8 Best Dishwashers in India 2021 (Pros and Cons and honest reviews)

Looking for the best dishwashers in India? Here we have covered the best dishwasher brands, dishwasher pros, and cons in India, honest reviews along what supplies you would need if you buy one.

When we were moving to our new house, I wanted to get a dishwasher installed then but fell for the myth that dishwashers don’t work for Indian cooking and you manually need to wash everything. I so regret that decision of mine. The lockdown during this pandemic has taught me and many others what a boon technology is.

Here we have curated a list of 8 best tried and tested dishwasher brands available in India. But before we go ahead let us first look at common terms that would help you choose a dishwasher

Also if you are in a hurry and want to know which dishwasher you can get my inputs are – If you need a budget-friendly countertop dishwasher (one that you can keep on top of your counter next to the kitchen sink) – Go for this one. I personally am using it. If you have space then go for Bosch Dishwashers here

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To make choosing a Dishwasher simple for you here we have a dishwasher terminology –

Place setting

Dishwashers come with different settings- mostly from 8 places to 14 place, where one place setting usually refers to – a dinner plate, dessert plate, one glass, soup bowl, teacup with saucer, knife, spoons, and forks. So if we say 8 places setting it means it can wash 8 times of these.

Sprayer arms

These rotate sprinkling water on all the dishes. Most dishwashers come with 2-4 arms.

Water hardness

Hard water makes it difficult for detergents to clean. Hardness is resultant of magnesium and calcium in the water.

✅ Best Dishwashers in India 2021

Bosch (The best dishwasher in India)

Bosch 12 place setting dishwasher is currently the best available dishwasher.  Bosch and Siemens are quite similar as they are marketed and serviced by the same company in India.

12 place setting dishwashers are good enough for a family of 6 members. They also have 14 place Dishwashers, if you have a big budget, a large family, and enough space, you can go for a 14 place setting Bosch dishwasher.

BOSCH Built in Dishwasher, 60cm (SMI25AS00I)

Rs. 58,000
Rs. 53,999
 in stock
as of 21st April 2021 8:06 pm


  • Silence Plus: pleasantly quiet at 48 dB.
  • Height Adjustable Top Basket: offers extra space, especially for tall dishes.
  • 7-Segment Display: indicates remaining time and standard info, such as re-fill status.
  • AquaStop: 100% lifetime warranty for water damages guaranteed.

Best dishwasher in India for large family

Bosch 14 place dishwasher

Bosch Built-in Dishwasher, 45.0 Kg - White

 out of stock
as of 21st April 2021 8:06 pm


  • Diamensions: 81.5 cm x 59.8 cm x 55 cm
  • Item weight: 45.0 kg
  • Product type: built -in dishwasher
  • Color: white
  • Material: white
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Siemens dishwasher (Best dishwasher with great after sales service)

Siemens has 12 and 14 place Dishwashers available. They offer a variety of innovative functions and are easy to install. Siemens has a great after-sales service.

Siemens 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (SN256W01GI, White)

 out of stock
as of 21st April 2021 8:06 pm


  • 12 Place Setting : Suitable for families with up to 6 members. One place setting consists of a dinner plate, desert plate, single glass, soup bowl, tea cup with saucer, knife, spoons and fork.
  • 6 wash programs
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years comprehensive warranty on product
  • Noise Level : 52 dB
  • Water Consumption : L ; Energy Consumption : Kilowatt Hours
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Like Bosch and Siemens, Miele is another German brand, lesser-known among Indian households as their products are mostly for commercial use. However, they are one of the best functioning dishwashers available. Miele dishwashers are available through Miele distributors only.

An advantage that Miele has over other brand machines is that they have a patented third rack for cutlery.

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Voltas Beko (Budgetfriendly Table-top or Best countertop dishwasher in India)

Newly launched portable dishwasher perfect for small families. Beko, a Turkish company is popular for home appliances. These dishwashers come with 6 washing programs. Voltas Beko has 8PS to 15 PS dishwashers available in the market.

