Interesting Activities for Kids – Hand and Foot Print Art

Hand and foot print art provides lots of colours and fun for kids as they explore the world of colours. Also its an indoor fun activity that you can happily involve your toddler in. Not only will your toddler have fun doing these activities but it is also good for his over all development as these activities are good for building fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

Hand and Foot art Selva Veronica

Steps for making hand print and footprint art with kids

Make sure the kids washes their hand and put on an apron. Have sufficient colours near the table. Ask the kid to place their hands/foot slowly in the paint plate which has paints diluted with water. Ask the kid to place the painted hand carefully in chart and let them be for few more seconds. Remove their hands and immediately wash it off. Finally we can highlight the animals face using sketch pens.

Here are some animals that me and my toddler have made using hand and footprints

Hand and Foot art

Objectives and skills inculcated in kids by doing hand and footprint art activities

Hand and foot print art provides fine motor skills useful for handwriting in later years. As kids use their hand they are exploring the movement and coordination of reaching out for the paints and printing them at the spot . it also improves as well as stimulates eye-hand coordination and imagination powers.

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Selva Veronica
Selva Veronica

My name is Selva veronica whose mom of Joshuah veromic. M.S who is now 2.9 years old. I'm a special educator for hearing and speech impaired children. Worked as a special educator for 6 years and decided to stay at home since when my son was in my hands for the first time. Lately I'm got inspired about Montessori education. So we do loads of DIY and Montessori activities at home. My son who is helping in all my chores and who loves cooking. My future plan is to do a Montessori course and to run a Montessori school. I have a closed group in which I will be sharing my journey with my son what we done at home like DIY and Montessori activities, books we read and everything. My Facebook group -

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