interest in small readers and they tend to love the book and want to listen it again and again.  The book “A Squash and a Squeeze” is a classic book with funny situations and funny old lady and old man  characters.

A Squash and a Squeeze is a humorous classical well known book by Julia Donaldson.

Book Name / Title : A Squash and a Squeeze

Author : Julia Donaldson

Illustrated By: Alex Scheffler

Genre : Children’s Story Book

Format : Hardcover

Age Recommended : 3+ years

A Squash and a Squeeze – Story

The story starts with an old lady who stays in a house all alone. She is very unhappy as she thinks her house is too small, she was looking for some help when she met a wise old man and seeks his help. The old man advised her to bring in all her pets hen, goat, pig and cow one by one. She did exactly what the old man said and found her house in great mess and much more smaller.

She went crazy and again asked for advise from a wise old man. He advised her to take the pets out, she did the same and then finally she realized her house is big enough for her and she can live in her house happily without any complaints.

Your Book Review

We love the book to the core. When I bought the book for my little one I used to read it daily for him. We still love this book and read it on and of. The book has really some good and funny words like teeny, weeny, titchy. Our most favourite line is a statement by an old lady “My house is a Squash and a Squeeze” the statement actually creates humour and my little one always says this line with me while reading a book.

Funny and rhythmic statements make the book more entertaining for kids.

What is the book about?

The book is about an old lady who is not satisfied with her present living situations and wants to change to make it better. As she was looking for some advise she met a wise old man who actually very wisely made her understand that she should be satisfied with what she has and the truth is she has enough for her and can live her life happily.

What does it teach?

Sometimes we are not happy and satisfied with what we have and we understand this, when we have to share the same with others.

Is it slow or fast?

The book has good flow. You will find yourself and your kid completely engrossed with the book.

How are the illustrations?

Illustrations are what I like about the book most. Illustrations are so funny and realistic , they are quite eye catchy. The expressions at old lady’s face, the angry expression at goat’s face, the smile at pig’s face together make the book worth reading. Kids love to see the expressions of old lady and her pets and even you may find your kids doing mimicry of book characters.

The beautiful and self explanatory illustrations make the book more interesting for kids and parents.

Will you recommend it to others?

Yes, I recommend the book to others. The book gives a nice message in an interesting way. A must buy book.

Will you read it again?

Yes, we love this book and we keep reading it.

Happy Reading !!

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