8 Simple DIY Activities to strengthen visual spatial intelligence for preschoolers

Check out these easy Visual Spatial Intelligence activities for preschoolers and toddlers. You can easily do these activities with material available at home. 

Visual Spatial Intelligence is an important aspect of child development but often ignored at home and schools. In our previous article we discussed about what is spatial intelligence, what is visual spatial intelligence, what it means for children and the fact that it is not only determined by genes and biological factors. We can do activities to strengthen visual spatial intelligence and improve spatial intelligence of kids.

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Now let’s have a look on some of the easy DIY activities I planned for my kid to help her practice spatial skills and improve visual spatial intelligence.

8 Simple and fun activities to improve visual spatial intelligence of kids

Pattern Matching

My first activity was pattern matching. On a cardboard or a piece of paper paste some colourful cut outs in a specific pattern, your little one has to replicate the pattern and need to make the same on another piece of paper or cardborad.

This helps in understanding specific colour in relation to it’s place.

easy Visual Spatial Intelligence activities for preschoolers and toddlers kids

Note – To do the activity in a different manner, you can make something with the help of building blocks and then ask your little one to make the same shape while using the same colour and shapes of blocks.

Shape Cards

With felt sheet you can cut some shapes and then pasted them on a piece of card in 2*2 matrix. So now you can have few shape cards with specific colours and shapes which needs to be replicated in 2*2 squares.

easy Visual Spatial Intelligence activities for preschoolers and toddlers kids

Note – If you want to do the activity in a different way then instead of cut outs you can use coloured different shaped buttons and in place of cut outs you can use them.


This activity is basically to identify the shapes and mark it with the specific colour as instructed. Thus, first kids need to  identify the shapes and then colour it with specific colour.

It helps in revising shapes and colours and on the other hand kids need to understand the instructions and then have to memorise it while doing the activity.

Spatial skills activitys for preschooler

Spatial Puzzle

This is a wonderful activity, which needs kids focus and improves their attention span.

On a piece of paper make two columns (one big and one small). In first column make a shape say, circle and then make a black dot in a particular position or location. Then in second column make some 3-4 circles and make dots in different positions. When you are making options in second column don’t forget to make an exact image as you have made in first column (kids need to find this image from the given options).

Now kids have an image with the specific location of dot now they need to find an exact image from the options given.

easy Visual Spatial Intelligence activities for preschoolers and toddlers kids
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Shapes Reinforce

This is another wonderful activity usually loved by kids.

Cut some coloured shapes like circle, triangle, diamond etc. Now on a paper make some shapes and give kids those coloured shape cut outs. Now kids need to identify the shapes and sticking them in a similar large shape outline, it includes sorting as well.

easy Visual Spatial Intelligence activities for preschoolers and toddlers kids

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This activity is about identify a specific colour and the shape or object and placing them in their respective column or row.

As you already have some shapes cut outs, now what you need to do is on a paper or cardboard make some shapes in a particular sequence and then ask your kid to make same sequencing with the shape cut outs.

This activity let the kid play with shapes and they follow particular sequencing of shapes while playing. When your kid reach at end it may be the possibility without looking at the previous row she can keep the shapes in a particular sequence as above row.

Because she was doing it again and again, her mind can make an image of shapes in a particular sequence and then replicate it without looking at it.

easy Visual Spatial Intelligence activities for preschoolers and toddlers kids

Making Patterns

The activity is about creating different patterns with specific shapes or objects and also replicating them.

easy Visual Spatial Intelligence activities for preschoolers and toddlers kids

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2*2 Sudoku

This is another wonderful activity to improve kids’ focus and understanding.

I made few sudoku cards (2*2 matrix) one complete sudoku and some with one missing shape. And then I asked her to focus on position of each shape and then find the missing shape and complete the matrix.

easy Visual Spatial Intelligence activities for preschoolers and toddlers kids

These are few general DIY games with focus on shapes and colours that I created for my 2 year old to strengthen her visual spatial intelligence. Hope you enjoy doing them with your kid.

You can download free worksheets for your toddler/Preschooler here

In the end all I would like to say that the first five years are crucial for building base for your child. We need to give them as much of exposure as we can without weighing them down with tasks they do not enjoy.

Spatial Intelligence is one of the aspects of over all development and often gets neglected due to our lack of awareness. Hope these easy DIY activities help you in planning something that your kid enjoys.

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    • Thank you so much Alpana. I also loved the spatial intelligence activities ideas from shweta. Planning to do it with my son soon

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