30+ Ultimate Gifting Ideas for Family and friends – Best Gifts for Diwali Updated August 2023

Gifting is an integral part of most Festivals. Festivals indeed look incomplete without gifts. But getting perfect gifts for your loved ones is not an easy task. Diwali calls for intensive deep cleaning, decoration, lots of good food, and lots of gifts.

When it comes to buying Diwali gifts most people end up in Sweet-shops, getting the same boring sweets and chocolates. some gift boxes (read soanpapdi/motichoor) keep passing hands, from one family to another.

Here we have curated an ultimate list of gift ideas that your friends and family will love.

Best Gifts for Diwali- Our Top 5 Choices

Top 5 Gift Ideas for DiwaliCheck on Amazon.inCheck on Amazon.com
God/Goddess /idolClick here if you are in India Click here if you are outside India
Brass Lamps Click here if you are in IndiaClick here if you are outside India
Air Purifying PlantsClick here if you are in IndiaClick here if you are outside India
Diffuser and incense setClick here if you are in IndiaClick here if you are outside India
Dhoop/ incense Smoke fountain Click here if you are in IndiaClick here if you are outside India

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By the way, If you want to give your house a quick makeover – check out these amazing affordable ideas today

  • Jute carpets are in vogue nowadays and I personally think they are great addition to any home as they are chic and can make any space warm and inviting. There are multiple options available – click here to explore. I loved this basic one. Again a good option for gifting your love ones interested in home decor
  • Also, one great way to light up any room is this floor lamp. Good as a gift for home decor. Check out here

Deep cleaning – Diwali Cleaning your House

Diwali and Deep cleaning are synonymous, and every year I go paranoid about it, festivals should be about fun n Frolic, but always worrying and stressing about cleaning takes over.

Cif Pink Multi Purpose Surface Cleaner is the most effective cleaner available in the market, perfect to make your Diwali cleaning smooth and effortless.

This is such a versatile product that I used it on laminated surfaces, kitchen counters too, tiles, a cooking hob, even a chimney, and the bathroom. My job finished faster and the results are superior.

What to use for Grease stain removal?

Ever since I got my hands on Cif Multipurpose cleaner, this deep cleaning doesn’t look so daunting.
This cleaner is packed with millions of micro-cleaning particles that penetrate deep under the surface cleaning most stubborn dirt, stains, and marks. This one product does most of your cleaning jobs like cleaning hobs, sinks, and kitchen tiles, as well as you can use it in the bathroom to clean bathtubs, sinks, and bathroom tiles. The fragrance is pleasant and fresh.

Highly recommend Cif multipurpose cleaner, especially for Diwali cleaning, you can clean faster and make more time for things you like during a festival.

Best Unique Diwali Gift ideas 2023

God/Goddess Idol for Diwali Gift

The Idols are a good gift if you are gifting to someone who believes in idol worship or likes collecting idols. These can make a wonderful gift, something the receiver will treasure forever.

Idols look beautiful and can be placed in the pooja mandir or in the living spaces.

Brass lamps to gift on Diwali

Diwali or Deepavali literally means rows of lamps, so I believe brass lamps are a perfect gift for Diwali. Lighting lamps are symbolic of eliminating the darkness of ignorance and spreading the light of knowledge.

Backflow Incense Burner/Smoke Fountain- Perfect Diwali Gift

This is a wonderful gift for Diwali, Looks beautiful and is unique. This can be kept in Mandir or in the living area. This is easy on the Pocket so, can be gifted to all along with sweets/dry fruits, etc.

Plants as Diwali Gift- Air Purifying Plants

Plants are a great gifting option, you can gift a plant to your friends who love gardening. These indoor Air-Purifying plants can be gifted to anybody, they are indoor plants and perfect to be kept in the living room or bedroom.

Tea Light Holders as Diwali Gift

I totally loved these fancy tea-light holders, they are perfect for Diwali decor. Who wouldn’t want these in their home?

Bowl Set- Unique Diwali Gift Set

These pretty bowl sets make up for a great gifting option. They are good to look at and can be used to serve dry fruits, candies, and mouth fresheners.

Oil Diffuser gift set for Diwali

Oil diffusers remove the negative energy from the home, they add to the ambiance and beautify the home, making the home feel fresh and welcoming. These qualities make Diffuser sets a great gifting option.

Hanging Oil Diya- Best Diwali gift

I love hanging Brass diyas/lamps. Last Diwali I got a few such lamps for my home, they look lovely. You can be sure that your friends will love to receive these as a Diwali Gift.

Silver/Gold Finish Laxmi Ganesh Saraswati God Idol With Beautiful Velvet Box Exclusive Gift For Diwali

Silver/Gold plated idols look exquisite, they are slightly expensive, but a good option to gift special friends/ family members.

Diwali Gift Items for Family

Diwali is a festival that we celebrate with relatives and friends. Gifting is an important part of the celebration. Here in gifts for family, we have included some decoration items and some home utility products. Hope this makes choosing a gift easy for you.

Wall Hanging, Painting as Diwali Gift

If you are aware of the preferences, tastes, and likes of the family you are gifting to, then you can choose a painting or wall hanging, or any other home decor item.

Marble Pooja Chowki- Perfect gift for family

Vastu/Feng-shui Tortoise for Gifting

Best Diwali Gifts for Kids

Looking for Diwali Gifts for Kids? Here is the whole list with 20+ Diwali Gift Ideas for Kids

Best Diwali Gifts for Employees

It is a task to choose gifts for employees as there are so many factors to consider, from budget to management level to gender, etc. The gift must suit all and fit into your budget too.

Below we have listed some gifts in the different budget categories, these are the things your employees will absolutely love to take home.

Useful Diwali Gifts for employees- Home Appliances

Home appliances always come in use; if your budget allows it is the best thing to consider. Here are a few options you can choose from-

Coffee Maker for homes- Diwali Gift for Employees

Iron & Iron Board for Diwali Gift

Electric Rice Cooker- Gift for employees on Diwali

Mixer grinder & tawa Combo- Perfect Gift under a budget

Ovens- The best ovens for Baking

Diwali is a time for cooking and baking. ovens can make a great gift if your budget is between 5000-10,000. Do check out our Trending Article >>> Best Ovens for Baking for Beginners <<<

Diwali Gifting Options for employees under 1000

There are many good gifting options under 1000 rupees. We have tried to find the best ones for you. You can choose from covid essential items like a kit with mask, sanitizer, oximeter, thermometer to home decor and home essentials like bed covers, blankets, crockery or other kitchen utility articles to bags, grooming essentials etc.

Covid Essentials-Mask and Sanitiser kit for Gifting

Bedsheets/Bed Covers for Diwali Gifting

Blankets & Dohars for employees gifting

Cookware and Kitchen Utility Items for Gifting

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