Pre writing worksheets pdf for toddlers and preschoolers

Are you looking for pre writing worksheets pdf? These pre-writing worksheets are designed for toddlers and young kids (Beginners level) and 3+ year olds (Advanced level). These are designed to improve the fine motor skills and pencil griping of kids. It has lines that are bold and thick which are easier for young kids to trace.

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You can use these worksheets for

  • Tracing lines
  • Improving Fine Motor skills
  • Improving Hand Eye coordination

Before kids actually start writing it is very much required to develop their finger muscles so that they can hold the pencil correctly and can write properly. We can do this in number of ways. The most common is scribbling, finger painting, beading, sorting, peeling, tracing etc. We would be talking about these in greater details soon

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Pre writing worksheets pdf for toddlers

This set of worksheets is beginners level as initially it starts with sleeping and standing lines and then slanting lines. To make the worksheets fun and interesting for kids we have added some familiar objects on sheets. Kids will love to recognize them and would love to have discussion around them.

Prewriting worksheets Toddlers Features

  • 1 Cover page + 29 prewriting worksheets for practice
  • Minimum recommended age 2.5 years old
  • Bold and thick simple patters to get started with prewriting (Beginners level)
  • PDF downloadable worksheets pack of A4 size
  • Improve fine motor skills and hand eye-coordination of kids.

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Activities in these sheets:

  • Trace the sleeping lines.
  • Trace the standing lines.
  • Trace the slanting lines.

This downloadable worksheets pack contains 30 sheets (of A4 size) with one cover page containing instructions and 29 worksheets with activities to practice the pre-writing sheets.

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Prewriting worksheets PDF for 3+ years Features

After you are done with beginners level, The next set of activities to do with kids is to trace lines, curves and shapes

These advanced level prewriting worksheets pdf are designed for 3 year old above kids to improve the fine motor skills and pencil griping of kids. This prewriting strokes worksheets pdf focuses on lines, curves, shapes and various other patterns.

Contains – 1 Cover page + 23 prewriting activities worksheets for practice

Why are pre-writing worksheets important for a 3-year-old?

Pre-writing worksheets are crucial for a 3-year-old as they lay the foundation for essential motor skills. These activities help develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and spatial awareness, preparing little ones for the journey into writing.

What kind of activities are included in the Pre-Writing Worksheets for 3-Year-Olds PDF?

Our worksheets are designed to be engaging and age-appropriate. You’ll find activities like tracing lines, connecting dots, and simple shapes to boost fine motor skills, enhance focus, and introduce basic writing concepts.

  • Trace the lines (straight, zigzag)
  • Trace the curves (various kind of curves are covered)
  • Trace shapes and patterns
  • Draw with prewriting patterns

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Pattern tracing on these help kids to improve prewriting skills, kids learn to control their hand movement which helps them in creating a foundation needed for learning writing alphabet and numbers

How to buy these Prewriting worksheets for 3 year old (Advanced set)

These worksheets are only for personal purpose

The PDF would be delivered to yourself via instamojo (India) and our website (USD) which is completely safe for digital downloads

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How to use these Prewriting worksheets

You can use these worksheets by showing your kid how to trace on them. For younger kids you can laminate them and place playdough or pebbles on the lines. You can talk about various objects you see on the worksheets as you solve the worksheets.

There are different types of activities in the printables for tracing and prewriting. Let your kid do it using crayons and guide in how to hold crayons. You can also use the sheets to stick pom poms or place beads on the lines.

How can I make these worksheets enjoyable for my child?

Make learning a joyous experience by turning it into a playful activity. Use colorful markers or crayons, encourage storytelling around the shapes, and celebrate small victories. The key is to keep it fun and stress-free.

Are these worksheets suitable for homeschooling?

Absolutely! Our Pre-Writing Worksheets for 3-Year-Olds PDF is a fantastic resource for homeschooling parents. It provides structured activities to support early learning in the comfort of your home.

How often should I use these worksheets with my child?

