Fingerprint Greeting Card – Activity For Kids

Staying in a nuclear family, it is very essential to keep our kids connected with our distant relatives. So what better way than sending a greeting card made by themselves. This New Year we made greeting cards with fingerprints of my toddler for our relatives. Inside we have stuck photos and used stickers and posted them via courier to our relatives who stay at our native place.

Fingerprint Greeting Card

Steps for making finger print greeting cards with kids

Make sure your little one washes his/her hand. Have sufficient colours near the table. Ask the kid to place their fingers slowly in the paint plate which has paints diluted with water. Ask your toddler to place the painted finger carefully in chart and let them be for few more seconds.

Remove their fingers and immediately wash it off. Finally we can add our bits to the finger prints.

Here are some finer print cards with balloons, flowers and birds.

My kid really enjoyed this and my relatives were so happy to receive these cards. I can’t express their joys and my happiness of preserving such sweet memories of her childhood.
Also would like to include that this was not a one day effort. This took us many days as when my toddler got bored with this, we had to stop and continue next day. But the outcome was so sweet.

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Seema Katti
Seema Katti

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