Voltas Beko 8 Place Table Top Dishwasher (DT8S, Silver, Inbuilt Heater, Adjustable Upper Shelf)

Rs. 25,990
Rs. 23,790
 in stock
as of 21st April 2021 8:06 pm


  • 8 Place Setting: Can fit up to 96 vessels. One place setting consists of a dinner plate, desert plate, single glass, soup bowl, tea cup with saucer, knife, spoons and fork. Adjustable upper shelf to create space for large utensils at the bottom.
  • 6 wash programs: Intensive, normal, eco, glassware, clean & shine, Mini 30 program. Suitable for all kinds of utensils in the Indian kitchen including stainless steel, ceramic etc. Water Consumption: 8 ltr per cycle.
  • Intensive 70C - for heavily soiled crockery (like Kadhai) provides superior and hygienic cleaning using powerful water jets and high temperature | Normal - for normally soiled loads
  • ECO - special program for saving water and electricity | Glassware - for lightly soiled crockery and glass
  • Clean & shine- Provides superior washing and drying of lightly soiled crockery and glassware | Mini 30 program- a quick wash for lightly soiled loads that do not need drying

If you are looking for a 14 place dishwasher you can go for below one

Voltas Beko 14 Place Settings Dishwasher (DF14S2, Silver)

Rs. 51,990
Rs. 48,250
 in stock
as of 21st April 2021 8:06 pm


  • ProSmartTM Inverter Motor This helps lower the noise and energy consumption. Due to its magnetic design, the motor has a low frequency, and fewer vibrations. The absence of bearings in the design also helps reduce mechanical noises
  • AquaFlexTM Whether it’s porcelain or plastic. AquaFlexTM enables adjusting water pressures to the lower and upper baskets gently, providing A class washing and drying results for all kinds of dishes.
  • Fast + The ProSmartTM Inverter Motor enables efficient energy consumption and reduces friction in the motor. There are no bearings in the design so that mechanical noises are lower. Along with that, the motor produces less vibrations due to its magnetic design.
  • AquaIntenseTM This specially designed 360° rotating head helps water reach the nooks and corners of dishes and cleans even heavily soiled pots and pans. It provides dedicated function and stronger washing power by applying higher water pressure in the lower basket power
  • Warranty : 2 years comprehensive / 12 years only on motor
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Faber (Value for money Dishwashers in India)

Faber Dishwashers also come in 12 and 14 place settings and 6 and 8 wash programs respectively. Price-wise one of the best in 14 PS.

Faber 12 Place Setting Dishwasher (FFSD 6PR, 12S, Black)

 out of stock
as of 21st April 2021 8:06 pm


  • 12 Place Settings: Suitable for families with up to 6 members. One place setting consists of a dinner plate, desert plate, single glass, soup bowl, tea cup with saucer, knife, spoons and fork
  • 6 Washing Programs (Normal, Eco, 90 Minutes, Glass, Rapid & Intensive)
  • Manufacturer Warranty : 2 years comprehensive warranty on product & 10 years on rust through only.
  • Noise Level : 62 db
  • Included in the box : 1 Dishwasher, Inlet pipe, outlet pipe and User Manual
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LG, one of its kind Wi-Fi Dishwashers

LG 14 place setting wi-fi Dishwasher. You can now ask your Dishwasher to do dishes for you remotely using your Google Assistant or Alexa. Although you still need to load the dishwasher. This dishwasher comes with 9 programs as compared to 6-8 wash programs by its counterparts. LG also has other models without wi-fi and with 12 PS.