The frequency can vary, but incorporating these worksheets into your child’s routine a few times a week is beneficial. Short, focused sessions will keep them engaged and excited about learning.

Is there a specific order in which I should use these worksheets?

The worksheets are designed sequentially, but feel free to adapt based on your child’s progress. Start with the basics and gradually move to more complex activities as your child becomes comfortable.

How can I track my child’s progress using these worksheets?

Celebrate small victories! Notice improvements in how your child holds a crayon or follows a line. Progress in pre-writing skills is gradual, so look for increased focus and confidence in their attempts.

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Tips for Prewriting strategies for preschoolers

Development of Prewriting activities for toddlers and preschoolers requires doing hands on activities more than worksheets which help kids in their writing process.

Development of Prewriting skills and fine motor skills is essential before a child has ability and strength to be able to hold pencil and be able to control effectively to write alphabet, numbers, colour or draw.

I have heard multiple questions like – How do I teach my 3 year old to write? My child is 4 year old and not interested in writing, what can I do

Please note different kids, master prewriting at different ages. Kids effectively start writing at the age of 5 above so please do not force them and give them time and ample opportunity to be able to improve Prewriting skills

How can you help Toddlers and Preschool Children develop prewriting skills

If you are wondering How you can improve my toddlers writing skills? You can do below activities to help your child develop pre-writing skills. Practice and improve fine motor skills by :

  • Tearing and pasting paper
  • Sand or salt tracing
  • Playing with playdough – making different shapes with it or making alphabet with it.
  • Playing with building blocks
  • Pasting pom poms or stickers
  • Doing art and craft projects
  • Lacing beads
  • Activities or toys that needs kids to button or unbotton
  • Give kids free time and material to draw, scribble and make what they want to using paper and crayons. In beginning you can get them fat crayons.
  • Give kids opportunity to write on vertical surface. If possible get an easel and let them express ideas using chalk and blackboard

Above activities would help you encourage early writing skills at home

You can get these FREE playdough alphabet mats and FREE number mats for preschool kids

Toys and Supplies that help develop Prewriting skills

Here are few of my favourite supplies and toys that can be used for developing prewriting skills (apart from doing worksheets)

Lacing Toys for toddlers

Check this one in India, Check this cute one if you are not in India

Chunky puzzles for kids

Check this one in India, Check this one if you are not in India

Wooden writing practice boards

Check this one in India, Check this one if you are visiting from outside India

Magnetic slate for kids

Check this one in India, Check this one if you are not in India

Puzzles with knobs

Check this one if you are in India, Check this one if you are not in India

Chunky Crayons for Kids

Check this one in India, Check this one if you are not in India

Easel for kids

Check this one if you are in India, Check this one if you are not in India

More Hands on Prewriting activities for preschoolers

Here are some fun prewriting activities that you can do with kids using these. 

How to convert these worksheets into Reusable worksheets

You can turn these printables into reusable worksheets by laminating them using Laminating sheets and laminator.

I use this Laminator and sheets as home and they work great

If you are not in India, check this one out it has more than two thousand reviews

Let your kid solve the puzzles and solve these sheets and you can guide them. Have fun together, you are doing great 🙂

More FREE FUN preschool worksheets

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As we conclude our exploration of the Prewriting Worksheets and skills, I’m thrilled about the possibilities these engaging activities unlock for little learners. The features incorporated in these worksheets are not just lines on paper; they’re pathways to honing essential fine motor skills and setting the stage for future writing adventures.

If you’ve found this resource as exciting and valuable as I have, consider sharing it with friends who might be on the lookout for engaging educational tools. Let’s create a community of parents fostering early learning in a fun and interactive way!

And, of course, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Share your experiences, creative adaptations, or any aha moments you’ve had with your little one while using these worksheets. Your insights might just be the inspiration another parent is seeking.

Let’s continue this journey of learning and growing together. Happy prewriting, and may it pave the way for a lifetime of joyful exploration and expression!

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