Super easy Christmas Snowman Craft for kids

Check out this super easy Christmas Snowman Craft for kids. Its easy enough for toddlers to make and you can use it as a Christmas Ornament too. It is a wonderful craft idea can be used for Christmas decorations.

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Hello friends, few days back we made some Popsicle Sticks Christmas Ornaments and now we are in the making of our sweet little snowman.

This sweet little snow man is super easy and super quick. So if you have a toddler or preschooler then try it with them, they will definitely enjoy making this.

Super easy Christmas Snowman Craft for kids

Christmas is celebrated in the year when there is chilling winters and snow fall. When there is snow fall kids love to make snow mans. Thus, snow man is an important Christmas Ornament. It gives the message of chilling winters and its happy smile spreads love and happiness. So, if you are looking for some easy Christmas crafts for kids it can be one for you.

Materials required to make a Christmas snowman craft

  1. White cotton balls
  2. Chart paper (black, white and red)
  3. Buttons or beads
  4. Fevicol or Glue
  5. Red Ribbon
  6. Scissors

Process to make a snowman

  1. From the white chart paper cut one small and one little big circle. Small circle will be the face of a snowman and big circle will be the body of snowman.
  2. Paste the two circles to form a complete body.
  3. Take cotton balls and start pasting to form a white body of snowman.

Note – We didn’t have small white cotton balls thus with cotton roll we made small cotton balls.

4. From black chart paper cut two small circles to make the eyes of snowman, cut two hand shapes for snowman and of course a smart black hat for our cute little snowman. Paste them accordingly.

Note – Instead of paper cut eyes you can also paste googly eyes.

5. From red paper cut a tiny circle to form a cone shape nose for snowman. Or you can simply paste a small triangle shape nose.

6. From red thread make a smiley mouth of our little snowman.

7. Tie a red ribbon around the neck to form a scarf of snowman because its chilling thus he needs warm scarf around his neck.

8. Paste coloured buttons or beads to give a smart look to our snowman.

9. Paste a loop of ribbon so that you can hang it on your Christmas tree. And thus it can be used as a Christmas Ornament.

Christmas Crafts

Above activities are really good for kids’ hand eye coordination and fine motor skills development.

Your cute little snow man is ready. Play with it or decorate it on your Christmas tree.

Watch this space for more such Christmas Craft ideas for kids. Happy Crafting !!

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