LG 10.5 Kg / 7.0 Kg Inverter Wi-Fi Washer Dryer (FHD1057STB, Black VCM, In-built Heater, Turbo Wash)

 out of stock
as of 21st April 2021 8:06 pm


  • Washer Dryers: Premium washing machine with best-in-class drying which is better than dryer of front-loader
  • Total capacity: 10.5 kg/ 7 kg (washing/drying): Suitable for families with 5 to 7 members | Twin wash compatible
  • Warranty: 2 years comprehensive & 10 years on motor T&C apply
  • AI DD detects not only the weight, but also senses softness of fabric, and it chooses the optimal motions for the fabric by itself
  • With TurboWash 360 Degree, your laundry can be thoroughly done in just 39 minutes with more fabric protection. 4 directions of 3D multi nozzles which reaches every inch of your laundry
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IFB has 12 and 15 place setting dishwashers that are competitively priced between 30,000- 45,000. No other company so far has launched a 15 PS Dishwasher in India for domestic use. Priced at approximately 47,000 Neptune SX1 15 Place setting dishwasher is one of their best selling dishwashers.

IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic Dishwasher (12 Place Settings, Dark Silver)

Rs. 39,990
Rs. 38,350
 in stock
as of 21st April 2021 8:06 pm


  • Installation: For requesting an installation/demo for this product once delivered, please call IFB support directly on 180030005678 and 18604255678 and provide the product's model name
  • Energy Consumption: 0.9 kWh
  • 12 place settings capacity
  • 9 L water consumption
  • Maximum Power: 2.2 Kw
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Whirlpool (PowerClean-WFC3C24 PF IN)

Another great dishwasher brand that you can consider. Whirlpool (PowerClean-WFC3C24 PF IN) dishwasher comes with 14 PS and 8 wash programs. It has 6th sense technology to detect the level of soil in the dishes, cleans optimally saving water and electricity both.

These were our picks for best dishwashers currently available in India.

Bringing some of the frequently asked questions, hope your queries get answered here, if not you can anytime drop a comment and we will get back to you.

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How to use dishwasher for Indian cooking or are dishwashers in Indian Kitchen useful?

Yes, dishwashers are certainly suitable for Indian cooking, despite all the extensive cooking, with grease and spices, a good dishwasher will clean all your grime and other spice marks.

The dishwashers use hot water to clean and hence the cleaning is very good. Although,  you will have to rinse the dishes of any food remnants before loading them in your dishwasher. Also, do not use dishwashers for clay and iron vessels.

Most of your other dishes (steel, ceramic, glass) are dishwasher safe.

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Which is the best dishwasher brand available in India?

Clearly Bosch and Siemens are the bestselling dishwasher brands available in the country.

Check out Bosch Dishwashers here

Check out Siemens dishwasher here

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Which is a good portable dishwasher in India?

Voltas Beko is one of the best dishwashers in India for mid-range buying and also their 8 place setting, portable/counter-top dishwasher is perfect for small families.

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Can I use regular dishwashing liquid for dishwasher?

No, you need to get dishwashing liquid made specifically for dishwashers.

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What all do I need to buy for operating my Dishwasher?

You will need salt, liquid soap (specifically made for dishwasher) and rinse aid.

Salt is needed especially in India to soften the hard water.

I personally had got this combo of salt, liquid and rinse aid and it works great.

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Dishwasher pros and cons

Dishwasher cons

Since families are bigger in India, one may have to shell out big buck for a larger dishwasher.

If you primarily use Iron and clay dishware, you may have to hand-wash them.

Some dishes like burnt milk pots, sticky gravies, will need a good cleansing before you put them in your dishwasher.

Dishwasher Pros

The pros outweigh the cons of having a dishwasher-

✅ The dishwasher saves water, while we wash with hands we end up wasting a lot of water, with dishwasher water is saved.

✅ In longer run it is cost effective than having a house- help do the dishes.

✅ Having a dishwasher saves time and makes life really easy and gives us time for other things rather than spending hours on cleaning utensils. Also, the utensils are clean and since they are washed with hot water, they are more hygienic as hot water also washes of germs.

✅ The utensils come out dry so you can directly keep them in your cabinets thus making the kitchen look cleaner.

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What are dishwasher compatible utensils

You can use below utensils in dishwasher

  • Ceramic
  • Steel
  • Glass
  • Porcelain
  • Microwave safe plastics and melamine

Can I use Aluminium utensils in dishwasher – No. I would say avoid as I have put it once and I saw white spots on the Aluminium utensils

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