Today, my little one made our national flag. All these years ,we have done national flag by coloured rice, colour paper,painting and so on.

My child prefers to try something new ,so thought to make him to do national flag using clay.

We had few packets of clay which was brought for making Ganesha during Ganesha festival. I provided the material to him and kept a model of our flag so that it would be helpful for him.

I was like assistant to him during the entire process like bringing water, scratching his hand and so on. I did not interfere in the process unless he asked for help. According me Imperfection is perfection. A child should come up by his own and do it in his style. I never bother about outcome whatever matter it may be.

He poured entire one kg of packet and one small jug of water and was struggling to knead it and then he added some more clay, at that stage he asked my help to knead it to form a consistency.

I was just observing the steps he did. He created basement and then he tried to make a stick but couldn’t, so he asked me to bring his pencil. I was wondering what he will do with pencil. Then he fixed the pencil in the basement and covered it with clay nicely.

Then he tried to form a rectangular shape, he succeeded but he could not attach it to pencil. So he asked me to bring his rectangle shape knob puzzle.

Again he fixed the shape by adding some more clay and then covered entire thing with remaining clay.

He just gave time to dry till he washed his hands, he started with painting with different brushes. Only normal Water colours are used.

The entire evening was spent in doing national flag.

On certain days, he surprises me with his involvement and patience. And there are days where I try to maintain my patience.

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Bhuvaneswari S
Bhuvaneswari S

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