Thread Painting with kids | Easy way to contribute to child’s growth

DIY String or Thread painting can be done with kids of all ages and is a great way to engage them and have fun at home with easily available material – string/thread and colours.

Hello friends, today we are going to learn DIY String or Thread painting with kids

Many of you must have tried this thread painting with your kids or used to do in your childhood.

We parents are sometimes so busy with our daily routine work that it becomes really hard to take few moments from our busy schedule and spend some creative time with our children like arts and crafts. As parents we want to connect with our kids through some art and craft activities but sometimes family chores get in the way of creative time.

But we can’t deny the fact that art and craft helps in the development of so many skills of kids that we can’t even think of. It is really very good for their fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, imagination and language building. Through painting we give our kids a chance to play and explore with colours.

It’s really wonderful to let our kids learn how the small and beautiful things around us can be used in many different ways to create really wonderful art and craft things.

If you have not yet tried this wonderful painting method with your kids then try this today. Its not only fun and engaging but also helps you kid in their growth and development

Materials required for DIY Thread Painting

  • Colours
  • Thread/String
  • Paper

Process to make DIY Thread Painting

1 ) Just cut the small pieces of thread or string and keep them aside.

thread painting activities for kids

2) Take a paper (I used A4 sheet for this) and fold it into half. You just need to make a mark on paper.

Note : If you want you can use two A4 sheets, in that case you will get two symmetrical paintings.

thread painting activities for kids

3) Take a piece of thread/string and dip into the colour bottle, while doing this, do not leave the thread in the bottle just hold the another end of thread.

thread painting activities for kids

4) Take the thread out and keep the thread in any shape on one half of paper.

thread painting activities for kids

5) Still do not leave one end of thread and fold the another half of paper and gently rub on it. It will create the symmetrical image on the other half of paper.

thread painting activities for kids

6) Keep your hand on the paper and pull out the thread.

7) Then open the paper and see the symmetrical images on paper.

thread painting activities for kids

8) Keep doing the same, and repeat the process till you cover the whole paper with lots of colourful symmetrical images.

thread painting activities for kids

At the end you will see your masterpiece. It is really wonderful to see the symmetrical colourful images on paper.

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Shweta Garg
Shweta Garg

Hello, I am Shweta, mother of a 5 year old. I am a teacher and in education field since last 4 years. I truly believe, we should keep learning.. as learning is a treasure. In my beautiful journey of motherhood, with each passing day I get chances to learn many things with my kid and I truly love to share those learning with you all, through my blogs. In my spare time I Love to travel, read books and gardening. I am a great fan of Dan Brown and Sidney Sheldon novels.

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  1. Wow, Interesting and useful activity . Every kids will love it in this pandemic situation. I am going try out few which will be suitable for my kid age. It is useful information for all parents. Thank you

  2. I love your idea of DIY with kids. I think my toddler would love this too. The best part of this DIY is it is easy for kids to do and they will enjoy it too.

  3. This is so fun activity. We use to love doing this in our school days. It’s so Simple, so much fun and so interesting to see unique prints Every time

    • Totally agree with you Gunjan. This is one of my favourite art works I used to do as a kid. The beauty of this painting is, the outcome is always different from the previous one.

  4. As I read the title this made me completely nostalgic..As this one is my favorite while I prepared cards for everyone in the family..

  5. Just received a box of paints as a gift. Cant wait to try it out.. am sure my bub will love to pull the strings. Literally! 🙂

  6. This is a very cute activity to try with toddlers. Will try someday

  7. I am always looking for simple ways to keep my kid occupied and at the same time spend more time with her. Thanks for a great but simple idea.

  8. Wow ! I remember doing this in my art classes when I was I school! Can’t wait to try this with Haniya

    • Someone has rightly said – You get a chance to re-live your childhood when you have a kid. Go ahead, try it with Haniya and let me know how it turned out.

  9. I used to love doing this as a kid. Thanks for reminding me!

    • Thanks for stopping by. That’s really good for us, through our article we can remind you your wonderful childhood memories.

  10. You reminded of my childhood. And honestly I was running out of ideas for doing activities with my elder one. Shall keep in mind. I am sure she will love it. Thanks for sharing!

  11. What a fun creative project idea.Loved the colourful pictures you shared.Good quality paint needed.

  12. Thread painting is always fun. Just can’t wait my kids to grow a little more so that I can introduce these things to them.

    • Agree, this is always a fun. Prints of symmetrical images on a paper look so good. Try it with your kids they are going to love it.

  13. I will give this a try looks really interesting …

  14. This thread painting reminded me of my school days when we used to dip the thread in blue ink and used to make such instant masterpieces. Good reminder to do the same craft with my daughter..

    • That’s really wonderful. Our childhood memories give us so much pleasure and we can enjoy those moments when we have a kid. Do try it with daughter and share her masterpiece with us.

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