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National Flag (Tiranga) with Popsicle Sticks | Republic Day and Independence Day crafts

Read free tutorial on how to make National Flag with popsicle sticks. You can hang it on wall or can keep it on a table. It’s a wonderful preschool Republic Day or Independence day craft for kids.

Materials required to make national flag with popsicle sticks

  • Ice-cream sticks
  • Fevicryl acrylic colours (Orange, White, Green and Blue)
  • Paint brush
  • Glue or Fevicol
  • Ribbon or Thread (preferably of blue colour)

Process to make national flag with popsicle sticks

Step 1 – To make this national flag with popsicle sticks you need 11 sticks and fevicryl acrylic colours.

tiranga with popsicle sticks


Step 2 –  Paint the sticks with safron, white and green colour (three sticks of each colour). Keep them aside for a while.

Note – To give it a nice look, its preferable to paint the sticks from both sides.

1 tiranga with popsicle sticks

Step 3 – Take two sticks and paint them with blue colour (from one side) and then start pasting the painted sticks (safron, white and green) on them to make a national flag (see the pic below).

2 tiranga with popsicle sticks


Step 4 – After pasting the sticks it will look like below.

3 tiranga with popsicle sticks


Step 5 – With blue colour draw a chakra in the middle of the flag.

4 tiranga with popsicle sticks


Step 6 – Tie a ribbon or thread so that you can hang your national flag.

tiranga with popsicle sticks

Your national flag with popsicle sticks is ready.

Hope you enjoyed this easy craft idea for Republic day and Independence day. Do let us know what you did using comments below.

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Download Free India themed Coloring sheets

You can also use Republic Day or Independence day as an opportunity to talk to your kids about National symbols of India, our currency and famous monuments. Here are more than 10 free coloring sheets/worksheets on India theme to help you get started with the conversation.

Taj Mahal coloring sheet Independence Day and Republic Day

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Apart from keeping your kid engaged, Do you know such crafts are also great for developing fine motor skills , hand eye coordination and Visual spatial Intelligence.

If you want to check out how, do read our popular posts on Child Growth and Development.

Hope you enjoy reading it and find it useful.

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