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If you are here I am sure you would be overwhelmed with all the information you have been reading. Good News. We are here to simply things and share what we have learnt in our parenting journey.

If you have not yet decided on your baby’s name – start with this list of unique and rare baby names

Must have for new born Baby (Baby Registry basics)

Here are the must have items in simple categories. I have linked useful articles that you can read by clicking on the blue links.

Also check out this best products guide for babies here 

1. Diapering

You can start with this guide on Cloth diapering (with Best Cloth diapers you can invest in).

You may also need Best diaper rash cream and best sensitive wipes for your baby.

2. Feeding

For newborns and infants, you would mainly breastfeeding but if you are using formulae (there is nothing wrong with that) – you may find this article on best Formula food for babies useful.

If you do not have time to read further Check this one here

If you need to decide on breast pumps – check out this article on Best breast pumps for moms. Again this breast pump is what most moms buy.

3. Clothing

For clothing just go with soft and organic clothes for your child.  Anything that helps in keeping your baby comfortable.

You may be worried for the right detergent to wash your baby’s clothes.  You can see this article on best laundry detergent for babies

4. Baby care products

Now next you would need is baby care products for your child. Here is a list of best baby care products you can get for your baby.

If you would like to check individually we have made lists of various categories for example – Best baby powder, Best baby massage oil, Best baby lotion, Best Baby Face cream and so on

5. Car seats and Strollers

Now many of us tell me we do not need car seats –  I would say please do get a car seat for your baby’s safety. You may want to read this article on importance of car seats for your baby.

Also check best baby car seats.

You may also want to read what are the best strollers and prams for babies.

6. Baby Carriers

Babywearing or carrying a baby in a carrier or a sling close to the body is highly recommended way of carrying a baby in the initial years as it promotes baby-parent attachment. It is recommended by pediatricians all across the globe as it provides a beautiful way to hold and carry a baby and also allows the parent to perform other activities at the same time as the hands are free.

If you don’t have much time, You can go for this baby carrier. Its loved by parents and is value for money. Or if you can go for it – Go for this easy fit carrier for newborns. Its priced a bit higher but is good

If you would like to read more – Check out Best baby carriers here

7. Playing

Now above are the high level basics. You would also need to engage your child and that is where you can go for:

After initial few months as your baby grows older, you would also need a high chair. Believe me getting a high chair was one of the best thing I did.

Check out why in this article on best baby high chair

As your  baby turns one year old – You would find below useful

If you are planning to use Baby Registry – you can use Amazon baby registry here


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