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Easy Riddles for kids – Excellent way to encourage critical thinking

Check out these super fun and easy riddles or brain teasers for kids. This game can be played with kids as young as 3 years old. 

These Easy Riddles with answers for kids are not only fun but also great for your child’s growth and development. A great way to stimulate their brains and encourage critical thinking.

We parents keep looking for fun games through which we can make our kids learn and grow, isn’t it? It has been proved through various studies kids learn more when they are happy, playing and are free to do whatever they want to do. Through play, they can learn and can memorize what we have taught them.

My kid loves to talk, explore and ask questions. So this is his way of learning about the world around him. To be honest I like his way of learning. As he is learning about what he wants to learn and not what I want him to learn. So the mom in me tries to find out the ways to let him learn things in his way only.

Few days back, when I was talking to my kid just like that I gave him some clues and asked him whether he can guess I am talking about which animal?

To my surprise, he answered correctly. That was the moment I thought I should start playing with him small cute and funny riddles and let his brain work and grow.

At the age of 3 years usually kids start recognizing some common animals and know one or two special characteristics about each animal. So why not keep those little minds at work and let them think and guess about the animals we are talking about. Kids love to play these mind games.

This is an easy riddle game you can play at home and also while travelling with your kids. These easy riddles will also make kids learn about some special characteristics of animals in a fun way.

These are easy riddles for preschoolers that worked for us, do try asking your kids and I am sure you would be pleasantly surprised to see them answer  :-).

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Easy Riddles for kids with answers

Easy animal riddles for preschoolers

So let us have a look at some  of the riddles you can ask your kids.

Also, I have narrowed down some good riddles book for preschoolers that have great reviews on Amazon and I would like to buy as and when I can. I will be sharing list in a next section.

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I have wings but I am not a bird, I am small, colourful and beautiful, I live in Gardens and fields and forests, I used to be a caterpillar -Who am I ?


I look like you except I have a tail, I am a good tree climber. I can mimic you very easily. I eat fruits, insects and flowers. My favourite food is Banana – Who am I?


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I am a soft and furry pet, I have four legs and a long tail, I have sharp teeth and claws. I like to chase mice. You can hear me saying Meow Meow – Who am I


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I am a pet that has four legs and a tail at the end, which I wag when I am happy. You might hear me marking Bow Wow. And I am known as man’s best friend I like to smell things – Who am I?


I have four legs and a long furry tail. I eat oats and hay. I love to run fast. I let people ride on my back – Who am I ?


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I have two long ears. I don’t walk I Hop. My hind limbs are extremely strong which help me in Leaping great distances. I Live in underground burrows. I eat plants but my favourite snack is carrot – Who am I ?


I am the biggest cat in the world. I have orange, black and white stripes. I hunt for pigs, deer, rhinoceros and even small elephants. Unlike other cats I am a great swimmer – Who am I ?


I am a very big animal. I like to eat Peanuts, banana and hay. I have four legs, two big ears and two long teeth  – Who am I


I am from Australia. I eat grass. I have strong hind legs that allow me to hop for long distances. I carry my babies in my pouch – Who am I ?


I am known as the king of the jungle. I possess both beauty and strength. I live in groups called prides. My little ones are known as cubs. Who am I


I have a long neck that helps me in eating leaves from trees. I have four long legs. My kick can kill the jungle king. Drinking water is a big task for me- Who am I ?


I live in the woods. I am very big and furry. I have a big nose, a little tail and four legs. I like to eat fish and berries. I love honey as much as you do – Who am I


I am from Africa.I have black and white stripes on my body. I eat herbs, leaves, twigs and a bark. I am a very social animal who lives in large groups called harems – Who am I


I am a small cute animal. I have soft and silky fur. I have a bushy tail and two big eyes. You can find me in your garden. I love to eat seeds, nuts and fruits – Who am I ?


I am small and shy. I have eight legs. I eat bugs. I catch them in my home called cobweb – Who am I


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I am one of the most beautiful birds on earth. I love to dance when it rains. I list to rest on roofs or trees. I like to eat insects and plants. I am also known as the national bird of India Who am I ?


I live in the ocean. I move slowly. I eat clams. I have five arms Who am I ?

I am a starfish

I have four legs and a tail. I have no teeth. I have good eyesight and an excellent sense of smell. I can swim and dive underwater. I carry my house around with me. Who am I?

I am a turtle

I walk slowly because I carry my house around. I live much longer than many of you. I have no teeth. I eat grass, ferns, flowers and fruits. Don’t attack me, otherwise I will hide inside my shell and won’t let you see me – Who am I


I am known as highly intelligent marine mammal. I am found worldwide mostly in shallow seas. I am generally grey in colour. I am well known for my playful behavior – Who am I ?


I am sure you found these riddles interesting and informative. Try these with your kids, they are going to love this game and be ready to see the spark in their eyes and a smile on your face when in no time they will solve these little riddles.  Let me know your experiences right here.

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Good riddle books for preschoolers on Amazon

Watch this space for more such ideas.

Happy Playing !

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Hope you enjoyed these really easy preschool riddles for kids :-).

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Very Easy Riddles with answers for kids

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  1. Reminded me of my childhood days of playing riddles all the time. Great way to keep your kids entertained. 🙂

  2. This was fun…I asked my son (of course with little hints and explanation, he is to be 3) and guess what he answered all…and was so happy to answer them actually

  3. thanks. my daughter is small for this. but, m clipping the page for later. such things are really nice to trigger the critical thinking in children, rather than gadgets or even toys. Cheers! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for saving it. It means a lot to us. ☺️. Talking to kids, conversations, crafts, activities and open ended toys. These are all simple things that can make a lot if difference in child growth and development.. Thanks for stopping by

  4. Lovely Read..bookmarked the page.. will definitely try this with my 4 yr old

  5. Nice! Smart way to get kids to learn.

  6. Riddles are fun. Children love them. My daughter asks me one new riddle daily which learns from her friends at school. I will share these with her.

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Easy Riddles for kids - Excellent way to encourage critical thinking

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