Best Ovens for Baking in India for new bakers 2023

Looking for best ovens for baking cakes in India and grilling? Check out this honest list of best ovens for home bakers, we have also included what would you need apart from an oven for baking 🙂

With winter approaching and Christmas just around the corner maybe you should get yourself an oven just to enjoy the symphony of smell when you fold eggs and butter into the flour.

Oh, I am already drooling here. Finding the best oven in India to bake your perfect Christmas cake is not going to be hard anymore.

Best baking Ovens in India

If you don’t have much time to go through the article and want to know >> WHICH OVEN IS THE BEST IN INDIA << just check the table below

Oven Name & ModelCheck on Amazon.inFor similar models on
Philips HD6795 – 25 LitresClick HereClick Here
Wonderchef OTG – 19 litresClick HereClick Here
Borosil Prima Motorised Rotisserie 30ltrClick HereClick Here
Usha 3635RC OTG 35 LtrClick HereClick Here
Morphy Richards Besta OTG – 52 LitresClick HereClick Here

Best oven for baking cakes in India and grilling

You may be a passionate baker, or a professional baker, a home baker by pandemic, or even a healthy mom baker. Without the right equipment, it just doesn’t make sense to call yourself a baker does it? The biggest of tools to help you grow as a baker is your oven.

Here is a list of some of the best baking oven for home bakers in India 2021 to suit all your needs.

Wonderchef OTG – 19 litres

The smallest size of the oven family, a crimson beauty that is capable of helping you bake the perfect bakes for your family. This is the best compact oven in India for an occasional baker who loves trying new dishes over the weekend. She can help you grill your veggies and makes the best pizzas in town. This is the best compact oven in India to bake cakes.

Philips HD6795 – 25 Litres

A healthy mom baker is always making treats for her hungry monsters. She bakes the best cookies on Sunday and prepares a unicorn cake because it’s her darling daughter’s birthday on Monday. Tuesday is the school bake sale and Wednesdays it’s pizza day for dinner. Her oven never rests and she needs to make more every time. This happens to be the best oven for baking and grilling at home in India made just for the busy mommies.

Borosil Prima Motorised Rotisserie/OTG – 30 Litres

If you prefer preparing fancy dishes like Rotisserie Chicken for your family, this is the perfect OTG for you. It can easily accommodate a large chicken easily that will feed a large family. Along with these you can always bake cakes, and grill veggies using the same oven. So overall this can be claimed as the best microwave convection oven for baking in India in 2020.

Usha 3635RC OTG – 35 Litres

This is the most trusted brands in the Indian market for building the best oven for baking in India in 2019. This masterpiece is available in a beautiful color combination of wine and black. The sleek finish and the inumerable accessories makes it the best microwave oven for baking and grilling at home. This is perfectly suited for a family of 4-5 people making it the perfect size of oven.

Morphy Richards Besta OTG – 52 Litres

This black beauty is stable in terms of temperature and heats evenly across the entire length of the oven. Totally affordable and the best friend to a professional home baker who needs to have a reliable oven that will help deliver the best results. The best part is the detachable crumb tray that makes cleaning hassle free. It’s a beast when it comes to being called the best microwave oven in India for cake baking and it’s one of bigger versions available in the market.

PHILIPS Digital Air Fryer HD9252/90 – 4.1 Litres

This is an absolutely the best built in oven for baking in India for the health conscious bakers out there. This is multi purpose device which can act as an oven as well. It’s an absolute miracle because it uses 90% less oil for deep frying. It is seemingly small in capacity but trust me when I say I make pizza, cupcakes, small cakes, pies, tarts, fish fry and chicken roast all using the same device. And the best part is that it’s absolutely healthy. This is definitely the best multipurpose oven in India. It is also the best oven for baking and grilling at home.

Kitchenmate Electric OTG

This is handy and portable because of its small size. This is especially useful for the occasional bakers. They can keep it stored when not in use. This is the most efficient and best portable oven in India. you can fit it cake tins of up to 13 inches in size. It’s. very simple to use and doesn’t come with any fancy settings. It will just allow you to bake cakes whenever you feel like baking.

Kaff KOV 73 MRFT- 73 Litres

This built-in black beauty is the best built-in oven for baking cakes in India. This can be attaches easily with the aesthetics of your kitchen. It can also be used in professional environments where large orders need to be fulfilled because of it’s huge capacity. This is definitely worth the money and it also comes with a year of extended warranty. This is the best oven for baking cakes at home in 2021.

What are the best gifts for someone starting to bake? (Ultimate gift guide for new bakers)

Always wondering on what to gift your friends who are passionate about baking? Sometimes all you can think of is about an oven. There are so many other things that a baker would be grateful to you for. These are just some ideas for you to gift a baker:

Cake Moulds

A baker can never have enough baking tins. Always chose hard anodized or teflon coated spring form cake pans as they are extremely easy to unmould cakes. They also most often come in pack of 4 making it the worth the money. Select sizes and shapes that are usually standard to help them with their baking.

Philips HR3705/10 Hand Mixer

A baker spends half their time collecting and measuring their required ingredients. The other half is spent on mixing the batter. If your baker friend doesn’t already own a hand mixer, then you should probably be getting them the same. Life would be a whole lot easier after using a hand mixer.

re-usable silicone moulds

This is a sustainable option when compared to the paper moulds that can be used only once. These are amazing because they are so easy to unmould. They use relatively very less space and can be stacked up when not it use. They are durable and easy to clean. I don’t there would be a baker who wouldn’t fall in love with these rainbow coloured moulds.

Cake decorating supplies

Turn tables, icing knives, disposable piping papers, cake icing designers and nozzles all come in handy when a baker starts making cakes with icing. This bundle is a quick starter at an affordable price. This bundle is extremely suitable for new bakers who are just exploring their hobbies.

Stainless Steel Oven Thermometer

Every baker needs an oven thermometer. They need to validate and calibrate the oven temperatures regularly. Gifting this oven thermometer would be the best idea as new bakers hesitate to buy this even though it is essential for improving their quality of bakes. The perfect baking temperature always needs to be validated.

These products were considered by me when I was looking out to buy an oven for the purpose of home baking. I ended up buying the Philips Air fryer because it was multi-purpose and could still meet all my requirements. This helped me feed my family with fried items without really using much oil. The bakes samosas are the best snacks that can be made using an air fryer.

The gifts listed were the ones I wish someone would have gifted me. Since no one did, I gifted all of these to the baker in me. The silicone moulds and the baking trays are so useful. For someone who bakes regularly I can’t imagine baking without any of these gadgets and accessories.

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