Prewriting Worksheets Beginners Level pdf printables downloadable (Cover page + 29 worksheets)

These pre-writing worksheets are designed for toddlers and young kids (Beginners level). These are designed to improve the fine motor skills and pencil griping of kids. It has lines that are bold and thick which are easier for young kids to trace.

You can use these worksheets for

  • Tracing lines
  • Improving Fine Motor skills
  • Improving Hand Eye coordination

Before kids actually start writing it is very much required to develop their finger muscles so that they can hold the pencil correctly and can write properly. We can do this in number of ways. The most common is scribbling, finger painting, beading, sorting, peeling, tracing etc.

This set of worksheets is beginners level as initially it starts with sleeping and standing lines and then slanting lines. To make the worksheets fun and interesting for kids we have added some familiar objects on sheets. Kids will love to recognize them and would love to have discussion around them.


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Prewriting worksheets Features

  • 1 Cover page + 29 prewriting worksheets for practice
  • Minimum recommended age 2.5 years old
  • Bold and thick simple patters to get started with prewriting (Beginners level)
  • PDF downloadable worksheets pack of A4 size
  • Improve fine motor skills and hand eye-coordination of kids.

Activities in these sheets:

  • Trace the sleeping lines.
  • Trace the standing lines.
  • Trace the slanting lines.

This downloadable worksheets pack contains 30 sheets (of A4 size) with one cover page containing instructions and 29 worksheets with activities to practice the pre-writing sheets.

Prewriting skills Worksheets Beginners pdf

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How to use these Prewriting worksheets

You can use these worksheets by showing your kid how to trace on them. For younger kids you can laminate them and place playdough or pebbles on the lines. You can talk about various objects you see on the worksheets as you solve the worksheets.

There are different types of activities in the printables for tracing and prewriting. Let your kid do it using crayons and guide in how to hold crayons. You can also use the sheets to stick pom poms or place beads on the lines.

Please note that each child is unique, please start these when you think your kid is ready for these activities and using worksheets. Worksheets are to be used for young kids for very small duration these concepts can also be taught in a variety of other ways.

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How to buy these Prewriting worksheets

These worksheets are only for personal purpose


The PDF would be delivered to yourself via instamojo (India) and sendowl (USD) which is completely safe for digital downloads

Note – This is a copyright property. Not for commercial use (to be shared or sold)

If you are interested in next level of Prewriting activities for your kid. Get these reusable wipe clean prewriting cards . Here are some fun prewriting activities that you can do with kids using these. Its a steal deal for the offer price 

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How to convert these worksheets into Reusable worksheets

You can turn these printables into reusable worksheets by laminating them using Laminating sheets and laminator.

I use this Laminator and sheets as home and they work great

If you are not in India, check this one out it has more than two thousand reviews

Let your kid solve the puzzles and solve these sheets and you can guide them. Have fun together, you are doing great 🙂

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Prewriting Worksheets Beginners Level pdf printables downloadable (Cover page + 29 worksheets)

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