Fun and Easy Christmas Activities for Kids

Check out these Fun and Easy Christmas Activities for kids. These holiday activities and crafts will keep your child happy and engaged.

Hello friends, Christmas is around the corner and we all are busy in doing activities and crafts for Christmas. This is the time when we enjoy chilling winters, busy in Christmas preparations and getting ready to welcome a brand new year.

When we do some theme based crafts and activities with kids we get the opportunity to discuss the related topics in detail and at the same time it opens the mind of  kids and motivates them to inquire about the subject.

Thus, these activities help in the brain, vocabulary and language development of kids. So activities not only keep the kids occupied and entertained but they actually help in the overall development of kids.

So I took this opportunity and did some interesting Christmas activities with my kid who enjoyed them a lot, would love to share them with you all.

Christmas Activities for Kids

Snow Man Shape Matching

Our first Christmas activity for kids is snow man shape matching. I took the printout of the activity. On one page there were some pics with lower half body of snow man in particular shapes. On another page we had some faces of snow man in particular shapes. I cut out the faces of the snow man and gave them to my kid. She needs to match the shape of a face with the shape of a snow man’s body. For eg – Oval shape face should be matched with the oval shape body. Octagon shaped face should be matched with the octagon shaped body.

5 christmas activities for kids

Thus, this activity helps the kid to understand the shapes well.

The activity was completely enjoyed by my kid and she did it in no time. During the activity we discussed the various shapes and body parts of snow man.

Match the Objects

Our second Christmas activity for kids is match the objects. In one tray I gave her some Christmas ornaments and I took a printout of Christmas ornaments as well. So kid needs to understand the object on paper and need to pick the same object from tray and then keep it on right pic.

8 christmas activities for kids

So through this activity we learned the various Christmas Ornaments, some were new to her and she learned the name of those. Thus, this activity helps in the vocabulary and language development of kid.

This Christmas activity was really enjoyed by her and we did it twice at one go.

Pick the beads with tong

Our third Christmas activity is to pick the beads with tong. I took a print out of Christmas tree with some circles on it. In a tray I gave her some beads and a tong. Kid is supposed to pick the beads with the help of tong and then keep the bead on a small circle drawn on paper.

6 christmas activities for kids

Fun and easy Christmas activities for kids

The activity is really good for fine motor skills development of kids.

To make it more interesting you can ask your kid to pick the blue bead or yellow bead. When your kid is picking the green bead you can say “Green is the colour of ……” your kid may complete the sentence “Green is the colour of leaf.” same as “Blue is the colour of …. ” your kid may complete the sentence like “Blue is the colour of sky” and so on.

Match it:

For this Christmas themed activity I took two print outs. I took the coloured print outs of trees and some Christmas ornaments.

Keep one sheet for your kid to match the things and from second sheet cut the print outs. In a box or tray give your kid the cut outs and ask her to match the cut outs with the prints on sheet given to her.

1 christmas activities for kids

Christmas themed activity for kids

3 christmas activities for kids

4 christmas activities for kids

In this activity kids learn to match the shape and colour of objects and it also help in the development of visual discrimination of kids.

While doing this activity, if your kid is comfortable with numbers and counting you can take this opportunity and can do some counting as well. Same as you can ask your kid, some trees are looking like triangles can you point them? Can you point a blue and pink socks and so on.

Cut and Paste Christmas Tree

From a piece of paper I made a cone shape and paste it at one end. Then we had some Christmas cut outs like stars and circles. With glue we pasted the biggest star on top of cone and other stars, ovals and circles all over the tree. Our shining Christmas tree is ready.

10 christmas activities for kids

Below is our second cut and paste Christmas tree. I took a print out of Christmas tree and we had some shapes like star, triangle, oval cut outs. I asked my daughter to colour the shapes of your choice (she loves scribbling) and then we pasted the shapes all over the tree. During the activity we discussed the shapes and colours.

Our second colourful Christmas tree is ready.

9 christmas activities for kids

Cut and Paste Ball

We did match the ball activity and after that my kid wanted to make a ball on her own. I decided to do it in a different manner and I took a print out of the ball and we had some star and circle cut outs. First we pasted the stars and circles on the ball and then we did the stamping ( We used potato for stamping, you can use lady finger or onion as well).

The idea was to put a blue stamp near blue star and an orange stamp near the orange star and so on.

12 christmas activities for kids

Our colourful ball is ready and she was quite happy with this colourful ball.

Make the mittens

Our most loved activity was make the mittens and the reason behind this I showed my kid her old mittens she used to wear as an infant. The moment she saw them she got so excited and she wanted to make exactly the same mittens.

So I took the mittens print out and gave her some felt sheet dots and heart shapes ( as her old mittens had same shapes) and she happily pasted them all on the mittens.

11 christmas activities for kids

So friends, above all Christmas activities are really good for kids. Try these with your kids and spend happy moments with them.

Above activities are really good for kids’ hand eye coordination and fine motor skills development.

What our kids need is our attention, affection and time. We should spare time for them and should weave some really unforgettable moments with them to cherish our whole life.

If you want you can also make your own DIY Christmas Ornaments and Christmas tree and play with them with your kids. Watch this space for more such Christmas Craft ideas for kids. Happy Crafting !! Happy Playing !

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