Little Tiger Finds a Friend by Vivian French Book Review

Read Honest and unbiased review of Children’s book – Little Tiger Finds a Friend by Vivian French from a mom. Frequently asked questions like What is the story about, what does it teach, will we recommend it to other answered in Little Tiger Finds a Friend review below.

If you are looking for a story book for your 3 year old then this book “Little Tiger Finds a Friend” may be a good choice. This is a short and simple story book loved by kids. This book is not a very popular one, I bought the book from a book shop and trust me my kid just loves the book. The book has wonderful illustrations and a beautiful message.

Little Tiger Finds a Friend is a funny animal themed book, by Vivian French.

Book Name / Title : Little Tiger Finds a Friend

Author : Vivian French

Illustrated By: Andy Cooke

Genre : Children’s Story Book

Theme : Animal themed

Format : Paperback

Age Recommended : 3+ years

Little Tiger Finds a Friend by Vivian French

Little Tiger Finds a Friend – Story

The story starts with a baby tiger who is getting bored and wants to go out to fly his kite. He asked his father but big tiger is busy in cleaning the house thus couldn’t go with him to fly the kite.

At last little tiger went outside alone and tried to fly his kite on his own. But he could not get success and when he succeed he lost his kite. He tried to find the kite and ask his neighbors but all in vain.

Then he got more sad and at end how he found his kite and why he got very much happy, for this you need to read the story.

Little Tiger Finds a Friend – Review

The story line of book is quite simple and sweet. The story has a good flow and has a capacity to bind the reader and the listener and finish it at one go.

The story has a really lovely message which is very much necessary to understand for small kids. I am happy, I bought it for my kid who loves to go through it again and again.

The words and sentences of books are easy to understand for kids, some sentences get repeated after sometime in same situation which creates fun during book reading.

What is the book about?

The book is about a tiger who is getting bored and looking for a friend. He tried to keep himself busy and happy but couldn’t. At the end he found a friend “bear” and then they both were happy that they found each other.

What does it teach?

The book gives a lovely message – ” Everything is more fun with a friend.”

Very easily the complete sentence ” Everything is more fun with a friend” and the situation in book explain the kid we should have friends, our life will have more fun if we have friends.

Is it slow or fast?

The book has a good flow. At any point it doesn’t feel like boring.

How are the illustrations?

Illustrations of book are quite good and children friendly.

The images are cute and funny and kids can easily connect to them. The Lion with a skipping rope and a Hippo on a skateboard really look very funny.

Will you recommend it to others?

Yes, I recommend it to other kids as well. I found it really good for my preschooler, it’s a good book for a 3 year or above kids.

Will you read it again?

Every alternate day we read this book. This book is one of the favourite books of my kid. We read books as per my kid’s choice and as I said he likes the book so we read it again and again.

Happy Reading !!

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