Hello friends, today we are going to learn how to make DIY Satin Ribbon Hibiscus Flowers Bunch.

Usually we use satin ribbons to tie over gift items to make it more attractive and beautiful. This time let’s use them to make beautiful handmade flowers.

These beautiful handmade satin ribbon hibiscus flowers look so gorgeous that you can’t resist yourself from trying this. This activity is so simple and quick that within very small time you can decorate your home with these amazingly beautiful handmade satin ribbon flowers bunch.

Now let’s get back to the easy DIY Satin ribbon hibiscus flowers bunch tutorial. So here are step by step instructions (with pictures) on how you can make satin ribbon Hibiscus flowers bunch.

Materials needed to make Satin Ribbon Hibiscus Flowers Bunch

  • Stain Ribbons (Preferably of two colors- Orange and Green)
  • Stamens
  • Wires
  • Floral Green tape
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Candle

Step 1 – Cut the satin ribbon.

Cut the satin ribbon into 37 pieces of 5 cms width and 7.5 cms long.

Satin ribbon flower bunch

Step 2 – Curl the edges.

Show the edges to candle heat and twist them with fingers as shown in pic below.

Satin ribbon flower bunch

Step 3 – Make a leaf.

Cut the green satin ribbon into a leaf shape (shown below)

satin ribbon flower bunch

Step 4 – Make the stamens.

Take 3-4 stamens and a golden wire.

Step 5 – Tuck the stamens into golden wire (shown below) start wrapping the floral tape.

Satin ribbon flower bunch

Step 6 – Wrap the whole wire with floral tape (shown in pic).

Satin ribbon flower bunch

Step 7 – Make a flower.

Take 5 pieces of petals and paste them together (shown below) to make a flower.

Step 8 – Fold the pasted petals in a shape of a flower and paste both the ends.

Satin ribbon flower bunch

Step 9 – Give it a perfect look.

Insert the stick into a flower (as shown in pic).

Satin ribbon flower bunch

Step 10- Take 2 pieces of leaf and paste them at the outer side of flower.

Step 11- Make the buds.

To make a bud take 3 pieces of petals and follow the same procedure.

Satin ribbon flower bunch

Step 12 – Make the bunch of flowers.

Start pasting the flowers and buds at the both side of wire to make a beautiful bunch of flowers.

Satin ribbon flower bunch

Step 13 – Your handmade satin ribbon Hibiscus flowers bunch is ready.

Satin ribbon flower bunch

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Real flowers look so beautiful but they are not always available and can’t last long. Why not decorate your house with these beautiful handmade satin ribbon Hibiscus flowers bunch? Try this, and let me know.

Do share what you have made using comments below. Would love to hear from you.

Lavanya Neelam
Lavanya Neelam

Lavanya stays in Hyderabad. Apart from her keen interest in crafts, embroidery and knitting she has also written 500 telugu poems. She was selected as the best balwadi teacher in slum improvement project overseas developing authority in Vijaywada. Now she helps other craft lovers by sharing her experiences on crafting. Her Blog -

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